Beartooth - Greatness Or Death Lyrics

I promise you there's times I'm not so sad
Some days the good will even out the bad
I know I'm married to my problems
It's always in my head, and I'm destined for greatness or death
Destined for greatness or death

Thought I was standing tall
Repressed with no resolve
Happiness and ignorance aren't so different after all

Thought I was being strong
This time you're in the wrong
I've lived a lie too long
I've lived a lie too long

Now push has come to shove
I signed the deed in blood
I need another drug
I need another drug

I promise you there's times I'm not so sad
Some days the good will even out the bad
I know I'm married to my problems
It's always in my head, and I'm destined for greatness or death
Destined for greatness or death

Thought I could make demands
Now I can barely stand
Comfort quickly fading with the sickness setting in

Now push has come to shove
I signed the deed in blood
I need another drug
I need another drug

I promise you there's times I'm not so sad
Some days the good will even out the bad
I know I'm married to my problems
It's always in my head, and I'm destined for greatness or death
Destined for greatness or death

I'm beginning to think I can't outrun these demons
But you know what they say
Sickness is in season

Sickness is in season
I promise you there's times I'm not so sad
Some days the good will even out the bad
I know I'm married to my problems
It's always in my head, and I'm destined for greatness or death
Destined for greatness or death

Sickness is in season
Sickness is in season

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Beartooth Greatness Or Death Comments
  1. Lyndsey Collins

    i turned it up at the beginning because it was quiet and boom Caleb's yelling at me and I'm deaf.

  2. Angelita Saez

    Caleb: I'm married to my problems
    Fleur: ....boi....

  3. ReushK

    come on. No song qued that low stays that low.

  4. André Ochoa

    A Day To Remember + Fall Out Boy = Greatness or death

  5. Wyett Munro

    So who else is here from smite?

  6. midairman

    "I'm beginning to think I can't outrun these demons. But you know what they say. SICKNESS IS IN SEASON"

  7. Dragon Sin Of Wrath

    Personally I like the song better at 1.25x speed

  8. That One Weird Kid

    My parents hate this music. It makes me love it even more.

  9. Brendan Craft

    Straight up WACK!

  10. Santiago Sedano

    del segundo 0:01 al 0:20 todo calmado pero al segundo 0:21 💣💣💣💣💣💣

  11. a akia

    i wanna scream the lyrics in public on my way to work/school wherever i go this is too amazing

    Angelita Saez

    I scream it in the car

  12. Jon Liebelt

    mate Sickness is in Season!!!!!!!!!

  13. Sparky Spankins

    Reminds me of Atreyu...

  14. MrRookie

    THX God that my cousin had this guys on his phone.... super fan!

  15. Justin Mungro

    It sucks when you are greatness but death keeps coming around, I guess I'm the Angel of death!

  16. XxTheKennyxX !!

    Quien viene por Razz?

  17. Steven

    like si vienes por la musica de la intro de RevMx Razz JR


    Estaba buscando este comentario, te doy mi like gran hombre

  18. Kondor Extra Thicc

    0:19 that scared the shit out of me lmfao

  19. tom

    This song is made for me..

  20. Jay Heintzelman

    Had no clue who they were but then I heard "Disease" and was like wow hold on I like this!!!! Amazing


    first time i heard this I fucking jumped

    that's how you know this shit's good

  22. Ike Austin

    They have sold out and some poppy now. We had 2 great albums however!


    all 3 albums are good, Sick EP and Disgusting LP are the best, Disease is 2nd and Aggressive is 3rd

  23. Annie

    This song is FUCKING SICK 🤘🏻🔥

  24. JustRECHツ

    A alguien más le sonó a un poco the silence speaks de while she sleeps

  25. Tusanity

    I keep hearing Atreyu in the clean vocals lol


    Tusanity I’m glad I’m not the only one!

  26. Rockstar Games Launcher

    Looks like DOOM

  27. XxTheKennyxX !!

    RevMX Razz JR?

  28. Loyd's LizardsIII

    That beat drop at the beginning felt like a shot to the face the first time.

  29. Bobby H2O

    Holy shit! "I'm begining to think i can't outrun these demons, but you know what they say sickness is in season!" I can't get enough of this song.

  30. HartixBrix

    I have this as my alarm at 5:30 am

  31. Charlie

    Near shit myself lmao remind me to watch the volume when listening to beartooth

  32. Kylie Grant

    I legitimately jumped.

  33. Greg The Flying Whale

    the sickest breakdown in album!!!


    You forgot used and abused

  34. Narr Goor

    Me: Beartooth WTF?

  35. Mike Time

    I almost feel like this should be one of those anime show intro songs

    Nothing Excites Me Anymore

    If America made anime I'd 100% agree with you

  36. Vivian Tsang

    lowkey want a full acoustic version of this song

  37. Vivian Tsang

    favorite song of this album ❤

  38. Gustav Schillig

    Still figuring out whether my mind of my ear was blown harder

  39. Mayo Quin

    Este Álbum está de poquísima Madre Yo recomiendo escuchar todo el álbum es uno de los más importantes en su género este año.Good luck Europe tour Beartooth

  40. Ryan Venancio

    His singing voice sounds just like Brandon from Atreyu.

  41. Eden Glenn R.

    I think we were all pranked when we first heard this song

  42. Xela D

    That escalated quickly

  43. Repete Myname

    Grip that shit!

  44. True North Painting

    Reminds me a bit of cancer bat-Devils Rocking Chair

  45. Julio Castillo

    Im waiting for the acoustic version xD

  46. Linnsel Fillane

    The best focking song for an alarm at 6 a.m. (checked on my own ear)

  47. Dario subara

    170k views ain't fair at all! Totally deserves a lot more attention...

  48. Douglas

    i want this live

  49. Star_gacha -life

    Ok I horrified my friends lol

  50. Koragh


  51. Renea Ramsey

    i kept turning it up an then he started s C R E A m I n G i N m Y e A r

  52. CC4LYFE

    yet again i have been living under a rock
    a rock rock
    metal rock?
    anlternernertative rock?

    i donno

    Marcos Antonio

    Metalcore bro

  53. Mike B

    This song absolutely kicks ass, but I am absolutely in love with the acoustic intro part and would really like an entire song in that

  54. Saucy Boi

    My favorite from the disease album 😁

  55. mattrex94

    Sounds like Atreyu during chorus bomb af

  56. Tyler Trish

    I promise you there's times I'm not so sad.

  57. TotalBlank

    Fucking eh this is good. Every time this fucking guy screams and sings.. it feels so fucking familiar and fresh at the same time and everything is so damn catchy you just want to smash your head against the fucking wall and go ballistic listening to this shit. So sick!

  58. Thom Diddy

    This song is sick!!

  59. Five Five Six

    This is the best metal album of the year thus far.

  60. Simon Laurendeau

    Can anyone help me find tabs or at least chords for this? Im struggling really hard when trying by ears....

  61. Paige Posey

    I've been only watching this album on repeat since it came out.

  62. Dishwasher

    At first: Aw yaas this is cute
    Two seconds later: *drops phone*.....

    Hell yeah

  63. Joe Ramash


  64. Fox002 3344

    Got to see them live at Rock of Allegiance tonight! Such a great band

  65. Mason Gustafson

    Damn Caleb bamboozled me lmao

  66. Caleb Register

    Parts of this song definitely sound like they could fit in with the DOOM OST.

    And as I type this, I see Rip & Tear in the recommended videos.

  67. James Bazen

    Ive been head banging so hard im now pissing blood

  68. Justin Lea

    Caleb is basically my hero, these grooves are filthy AF!

  69. Street Drummer

    Woah I jumped out of my seat. I thought it was acoustic!

  70. OfMooseAndMen


  71. Zeecar4000

    First time i have been scared by a scream in a long time, nice jump scare BT.

  72. The_Eternal_Darkness _

    Didn’t really get a head banging feeling from all the other songs

    This song...

    This song is OF THE GODS

    Ria Loves Sushi

    What about Bad Listener? :)

  73. Nathaniel

    Sickness is in season!

  74. KBIN

    ye got me there bud

  75. Austin Schiff

    these guys really need to be exposed theyre so good, im going to the show in minneapolis, nov. 14th

  76. David Šmehlík

    0:19 I think I've just shit myself

  77. ZeroOmens

    I started looking at the comments during the acoustic intro and was wondering why everybody was talking about Caleb blowing their ears out...until Caleb blew out my ear. Beautiful.

  78. Hayes

    Hard as fuck

  79. soft bean


  80. Matthew Hansen

    First time I listened to this I was like "damn this is mixed really low, I'll just turn my volume up" then Caleb started shouted and blew my pants right off. Great way to start off the album!

  81. Kyle Rebman

    First song i play in my car, thought my audio was fucking up and playing very low, and then... RIP my speakers

    Savage Dawgs Highlights

    Kyle Rebman same here lol thought maybe it was just a low audio recording so I kept turning the volume up and then bam, deaf!

    Nelson Housos

    😂 oh but it was worth it tho, wasnt it

  82. Son Boku

    Thank you for releasing this album. Listening to Beartooth helps me get through all my hard times. ✌

  83. Joey Bingham

    Best song on the unbelievably awesome album

  84. Ray Q

    Shit the fucken intro was peaceful as fuck and out of nowhere a hear an animal screaming to my fucken Ear.

  85. Emerald Mack

    Listened to this as soon as it was released. Midnight Australia. Started this and was like, I need headphones as it was quiet and didn't wanna wake my girlfriend up. Started, and thought it was quiet, was like this is fucking good. Next minute Caleb starts screaming and I fucking jump out of my bed waking my gf up anyway 😂😂😂

  86. Felix Uhlig

    <3 <3 <3 idk how but Desease helped me understanding the music of your older songs and now i love them even more ! Deasease is in fact a masterpiece. My personal favorites are the harder songs but i love literally every single one

  87. Fuck off

    One of my fav albums of 2018

  88. Juliana Mariz

    I was like "oh is it my dream that they made an acoustic song" and then XABLAU "no bitch its not" freaking hell that scared the hell out of me, really enjoyed the song, not sure i understand what he was saying but cool, some parts i can see myself in

  89. Kermit The Depressed Frog

    The first time I listend to this song was on the bus yesterday. At first I thought it was going to be a nice, calm acoustic song, but no. When Caleb started screaming it gave me goosebumps. I love this album. Well done boys.

  90. Bertoof

    anybody else hearing that like scratching noise in the background @ 0:23 ?

    Lisbeth Hello

    Bertoof I thought you were messing around cause that’s when Caleb screams (around that time) but I did hear it 😂


    Well that just made me restart the song nice one lol


    if I'm not mistaken it's a sample from an AC/DC song. they smash a guitar at the beginning of the song

  91. Nau Gaming

    Kaget gua bangsaaaaattt

  92. The Musical Clover

    Whaaaaat??? Awesome!!!!

  93. rocknroller 418

    *cuts volume up thinking it's on low*

    Cinema Kid

    rocknroller 418 Both my friend both.

    Micah Reinhart

    It's one of THOSE songs


    Happy to know I wasn't the only one



    Angelita Saez

    I jumped when he screamed in my ear

  94. Mark Plavecki

    Hands down fav song and most relatable

  95. Max

    Unreal breakdown

  96. Noddy Nuff

    that same cringey tone in his voice, is his friends too scared to tell him? city lights crush these guys so hard.

    Pat B

    Noddy Nuff this guy*

    Joey Bingham

    In your dreams idiot

    robie cavins

    Turbo virgin.


    Fuck off, would you?

    Noddy Nuff

    +mSaOW if they were really his friends they'd say, dude you sound exactly the same on every song and your lyrics are really clichéd and formulaic, maybe try something a little different. I know your all about cashing in and you've found this niche little market, but your holding the rest of the band back. - Oshie

  97. Noddy Nuff

    fancy having all those good voices in the band and all we hear is this guy again! fucking hell he must love that annoying sound of his own voice! fuck off mate you've lost me!!!/

  98. FreeFalling Air

    Amazing album!!! Was so excited seeing it drop. N yeah the beginning got me too haha

  99. Jason LovesABR

    A bit of I Have A Problem vibes.

    Jack Cravford

    No riffs, like i have a problem. No vibes. This is just other track. I'm getting radio vibes lol.

    Andrew Nathan

    rhythm wise

    Jonathan Wittenmyer

    Agreed bro

    Karina Baritella

    I agree. I really like it, though.