Beartooth - Keep Your American Dream Lyrics

Go ahead and keep it, go ahead and keep it
Go ahead and keep your american dream
Go ahead and keep it, go ahead and keep it
Go ahead and keep your american dream

Can you go the distance, I don't wanna see
Can you make a future, without maturity
I'm doing fine as far as I can see, so go ahead and keep your american dream
I wanna live my life to the fullest, make the most out of being young
And when I'm laying down on my deathbed, I'll be proud of every story told

Go ahead and keep it, go ahead and keep it
Go ahead and keep your american dream
Have you had the same mentality since you were just a kid?
Can you ever face reality growing up so quick?
It's either hard at work, or hardly working at all (At all)
It's either hard at work, or hardly working at all (At all)

I don't wanna purchase what you're selling, please will you accept my written apology
Listen close to the words I say, when I'm old and I'm deaf you'll still be hearing me
I have one life to live, and I want true happiness
I have one life to live, and I want true happiness

Go ahead and keep it, go ahead and keep it
Go ahead and keep your american dream
Have you had the same mentality since you were just a kid?
Can you ever face reality growing up so quick?
It's either hard at work, or hardly working at all (At all)
It's either hard at work, or hardly working at all (At all)

Go ahead and keep it, go ahead and keep it
Go ahead and keep your american dream
Go ahead and keep it, go ahead and keep it
Go ahead and keep your american dream
Yeah, yeah!
Go ahead and keep your american dream

Go ahead and keep it, go ahead and keep it
Go ahead and keep your american dream
Go ahead and keep it, go ahead and keep it
Go ahead and keep your american dream
Have you had the same mentality since you were just a kid?
Can you ever face reality growing up so quick?
It's either hard at work, or hardly working at all (At all)
It's either hard at work, or hardly working at all (At all)
Go ahead and keep it, I will never need it
Go ahead and keep it, I will never need it
Go ahead and keep it, I will never need it
Go ahead and keep your american dream

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Beartooth Keep Your American Dream Comments
  1. RazvY MedeR

    They are cursed to make only good songs

  2. Greg The Flying Whale

    Hello from 2019. They already rule the metalcore

  3. wait this is not pornhub

    A great thank you to the People making me discover this band. Frickin awesome!

  4. Megan Schiano

    Overthrowing capitalism anthem

  5. Nick Montoya

    What tuning is the guitar in?

  6. むせんmusen


  7. downtownlife

    Wait... is this an alternative version?

  8. Ryan Medd

    If you listen closely you can straight up hear him SCREAMING HIS HEAD OFF in the background🤘

  9. Ryan Medd

    Beartooth breakdowns give me chills

  10. ExO Fusionz

    "Either hard at work or hardly working at all" love that. As an athlete it speaks out to you.

  11. Ryan lifelibertyhappiness

    This songs message is trash, I have an idea beartooth, you make everything you ever owned, and I mean plant the cotton for your clothes, grow your own produce, find a iron deposit, melt your own steel for your car, ect, ect, ect. People need to work together in a society to keep the quality of life high, this song is a smack in the face to every farmer, steel worker, car manufacturer who lives the dream and every other person who works hard in a society.

    Megan Schiano

    Yeah we can be in a society that isn't a capitalist piece of shit tho... How do the boots taste?


    I don’t think this song’s message is against people who work hard, but instead against how our culture tends to impose workaholism on people who would rather work to live than live to work, or in other words, have work be what they do to sustain their standard of living, not what they live for. I read the line “It’s either hard at work or hardly working at all” as referring to the two extremes of either being a workaholic or a welfare bum, and how American work culture tends to not accommodate any middle ground between those two extremes.

  12. The Grinning Reaper

    If anyone's on a Beartooth binge this song was played on Criminal minds

    yes, you're welcome.

  13. Kendra Schley

    I heard this song on criminal minds episode boxed in and just loved it lol

  14. The_Undead_Tea_Drinker

    Who else heard this song on criminal minds 😂😂😂
    Good song tho

  15. Leroy Jenkins

    Criminal Minds S10E5

  16. Desmond Dreher

    Can you ever face reality. Growing up so quick...... Still can't face it yet lol.

  17. tehya fletcher

    the fuckin criminal minds episode

  18. Declan Brierley

    chocolate biscuits.

    That is all.

  19. austin migliaccio

    what stores have this album @red bull albums

  20. Liam

    Best beartooth song i reckon

  21. ハマダーン


  22. Frederick Ironheart

    I bet that if this was a pop song, it would have already hit 1 billion views and be playing on every radio

  23. pika1222

    don't know why people don't like this song,I like it

  24. Malte

    This is my ABSOLUTE fav song

  25. Dalton Jack

    it's albums like this that make me miss my emo phase

    Fallen Angel Art

    Lmao I'm in my emo phase XD live your dreams 😂😂

  26. MJPJAH

    That fucking cough at the end gets me every time, lmao

  27. Park Fernanda

    I love bearthoot


    B E A R T H O O T


    @yanaaa B E A R T H O T

  28. jaquan Heart.

    the American dream is your own dream. god bless

  29. OutThereVlogs

    anyone know where i can find a instrumental version of this song? cant seem to find one anywhere

  30. renan abano

    most underrated song of them.. my 2nd fave song nxt to "I Have A Problem"..

  31. Salty_Sailor68

    You ready Counter Terrorists???? LETS GOOoOoO

  32. Letsneversleep 02

    I swear I heard this on criminal minds. The Halloween episode.

  33. Callie Rice

    The song is amazing, but the end has me laughing so hard

  34. Adam Buck

    Trump is making America great again. All that means is revival and progression of American economic capitalism, but Americans are a resourceful people.

  35. SaidoKun


  36. Tuana Ezzat

    You know this band is great, if you like this snog, even though you're not American

  37. That Rachel Lyfe

    found this song because of criminal minds season 10 episode 5

  38. og3171995

    I play this song on my radio in murder mystery 2 on roblox while I slice people

  39. Gideon Ide

    Trump said "The American dream is dead"

    davides cristofaros

    @ViruX Europe is actually dying right now

    Shy Shinoda

    Europe has so many rape gangs and stabbings lmao

    Xb T

    ViruX You obviously don't understand the meaning of the song...


    Well fuck trump


    Well fuck trump

  40. Evan Joseph

    Now just we can't.

  41. Lola Da Cruz

    i can't keep it! Donald Trump is president...

    Hazardous Hero

    Oh my gosh to true


    that moment when youre retarted

    Pierre Harlin

    Get the fuck out.

    Lmao jk

    Marco Havok

    You can keep it, cuz I sure as hell don’t want it. This county has been fucked up before Trump was in office. This just solidifies we are screwed. The American Dream is just a figment of our imagination. So might as well go out there have fun and accomplish goals. Fuck the government, “I want true happiness.”

    Diesel Cave

    Lola Da Cruz your welcome ;)

  42. AdrienShadow

    I got the album recently. I love it! :D

    Fallen Angel Art

    Good for you, this will be one of the next few cds i buy :3

  43. VinoVerde


    Sad Black Man

    Sergio Delgadillo-Morales Its not fuck capitalism, its fuck the "american dream" of selling yourself out and being unhappy with life just to live in a big house with a nice car.


    So... capitalism? Lol. The busllshit American Dream is capitalist af

    Sad Black Man

    @Sergio Delgadillo-Morales
    I guess i was trying to make a point and sound smart lol, but imo we're both right. Capitalism is the belief of economic freedom and free trade, which doesnt necessarily mean the american dream but yeah i guess it could be lol.

    Shy Shinoda

    Enjoy the stale bread

  44. gangstalishis

    is there I place where I can listen to the instrumental only

  45. Ichihimefan91

    I freaking like this song

  46. Liam Shori

    Favourite Beartooth song to date. Alongside of However You Want it Said. Who agrees?

    Fallen Angel Art

    This one, in between, disease, manipulation, ok.. all of them.

    Otis Laurence


  47. Erica Jackson

    Love Beartooth 💕

  48. Gabriel Cheney-Holub

    "It's either hard at work, or hardly working at all." Group projects in a nutshell right here

    Paige M

    Hahah yes!

    Brendan Grimm

    Way too true

    Ryan Medd

    Couldnt agree more

    Joey Tomato

    I learned that the hard way

  49. Jugguernaut4truth

    It's a decent song until you read the lyrics. Reads like it was written by a whiny child. I cant figure out what the title/chorus/hook has to do with the lyrics.

  50. Ariel Shatz

    i like epnis


    Good for you.

  51. SH_9706

    i like this tune though i aint American

  52. annieing519

    beartooth is my favorite band .-. ITS SO FUCKING GOOD

  53. Justice Herald

    This song is fucking boss as fuck

    Justice Herald

    like who 


    +Justice Dead! Fleur shomo! She's Caleb's wife and Caleb is the vocalist of this band!

    Justice Herald

    I look nothing like her she is actually pretty


    +Justice Dead! You both are actually pretty :$

    Justice Herald

    Nah she is not me

  54. Humour

    i like the song.... but i still want the american dream

  55. Jaeq

    CSGO made me discover this album. Thanks Valve

    Paul Goesslinghoff

    me too love it ^-^


    All hail mighty lord GABEN

    andrea pluti

    Tann er

    M8ey McM8

    Our Father who AWPs in heaven,
    CS be thy game...

  56. Fatima Ald.



    +Kyo Ryen lol yeah thats how i got here

    Fatima Ald.

    @RockeroRivera same, dude xD I cried imfg


    +Kyo Ryen I cried tooooo lol

    Shy Shinoda

    What the hell they did?

  57. Saul Jimenez

    god dam makes me feel like their libertarians

    Isaac Hatton

    this song is closer to being anti-american than libertarian. read the lyrics again

    Saul Jimenez

    @Vincent Rogue lol ya ur probably right

  58. Joel Santos

    hearing this on a stream was legendary

  59. cry of fear is alright

    Would be good for the walking dead.
    (Not the orginal show, for fan stuff.)


    +PixelatedBandit YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Even for the show. (not as much as fan art though) It would be fucking great in any form.

    cry of fear is alright

    @dontcry,CRAFT This guy knows.

    Lil Fix

    Nah, Ice Nine Kills - 'The Coffin is Moving' is a song for The Walking Dead

  60. Anthony Clay

    I'll save you the trouble: 28 patriots disliked this video. I'm one of them.


    +Anthony Clay (Steel Accord) patriotism is the same as a cult. its a lie used to blind people of what their country is actually like, anyone whos a patriot is blinded by the system and thus they have successfully made you a puppet, sir.

    Anthony Clay

    @TempoTrack  "My country, right or wrong; if right, to be kept right; and *if wrong, to be set right.*"
    ~Carl Shurz

    The true patriotism, the only rational patriotism, is loyalty to the Nation ALL the time, loyalty to the Government when it deserves it."
    ~Mark Twain


    @Anthony Clay nations are just groups used to segregate the population and induce racism. the world needs to come together as we one, we dont need patriots, we need leaders that wont get assassinated. patriots are useless to our evolution as a species. all people like you do is hold us back because you hold onto the ideals that made us so split in the first place.


    @Anthony Clay loyalty to other human beings. to the human condition. to bringing out the potential in our species instead of squabbling over power land and resources.

    Anthony Clay

    @TempoTrack They aren't mutually exclusive. I'm loyal to my country because I care about the people in it. A culture is made up of people, they are the soul of a nation. If I didn't care for my fellow human beings, I wouldn't be a patriot.

  61. Victoria Scarlett

    That cough at the end though. Need some water, fam? XD

    Patrick Merlin

    Good job, you got the joke, fam.

  62. Dom C.

    beartooth <3

  63. mooma

    Am i the only one who hears to repeating part at 0:11 to 0:21 , like in every song?


    +Embrace ChaOs Em... NO! :)

  64. ViruX

    Best track on that album!

  65. christopher olowu

    am not, sorry

  66. christopher olowu

    am not sorry

  67. christopher olowu

    I'm gaaay

  68. Chris Masauding

    CSGO brought me here

  69. Ryan xeo

    i almost shit my self when i herd this on criminal minds

    Robert Campbell

    +Ryan Goebel what?! hell yeah at least theyre starting to play good music


    Did they play a part with any screaming?

    angel wiles

    Ryan Goebel dude what EP?


    Ryan Goebel I heard it on criminal minds two minutes ago and loved it. Had to pause the show to find it. New favorite band?!

    Maddie Hass

    Right? I'm watching that episode right now.

  70. Josh Marr

    Who is here because of 'Who is J.O.B'?

  71. Sven Westerbeek

    since you were* lmao lyrics fucked up ;P

  72. Dezines

    why are they using the BLS logo for their own?

    Patrick Arey

    +Cj Burnett holy shit lol, idk thats a good question...


    +Cj Burnett It's just a font called Old English Std

    Justin Hoffman

    +ViruX It's not Old English, it's Schwabacher.


    @Justin Hoffman No it's Old English Std. Google both fonts and compare them...

  73. Ellen Clemmons

    the first time I hard this song it made me feel like I have been in a few states...

  74. kayla koechig

    love it 😌

  75. Lukas

    came here from who is job

  76. Jacob Lewis

    Question I'm new to this band and I'm loving every moment but is this there only album so far?

    yeah whatever

    for a debut album there already pretty famous

    Chase Landgrave

    well its disgusting and sick. but sick only has like four songs on it.

    Kopsakopsa Kopsakopsa

    the will be release new album,also they have 2 new songs

    Braedon Morrissey

    +Jacob Lewis now they have an album coming june 3rd called aggressive take a listen its AMAZING!!!!

    Alex Gaughan

    If you like this you wouldn't like Calebs old band Attack Attack

  77. Cameron Nazarko

    This would be so great in a music video :D

  78. Kaylee Dugo

    Can't wait to see beartooth at warp!

  79. Emstek

    Disappointed. I expected more  views.

  80. alex pohero

    this is literally my go to song whenever im with my friend making awesome memories of awesome and stupid stuff in the summer, beartooth is awesome

    Also i think this song is saying that you should seize every opportunity you can to make amazing memories and that sometimes you need to enjoy your youth and forget about money school or work, and to just let loose and go crazy because you only live once.

  81. alyssa capizola


  82. Liam Christiansen

    Cant wait to see these guys at warped!!

  83. Samara C

    ⊂_ヽTHIS IS
      \\ _
       \( •_•) F
        < ⌒ヽ A
       /   へ\ B
       /  / \\ U
       レ ノ   ヽ_つ L
      / / O
      / /| U
     ( (ヽ S
     | |、\
     | 丿 \ ⌒)
     | |  ) /
    `ノ )  Lノ

    Samara C

    +Andrea Lopez thank you very much *bows*

  84. Thatgrungeotaku

    I literally just screamed when this came on in Criminal Minds 2 of my favorite things my worlds are colliding.

    Aleks HD

    +Thatgrungeotaku tyler is blind in your pfp


    @Aaron Lee this is true

    Jyreth M

    Same. 😊

  85. Susie Escobar

    My favorite track on the album. 

  86. Talea Simmons

    new favorite gym/lifting album for sure

  87. james williams

    Came here from on track with Curtis Keene and love all of beartooth because of it, thanks Redbull for great documentaries and great music.

  88. perkyoranges 2

    honestly, when I first heard this song, i thought it wasn't as good as the others. but then the more i listened to it, the quicker it became my favourite track on the album. 
    keep on rocking, Beartooth.

  89. Hella Rad

    Great band. c':

  90. MUFC Loyal

    Love this song ! 

  91. The Pregnant Psychopath

    If I got a dollar for every time he screamed "GO!" I would be living the american dream


    @The Pregnant Psychopath Hahahaha

    Joe Willard

    @The Pregnant Psychopath Well, they just legalized medicinal use of marijuana in Pennsylvania... I say we use this $31 to buy a bag of pot, then sell that bag... Repeat process until we have enough money to open our own grow house!! XD I'm open to suggestions tho...!

    The Pregnant Psychopath

    @Joe Willard man, that sounds brilliant

    Daniel Carley

    D-Krazy he only "screamed" go a few times though

    B H

    Ha I did notice that. Also YE

  92. ThiVids

    I get the song, this is totally me. This song is for the ones that walk their own path and stray from what's accepted and what everyone believes you should do. Walking the dangerous path, or just the path that most are too afraid to dare to live.

  93. Madi Roberts

    This song makes me happy c:
    XD I love Beartooth

  94. Taking On Poseidon

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  95. Stephanie Medina

    Been listening to Beartooth for a while, so when this song was played in Criminal Minds (aka my favorite show) It was the coolest shit ever!



  96. Josh Nelson

    i call this genre post-attack-attack

  97. Zoe Merriman

    I just saw them with live yesterday and they were absolutely amazing!!! I'm completely obsessed now!