Beastie Boys - Time For Livin' Lyrics

Yeah, that's right
It's time to set the record straight

Ain't nobody got to spell it for me
Ain't nobody got to yell I can see
Ain't nobody got the pain I can hear
But if I have to I'll yell in your ear

Time for living
Time for giving [x4]

Ain't nobody to to spell it for me
I said ain't nobody got to yell I can see
I said ain't nobody got the pain I can hear
But if I have to I will yell in your ear

Soul fire
Soul fire
And we ain't got no water
We don't got no water

Time for living time for giving
No time for making up a monster to sell
Time for living time for giving
No time for breakin' out a lie to sell

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Beastie Boys Time For Livin' Comments
  1. lq9blzr

    My freshman year in HS. I had one of the best squad of friends, I'll never forget 1992.

  2. KING

    *Directed by Spike Jonze*

  3. Frankie the Shoe Hall

    Time 4 loving people of the world to unite!

  4. Kenneth Lally

    Hate how you need a speaker to hear the singing?

  5. Brandon Meenan

    1:32 1:37

  6. M. Clayton

    Soul 🔥

  7. Nick Seaney

    Why does no version of this online have any vocals anymore? It’s killing me! Trying to show my buddy and I thought I was going crazy.


    The lyrics are off of the prime version too !

    Nick Seaney

    alden138 holy crap. Listening on a different TV and I hear them again! Someone on a forum years ago said the vocals were mixed mono and phased in such a way that on certain devices that it cancels out the frequency.

  8. BJB

    It's Time For Trump 2020 Livin' Bitches! LOL

  9. HubsonPL

    15 people had no Time for livin :(

  10. Scott McDonald

    He looks like he's singing but ?

  11. 902Rider

    i love it!

  12. Hunter Campbell

    People talking about Billie whatserface having "deep" music videos......hell naw THIS is deep, Rodney Mullen's Casper Slide is deep... Hell yeah

    Harry Lawson

    Spike Jonze was probably one of the best music directors of the 90s.

  13. Maxell Nunes da silva braga

    Naice music

  14. Jpilgs 333

    Rodney mullen at 1:20

  15. tesco value

    Im just here randomly

  16. JamyzGenius

    LIT song

  17. snappiness

    BBoy bridges are what keep me coming back.

  18. Daniel Jonsson

    This thing you're doing is beautiful.

  19. Reece Authentic

    bro this is 90s as fuckk!!!!!

  20. Bambarbiya

    from slavic with LOVE
    black&white - unite&fight

  21. Primitive In The Extreme


  22. Ohm iGoodness

    I had this on a VHS in the 90's. I have always loved the Beasties.

    Lies, Lies, Lies other then Jesus Christ

    Me too.. lol

  23. Alejandro Lopez Giungi

    Soul Fire!! Lee Scratch Perry

  24. Will Brown

    Love it :)

  25. emmasmem


  26. Rotten peaches

    one of my biggest regret in life is that I never had the chance to see them live :(


    Rotten peaches I did in 87 with Run DMC, epic. Wish I still had the ticket stub, dunno where that went


    Check out their concert movie - Awesome I Fucking Shot That! :) My silver lining to myself

  27. João José Junior

    Comming soon in Tony Halk, great song!

  28. Rowenzz

    the beastie boys changed my life

    Rodimus Rhyme

    Ditto homie.

  29. stink nut

    This song is punk af that there's even black flag at 0.29

  30. David van Vliet

    PLAN B QUESTIONABLE Missing those days

  31. Mr.Edgelord 9000

    Whose the one dislike i should slap you.

  32. Corbano


  33. Lurgs

    Sabotage..ish. Awesome. Always loved the energy on this track.

  34. Blake Sherman

    We are ready for all the unreleased tracks

    Quentin Elliott

    ??????? What u mean, are they planning on releasing something sometime soon?


    @Quentin Elliott They have a ton of material that was never released.

  35. Ruairí

    where are the vocals?

    Todd Pot & HeatherMetal

    Gale Force gay huh?
    That’s rich.
    A Droll queer troll apparently.
    It takes all kinds.
    I have some black friends too.

    Gale Force

    Todd Pot do you think they brag to their black friends “ I have one of those really dumb but thinks he’s smart , white guy “ friends ?? Cus that would be hilarious .

    Todd Pot & HeatherMetal

    Gale Force yeah probably.
    On top of giving their white friend a nigga pass.

    Gale Force

    Todd Pot well at least you are knowledgeable about SOMETHING. Because you sure know fuck shit all about music recording . Haha re-Todd

    Todd Pot & HeatherMetal

    Gale Force other than being a total dick what do you get out of hiding on the internet arguing with strangers over semantics on sound and recording?
    How does calling me names and being a complete cunt further your agenda if any?

  36. Alexandra S.

    One of my favorite Beastie songs as a teenager ❤ SOULFIRE! AND WE AIN'T GOT NO WATER!

  37. Doodle DeeDee

    this is classic🤘

  38. Barry B Benson

    Pure punk 🤘

  39. ban_one

    trivia: skate clips are from the video Questionable by Plan B skateboards

  40. Iamreallycoolful11

    Yes, subscribe to PewDiePie

  41. GgGyuhghki jhrf

    sly and the family stone

  42. Daniel Cruz

    Wait that video was recorded in 1993 by spike jonez

  43. zeitok8

    one of my favorite Beastie songs, like a youth anthem

  44. Da N E ME Music & Fun Videos

    Hi Beastie Boys

  45. Yoni The K

    *LAST COMMENT* (for now)

  46. ScaredyCatGaming

    Another video cool also first