Beartooth - King Of Anything Lyrics

Can't take another second of this head
Making up stories and saying I'm better off dead
They want me to be this perfect thing
Like everything is fine
Like everything's okay

But I'm not close to perfect
I'm not close to sane
I'm not the one to worship
And I'm not the one to blame
But you made up your mind
And you put me on your stage
Just take it all back
I'm not the king of anything

Can't take another second of this pain
I've tried to be the person all of you want me to be
Maybe I'm okay with who I am
I know I'm just a child but I'll try to be a man

But I'm not close to perfect
I'm not close to sane
I'm not the one to worship
And I'm not the one to blame
But you made up your mind
And you put me on your stage
Just take it all back
I'm not the king of anything

I'm not the king of anything

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Beartooth King Of Anything Comments
  1. Shura The Demon

    Would go well with Joaquin's joker

  2. CharredSouls

    I love the aggressive tone to such a lyrically sad song and it shows the real anger to self loathing pain

  3. Marty Johnston

    My friend tried to kill himself to this song I'm so happy he didn't succeed. Im not sure why it speaks to me as well. Guys get help it's out there. I'm half speaking to myself. Much love yall

    Theo B.

    Idk why but I think about your comment often

  4. wispina

    0:13 when you nut but she keeps sucking

  5. Chronostasis

    It's Fuxking Good

  6. Last Faith

    Im listening through some music, see this picture and listen to the music. I needed about 1 minute to realize that it is my CS:GO music kit.

  7. LiveLIKE _Champions

    My God this song is fucking amazing!!

  8. TantheUltraMan

    would be better if there was some drums but still a really good song

  9. Benjamin Lanner

    the only bad thing about this song is that it is too god damn short :C

  10. Carnifex 845

    This song should be longer than 2 minutes

  11. dodat

    2019??? Like if u are and sub to meeeeeee

  12. JohnnyRock199

    When your girl gives shit head "Can't take another second of this head"

  13. joshmetalberg artist

    next year in 2019 i am going to lern this song and perform it on stage in fron of my whole school😈😈😈😈😀😁😉😉

  14. ColdZero Seven

    This is another kind of heavy

    Beartooth? Real shit. Real emotion. Real good.

    ColdZero Seven

    Says the one with part of their google name from an anime. Don't try and start a fight.

    sergen uyar

    I know I'm like, months late, but damn, that weeb got burned !!!!

  15. Julian Huntley

    Hit me hard.

  16. Brayden Mouritsen

    my deathbed song<3

  17. BlackDuck Records

    I hope this cover will please and I hope I have not offended anyone with his recording, good music :)
    Beartooth - "King of Anything" Cover by Matteo Pilotti | BlackDuck Records |

  18. SiN.

    1:15 , "2 minutes long and deeper than 95% of all music."

  19. Evelyn Aguirre

    I love how it's building up to nothing haha idk how to explain it it also gives me some nirvana vibes (because of the instrumentals)

    B H

    I like how you say you don't know how to describe then the very next thing describe it ^^

  20. Dodo99_RL

    You're the king of the Metalcore

  21. Saucy Boi

    they should make a music video of this

  22. Austin Hazlewood

    Doesn't this remind anyone of st.anger

  23. Monvixelaaz

    I expected a normal beartooth song. This is better

  24. Kolbie Wall

    amazing song its short and to the point and with none of the garbage in between

  25. Brint Mann

    why did shock say he hated this album?

  26. Serhat Koç

    One day you will see this comment as a king of music taste.

  27. Greg The Flying Whale

    I enjoyed their live performance more. Because besides ending with aggressive voice, instrumental part also gone wild.

  28. Jweiss 500

    He's the king of excuses...

  29. Patrick wolfe

    who else feels like this song is the greatest song?

  30. Javier S. Ramirez

    I need more than 2 min i love this song. I need this song. I have put this song on repeat more than 50 times

  31. Blank Bunny Hopping

    literally only good song by these guys, let the hate comments roll in :^)

  32. KillMyVocals

    honestly, my favorite song from this album. only 2 minutes long, but it speaks a lot louder than some of their heavy shit on this album. simple. raw. just perfect.

  33. Brent Nelson

    This song really speaks to me so I decided to cover it vocally, let me know what you think if you lovely people have the time, i love feedback. And Beartooth keep it up with the amazing music!

  34. evil spirit ariana

    WHY SO SHORT?!?!?!?!?

  35. Rokebear

    Damn, why couldn't this be longer? xd

  36. Vivian Tsang

    this song gives me chills.

  37. Ragnid o.Official

    This really reminds me of Three Days Grace i love it!

  38. TheInvincibleLion

  39. RealSlimShady

    🙏🙏1:25 🙏🙏

  40. Kristopher Gustafson

    I wish this song was longer it's one of favs

  41. KillShotDead420

    I can relate to this song

  42. Vivian Tsang

    this song has been stuck in my head for the past week

  43. Vivian Tsang

    I've played this song on repeat for the whole day and I'm still not sick of it.

  44. Vivian Tsang

    How can you dislike this?? What??

  45. RockaholicGirl323

    Dude your friken awesome! Nobodys perfect! 💗 keep rockin'!

  46. Verity Harami

    Describe everything I feel, when I'm down :) great work, guys! Keep it up! Much love from Slovakia <3 Hope, that one day I live you on concert :))

  47. Blinkysaurus Rex

    Ironic, for what sounds like the king of self-pity.

    Alkora C

    you just listen to the song, and know its a good song.

  48. 1UppBeats

    I cried when they played this live

  49. Alp!ne

    ( ° ʖ °)


    "Terrorists win"


  51. Hours Last Time

    OGC. turn your head 😂

  52. Brandon Bump

    This song hits hard on a personal level. I don't think I've ever related to a song like this before...

  53. stardust 62

    same man same

  54. Jonathan Ketterer

    you can really feel how fucked up he was while writing this and it takes a lot for someone to share that. caleb a long with the rest of beartooth are fucking legends and i wouldn't be surprised if they were to cause hardcore to become mainstream again

  55. Jared Falterman

    this song is my life

  56. Billy Houldieson


  57. R e b e c c a

    I absolutely. Love. This song damn it I heard it yesterday and I love it more than my favourite songs

  58. Cory LAURENT

    this song is like my privates, its too short..

    Sander Versteegden

    Same, dude

    Corey Tomlin

    Yeah. But think about how many people enjoy it. short or not lol


    F is for off

  59. Alyssa McKenzie

    This I have to say is my favorite song from the album. It just really hits me in the feels for some reason. The lyrics really resonate with me and I absolutely love this band! ❤

  60. Jake Renaud

    I feel that this song could have been so much better with a chorus

  61. Justin Stell

    dude they Have to make a part two to that song and put some drums in their for sure

    Javier S. Ramirez

    Justin Stell No No drums

    Javier S. Ramirez

    Its perfect the way it is.

  62. Manny Hall

    wow, sombody wants to get a point acrost im blown away

  63. Abram Morales

    I love this band

  64. shogunatemusic

    Shogunate's demo cover of "King of Anything" was just released to our youtube channel, soundcloud, bandcamp, and social media. Check it out!

  65. EndKiit

    Terrorist wins.

  66. Harrison Rana

    gonna buy this album!!! just bought emmures new album

  67. kristen betts

    I wish this song was longer!

  68. Andy Lopez

    Gonna see them live for the first time and I'm actually really excited. I think I repeated this song like 10+ times already lol

  69. NickGraay


  70. Savage Actions

    this song is LEGIT my life..thank you beartooth

  71. JONKO

    Great song wish it was a little longer

  72. Jrmuscle


  73. Ray Darryl


  74. FireHawk1991

    Touching. I break into tears every time i hear this song

  75. Thom Bakker

    i love this song but it fucks me up so hard because i want it to explode and go fucking agressive and kill everyone but i just doesnt and i think the did it on purpose which is fucked up because i fucking love this song

  76. Michael H

    This is the first time that I hae heard this band, This album is great, gonna get the vinyl now. great production, great sound.

  77. Lüçäs Møtiøñlëss

    Beartooth is that Shit💯😈

  78. F U

    Great song

  79. Pieter Van Looy

    this is fucking awsome !!!!!!

  80. natix_ belieber

    a friend of me love it sooo thats why i try to lissening the song

  81. music.saves. us.

    damn it's been half a year already time flies. this song is incredible

  82. itachi

    I love rap but this song is awesome.

    Félix Lévesque Bédard

    seishi thé vert du Canada bon pour le bleue

  83. Harrison Rana

    this song speaks to me

    Dave Willems

    Harrison Rana feel the same about it

  84. Ethan Smith

    They put me on there stage. To battle me in the end of this game


    Their*Great song though!

  85. Katelyn Degabriel

    Forever wishing this song was longer than 2 minutes

    Panda Parade

    the best songs always have to be the shortest ones unfortunetly

    Trent Wilson

    Colorful Skies all there songs are short

  86. John Lagyjanszki

    "I'm not the king of anything"

    except excuses.

    Devon Stephenson

    Connor Slothy hugs its a reference to a different song by beartooth


    When someone takes something you said online personally

  87. Zach Orford

    Music Monday \m/

  88. BakuMaster Mstubbs88

    when caleb came out and played this song as an encore in charlotte last night it was so fucking intense....

  89. Grace Heiner

    My teenage brother walked through the room singing to himself "close to sane, i'm not the one to worship and i'm not the one to blame" so i went and googled it and now i'm here. Plus to having teenage brothers with a great taste in music: they introduce you to great music

    Kevin Luper

    Haylie Heiner I saw tøp on your page, you do need good music XD

    Fresh Peppers

    Grace Heiner my brother introduced me to every metal band I know. He will even blast my favourite songs in his vehicle sometimes.

    Comment Police Unit 12 Grade A

    Kevin Luper Whaaaat? But 500 miles, now that’s a great song.

    EdgelordXD 1

    I wish my siblings looked at me that way, to them im just a cringy core kid older brother

    theyre not wrong tho

  90. Duncan Phelan

    This song live was fucking amazing one of the best songs to have ever heard

  91. gary nash

    Love it...

  92. Aremondo Miller

    Save the best for last I love it

  93. rasangan97

    The 10 people who disliked this must be cocky fucks who think they own everything

  94. Luis Negrete

    Are there any other songs by different bands that play a similar style to this? Love this fucking jam🤘🏽

    Artur Silveira

    Luis Negrete not very similar, but i like a lot of Violent Picture by Dream on Dreamer

  95. banter bus

    shit man this is insane

  96. laszlo Jacquelin

    I love this song!!

  97. cody allen

    This song would have fit great with "Sons of Anarchy" season 7! Damn

  98. insomman

    This would make an awesome UFC intro for a fighter