Beartooth - However You Want It Said Lyrics

I keep pushing for more pulling
Finally grab the rope just to let go
I'm still searching for more feeling
Look inside myself to find a black hole

I know I have issues
But I don't need to hear it coming from you
It's something that I'll work through
The beating of my heart's not stopping anytime soon

It's not stopping anytime soon

Well I'm sick of it, over it, however you want it said
I'm telling it straight 'cause it might be the only chance I get
Just shut up, just shut up, would you stop telling me who I am?
I'm sick of it, over it, however you want it said

I want closure on this chapter
Don't wanna spend life looking out the window
I'm out of patience, I'm done waiting
Getting on my feet is what it comes to

I know I have issues
But I don't need to hear it coming from you
It's something that I'll work through
The beating of my heart's not stopping anytime soon

It's not stopping anytime soon

Well I'm sick of it, over it, however you want it said
I'm telling it straight 'cause it might be the only chance I get
Just shut up, just shut up, would you stop telling me who I am?
I'm sick of it, over it, however you want it said

I know I have issues
I know I have issues
I know I have issues
But I don't need to hear it coming from you

Well I'm sick of it, over it, however you want it said
I'm telling it straight 'cause it might be the only chance I get
Just shut up, just shut up, would you stop telling me who I am?
I'm sick of it, over it, however you want it said

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Beartooth However You Want It Said Comments
  1. That One Weird Kid

    His voice is amazing

  2. Skewda

    Does anyone else have an issue on YouTube Red where this whole album has the names and music mixed up? Like I literally have to click on "King of Anything" and then I hear this song. It has been bothering me for like half a year now

  3. Scavenger GP

    Cried I little bit RN because I can totally feel his pain in his voice and how he changed it into hearable tears

  4. wolf argo 44

    This band along with a day to remember saved my life thank you Caleb Shomo for creating this master piece of a band

  5. Chris Placzek

    This song is cool it’s dope it’s rad however you want it said it’s just AWESOME!

  6. Metal Shrek

    Extremely underrated song in my opinion. It makes me headbang like not many songs do. It has it all: catchy chorus, awesome lyrics and sprinkled with amazing screaming vocals. Extremely well balanced and one of my favorite songs by Beartooth (not saying that their other songs are bad).

  7. Mayo Quin

    Este Rolita se parece mucho en ritmo A ME VALE DE MANA esta mejorada mas modernizada Gracias BEARTOOTH

  8. ghost_gal_AGHH

    Good Band, Great Song, Amazing Album

  9. Trifett

    Favorite bands (by year):

    2010: Asking Alexandria
    2011: Of Mice & Men
    2012: Bring Me The Horizon
    2013: Beartooth
    2014: Beartooth
    2015: Beartooth
    2016: Beartooth
    2017: Beartooth
    2018: Beartooth
    2019: Lemme predict right quick...(Beartooth)

    Dead On The Inside

    *2020: ?*

  10. Cringelord Divine

    This song reminds me of a person I'd rather forget and how much I fucking hate summer. Still lovin' it though.

  11. Shannon South

    Look inside myself to find a black hole

  12. Ty. S.

    this song didn't get the credit it deserves 👌

  13. xScars

    I know I have issues but I don't need to hear it coming from you

  14. Greggory Pearce

    this is my favorite song ever

  15. Little KitKat

    It says my emotion's.

  16. B H

    Most underrated Beartooth song in my opinion

  17. Revan The Dragon

    Surely it can't be just me who really hates 1:58 because it kinda sounds out of tune?

    B H

    I went there and couldn't hear what you were talking about... sorry

  18. LordOgar36

    Best song on the album!

  19. mike80449

    Best song ever in my opinion

  20. Brandon Barnes

    my phone cant get loud enough for this song.

  21. Jacob Acosta

    The one thing im not sick of is this song, am I right?

  22. Max Power

    I fucking love this band!

  23. Lil Mongraal

    October 2017 and still listening

  24. Adam Shabana

    Firstly if you are looking for an acoustic version of this song well you are listening to the wrong band beartooth isn't about light vocals it's about true meaningful lyrics while keeping true to a metalcore sound. This is what makes beartooth unique so sorry there wont be acoustic songs from this band

    Revamped Rebel

    > TMW they released multiple acoustic versions of their songs already...

  25. Zachary Stuber

    Sounds like a day to remember! Such a good song

  26. OG Zephyr

    This song needs to play on KUPD more

  27. GhostMeister

    Why every song from this album is describing me? xD

  28. Kyle Hillinger

    Best song on the album.

  29. Lauren Pearson

    I'm going to see them on Saturday!!!! Xx

  30. Nao Yshd

    I love this song and the new album in general so much like honestly there's not even the slightest change in style but it's not the same either, it doesn't get boring at all and staying true to oneself without repeating is one of the toughest and most awesome things to accomplish in the music industry imo

  31. Vanyo Petkov

    You guyz are awesome! How can I hear of just you now...


    we all know this is a good song but just shut up just shut up with the comments

  33. Tamás

    Why is the OFFICIAL playlist not in order? C'mon...

  34. Kurt Quiliope

    In Between v2. Find a Way was more heavier compared to In Between and this one.just saying :-)

  35. Daniil Shubnyakov

    Best part of the new csgo music kit


    mom: fix your outfit
    mom: ....

  37. Gio

    Is it weird to say that I get this Flyleaf vibe whenever he says *just shut up*?

  38. Serious(WithDaysOff)

    "I know I have his shoes!"

  39. van H

    I love this band but what the fuxk dude

    James Gorman

    van H what?

  40. van H

    what the fuck

  41. Imperial Barden

    Found my new lulaby..

    askyra ravid

    Imperial Barden indeed my friend this album fr is love!

  42. GalacticNipple

    man, this is definitely my favourite song from the album and maybe even beartooth in general mmmmmmm

  43. lololololol hehe

    think i found my new fav band

  44. Bas Roessen

    what exact genre is this?


    Walmart jock rock, see puddle of mudd, seether, etc..

    Necrotic Reaper

    Beartooth is pretty much what Metalcore originally sounded like in the early 90's.

    Brian Laframboise



    Theres a name for that. It's called Metalcore...

    Jack Cravford

    No fucking metalcore, wtf lol..

    Sick was chaotic hardcore punk with oldschool feeling. Disgusting is mix between hardcore punk and trash metal, maybe crossover trash. Aggressive is mix between hardcore punk, hard rock and pop punk....

  45. cmentalppl

    songs been helping me out a lot lately. replay each time I get in my car

  46. 1xXxiluvpurplexXx1

    "I know I have his shoes!"
    "I'm outta pig shits"

  47. anemone

    my mother comes to my mind when listen to the lyrics.......but however i would say anything to her she won't understand...

  48. Ethan Hittle


  49. Ethan Hittle


  50. steven hedlund

    I love this band. I'm glad I keep listening to more songs. Rock on keep it alive.

  51. RagePlaysGames4Dayz

    "The music is a little loud, ima turn it down a bit" said no one ever


    This song is actually quiter than the other songs

    Sharkz117//NGO KURO

    ...except for when listening to Justin Bieber. Especially the younger years. My ears have never bled as much as they did when that little turd exploded in popularity.


    True my dad was like let’s turn it on at our block party

    Dahsy Ekeap

    Not true

  52. Rad Vocals

    He said issues wrong :///

    Rad Vocals

    +Gag it's pronounced "ithues"

    Catherine Heffernan

    you might need better headphones

    Rad Vocals

    +cat heffernan no he said it wrong. So many people do it it's annoying!

    Kirigaya Kazuto

    He's from Ohio, thats how it's pronounced arouund here


    Issues Tissues

  53. Josue's Vlog's


  54. Chandalem

    Just bought the album, OH MY GOD ALL OF IT IS FUCKING INCREDIBLE!!!!

  55. Lucas Amaral


  56. Cody Pond

    Who else thinks that this is an "In Between" 2.0?


    No..."Find a Way" reminds me more of "In Beween". This is not similar in any way.


    +Rockstar Azir yeah find a way was my favourite till I heard this xD


    This is similar to "Me in My Own Head"


    Not even close


    It’s more like body bag in my opinion

  57. allseeingowl 1220

    my favorite

  58. Gabriel Marin

    Hands down, one of Beatooth's best songs.

  59. BæsjOgTissKanalen

    This song gives me goosebumps <3

  60. AreoTaco

    I love how they say "Anytime soon". It just sounds so good!

  61. Andrew Benedict

    beartooth dropping that badass shit once again..I think it's impossible for these guyS to make a bad song. def my favorite band for the last two years hands down!

  62. GuitarGeek

    loving their new album, alot of energy

  63. Christian Brewerton

    Disgusting was a good album, but Aggressive has so much more depth. I felt like in Disgusting it was a whole bunch of screaming from Caleb, which I'm fine with. Aggressive however, blends some screams and some melodies together in a nutri ninja blender and produces one heck of a smoothie

    Chyna Olinger

    Christian Brewerton I love the metaphor 👍🏻


    Meh both were awesome but the screaming in ignorence is bless is life

    Rcsavage 237

    They listened with disease


    finally some good fucking food

    Sharkz117//NGO KURO

    @Nate Sears don't forget that "aggressive" doesn't just mean a violent type of aggression (aka the type that most people instinctively think when they think of aggressive). There's also passive aggressive, which is softer in nature. This album captures the essence of both of those types of aggression.

  64. Electric Wolf

    Can this please be a single? <3


    everything on this album needs to be a single lol

    Electric Wolf

    +kriswascher97 Yas


    Casey Lester isn't everything a single? I think Caleb Shomo sings everything himself, right

  65. Ryan

    Starset was my favorite band in 2014-2015. I think I might've just found a new favorite band for 2016 :D

    Andrew Fraleigh

    @Ryan Trochsler exactly

    Zachary Brown

    You should try listening to "Ice Nine Kills" their newest album "Every Trick in the Book" is perfect imo

    steven beene

    how about 2018 tho?

    B H

    Still like Starset better, but I love Beartooth too. What do you think of Vessels?

    Garrison Norton

    Starset and Beartooth are my two favorite man

  66. Bridget Goodman

    I also loved this song from the ohh ohh ohhhhhhh

  67. Barteg Hyhy


  68. Chloey Chloey

    but its so good

  69. Bridget Goodman

    me to im just like i love this song already and this is only going oh oh ohhhhhhh lol

  70. JandR stunts

    new album is amazing... cant wait to see you in concert

  71. Vusy \m/

    why can i like this only once?

  72. Shoduka Gaming

    Favourite Song on the Album!

    Shoduka Gaming

    +Dana Večeřa yea they are all good but this makes me meme

    Sreea ass

    +Shoduka Gaming my friend told be about beartooth 2 months ago and i cant stop listening it... i am going to bux Cd :)

    Electric Wolf

    Mine too!

    Shoduka Gaming

    +SCARED this is wierd

  73. Alisha Santiago

    I liked this song just by hearing the first 5 seconds

    Bogomil Vasilev

    Alisha Santiago.... girls

    Kyle Abbott

    thats premature its not even that great.


    Isn’t that any beartooth song?

  74. Princess Tori

    beartooth is so amazing live and not live 💖


    Princess Crybaby seen em twice (both at festivals) and they NEVER disappoint

  75. Valtteri Lehto

    Dear brain, stop expecting the solo in new Beartooth song

  76. I am Ghostie

    This album needs to win an award!!! 🎸🐻🏆

  77. karhu metsällä nainen

    Fresher beats than a snow pea still on the bushel thing. Yeah yummer.

  78. Chef Tang

    Damn it, just about when I go to school... Another song is released xD

    Ian Waldrop

    The whole album has been out for almost a week...

    Chef Tang

    +Ian Waldrop well I only use red bull studio because I find them reliable.. Mb.

  79. Carter Richard

    the drums sound like shit :( i wish they would have changed their style in a good way..

    hater XD


    How is he a hater? Fans these days smh


    Because he said the drums sound like shit, which isn't even an opinion. If he had said "I think the drums sound bad", then that is his opinion.

    He just flat out said the drums sound like shit which they don't, they are far from being shit, which is being a hater.

  80. Dante Williams

    i love this album <3

    I am Ghostie


    Dante Williams

    +Jalia Brodie ahgsjgs thanks uwu

    I am Ghostie

    @Dante Williams YOU'RE WELCOME! XD XD XD 💜💜💜

  81. Shane Tracy

    I think they pull the pop-punk style off really well. I love that they're exploring different sounds! this is such a great jam

    I am Ghostie

    Apparently not... ;)


    They are classified as post-hardcore

    Fancy Torchic

    Callum Wright I wouldn't say metal. Of course it's a matter of opinion, but I'd definitely say they lean towards hardcore. Wikipedia calls it hardcore, and I think the band themselves have called themselves punk. Or maybe I'm thinking of A Day To Remember. But either way, I think there's a more hardcore sound than metal

    Jason McGuire

    Who gives a shit what genre they classify as? Why the fuck do bands ALWAYS need to classify. Just fuckin play some music and enjoy it

    OG Zephyr

    Shane Tracy

    Couldn’t have said it better myself, friend!

  82. crypt thantoz

    already dont like this popy intro

    ronnie click

    Thats how i feel w almost every song on this album :/ its sorta rhetorical how the albums name is aggressive but the music isnt nearly aggressive, especially compared to their older music.

    Geoff Douggyfresh

    then listen to thy art is murder my friend!


    I agree but I do like the way calebs voice is mixed. It does sound brutal at parts. But just not enough brutal parts :/


    I actually like the brutality and the pop feeling mixed together and I think it is a great compination


    I actually like the brutality and the pop feeling mixed together and I think it is a great compination

  83. Conner Merry


    Victor Lg

    chill out haha

    Amy Torrence

    Thumbed up for the smile you gave me. lol

  84. Curtis Christopherson

    Fuckin beautiful

  85. Gideon Ide

    hell yeah!

  86. Lonely Stage

    got damn yes !!! <3 celeb shomo

  87. Void Runner

    fuck yes