Beartooth - Young Lyrics

Play loud play fast and you'll never die young

I got my very first record
Was in an all black sleeve
I Took it home to the player
Turn it up till my eardrums bleed
I was struck by the thunder
Stuck In the pouring rain
That's when I found out the secret

Play loud play fast and you'll never die young

You'll never die young

Play loud play fast and you'll never die young

Let it go
Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up

I get high on the voltage
Rock n roll in my blood
I've only learned one lesson
Play loud play fast and you'll never die young

You'll never die young

You'll never die young

Play loud play fast and you'll never die young

You'll never die young

You'll never die young

Play loud play fast and you'll never die young

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Beartooth Young Comments
  1. MemeSSJG



    Caleb, Minsk (Belarus), pls, I'll buy 5 tickets instantly, for me and my friends :D

  3. ellabella _sykes


  4. Halfrican Jones

    Best song in their lineup.

  5. Lawton 2.0

    Every time I die?

  6. L-o-v-e Music

    AC DC With Punkt and Core.. 💯💕

  7. ZeldaSheikahwarrior94

    Wayyy too short

  8. Loyd's LizardsIII

    You'll probably never see this... But I've been a fan of yours since 2016; since a friend of mine (the only friend at the time) introduced me to your music. We were so inspired by your work that we wanted to start a band ourselves.
    I'm 19 now, and have just found out that this friend I speak of has committed suicide; he shot himself. And I thought that it'd be harder to listen to your music without him... But it's honestly the only thing keeping me strong now.
    Beaten In Lips was his anthem. The Lines was his go-to jam whenever his life inevitably worsened.

    Please, keep on... Never stop making music for the broken. We need it so much.

    The Grinning Reaper

    Wow that's really touching, I wish you luck with your band and I hope you always remember to rock on. Maybe someday you could meet Caleb and tell him that in person, I'm sure he'd love to hear how much he's inspired you. This dude seriously helped me when I was in a suicidal state and he still does help, he's taught me not to give a crap what people say along with Like Moths to Flames.

  9. Aylê Roqueiro

    FODAAAA!!!!! <3 <3 <3 \m/\m/\m/

  10. Il Sommo Imperatore

    Finally some old Beartooth. KEEP THIS WAY

  11. dude

    I miss the disgusting sound, but this isn't the usual heavy band gone pop..they're staying in that rock genre just different style

    Rhys’s Lowlux

    The sounds the same for bad listener.

  12. Lost & Faded

    Love it! Check us out if you are a fan of Alternative/Rock music

  13. Robson Marques

    Uma das melhores bandas, eu e minha noiva adoramos você, abraços do Brasil

  14. Mathys Ridet


  15. Donna Kinnear

    Pish, never understood this, just shouting.

  16. Jack Bolga


  17. Dig Deep

    This shit is a rock classic as far as I'm concerned.

  18. xavier marquez

    That’s my shit right there 👌🏻

  19. xavier marquez

    That’s my shit right there 👌🏻

  20. Alex Ty

    Someone fucked up the description

  21. YagaYeety

    Is anyone wondering why some of the lyrics aren’t spaced and some are capitalized? WTTSIY

  22. Juice

    Perfect 👌

  23. Michael Rogers

    Short and sweet!! Can’t get no better!!

  24. just browsing

    Oh my god. 2 beartooth and 2 ice nine songs. I'm gonna die


    and hollywood undead!!

  25. Ashley Sneath

    sounds like a song that'd be off a tony hawks pro skater soundtrack lol love it


    Wish this was 5 min long.

  27. Midnight Mystery

    More? Y'all are awesome, guys!

  28. Chris Stephens

    Great way to start my morning🤘🤘🤘

  29. Ashley Ruiz

    Yeeeeees!!!!!! Beartooth has no bad song.🤘🤘

  30. _Gejoba

    that kerning in the description though



  31. Bean Linswag

    Love it, keep experimenting

  32. Felix Uhlig

    Omg its fking amazing <33333333

  33. Venus Morfeo

    Nunca me desepcionas BEARTOOTH, uno de los mejores grupos desde su inicio
    Saludos desde México!

    ProPlayers H.O.N.S

    Si .... nunca decepcionan saludos de bolivia (chuquisaca ) (sucre )

  34. Dustin Varner


  35. Joel Bouthillette

    I hear RAMONES in this song

  36. BattMarn

    A kinda happy/major beartooth song?

    A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one


    BattMarn Takeover is one of them, good ass song

    jonathan bailey

    this is where the fun begins

  37. Kenzo Pinchos

    Amazing punk vibes

  38. Wasted Sky

    Fucking awesome! Didn't expect this at all. What a way to start Friday ❤️

  39. BytriusTheNerd

    caleb shomo being a legend as usual

  40. Chastity Hammond

    Shomo's a beaut.

  41. Olly Gill

    Yooooo. Been buzzing for a deluxe edition for this shit and damn you guys killed it with these b sides

  42. Zachary Sheets

    High Voltage, Thunderstruck? Never die young.....Angus Young?

  43. Exo YattaNai

    what a fucking anthem

  44. Devil My Cry


  45. Robert Connor

    ACDC joined the chat


    XD but i think the beartooth's drummer is stronger XD


    I hope Caleb sees this

    Xx ELLIS 94 xX

    Beartooth > AC/DC

    Robert Connor

    @Xx ELLIS 94 xX Agree


    love this commentary))

  46. Mayo Quin

    Muy Buena!! Beartooth Quiero Escuchar Mas Canciones Nuevas!

  47. Anthony Hudson


  48. McKenna Wangen



    Punk rock will never die! Let's go beartooth

    Greg The Flying Whale

    It's a bit heavier than punk..

  50. Morgan White


  51. Trent Mason

    First a new Hollywood undead song now this.

    Vibes Magma

    And three days grace uploading remastered versions or their old songs

    Ethan L

    Highly Suspect dropped new shit today too

    Jason LovesABR

    @Vibes Magma Who gives a shit, you mean the new Saint Asonia album.

    Jason LovesABR

    Norma Jean, and Fit For An Autopsy.

  52. Maxi Perez


  53. Ocram Ayamud

    my neck:Ah shit here we go again

    Maxi Perez

    Jajajaja same

    Skylar Martin

    Accurate af

  54. RnR Customs

    NEW BEARTOOTH TUNES!!!!! FUCK YEAHHHHH!!!!!! Ive seen the tooth Twice and they are INCREDIBLE LIVE!!!!

  55. Vax_Graphite I