Beartooth - Fire Lyrics

Save your breath it's all turning into static
No chance you're winning this fight
Kill the lights and let's do a little dancing
Hope you came here ready to die

Sink a little lower
Get a little higher
Finger on the trigger scream ready aim fire

Sink a little lower
Get a little higher
Finger on the trigger scream ready aim fire

I'm running out of answers, I've lost my head
I've pushed all of your buttons and you want me dead
Tossing and turning and blowing smoke
Hope you're ready for revenge 'cause I've had enough

Sink a little lower
Get a little higher
Finger on the trigger scream ready aim fire

Sink a little lower
Get a little higher
Finger on the trigger scream ready aim fire

Save your breath it's all turning into static
There's no chance you're winning this fight
Kill the lights and let's do a little dancing
I hope you came here ready to die

You're running out of time and your voice is blown
You've lost all of the power now you've lost your home
I make the decisions I chose my path
I'm sending you to hell and I won't look back

Sink a little lower
Get a little higher
Finger on the trigger scream ready aim fire

Sink a little lower
Get a little higher
Finger on the trigger scream ready aim fire

Save your breath it's all turning into static
There's no chance you're winning this fight
Kill the lights and let's do a little dancing
I hope you came here ready to die

Finger on the trigger scream ready aim fire

Save your breath it's all turning into static
There's no chance you're winning this fight
Kill the lights and let's do a little dancing
I hope you came here ready to die

Finger on the trigger scream ready aim fire
Finger on the trigger scream ready aim fire

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Beartooth Fire Comments
  1. Aurora_Boketto

    ..3 seconds in
    Oh nO I'm screaming with them now 😂

  2. wolverine 2469

    This song was CRAZY live!

  3. Lyndsey Collins

    they played this at the show I went to and I'm telling you- I was most defineatly NOT ready

  4. Brittany Lessard

    This song Live is fuckin BOMBB. 😩👌🏻

    Hadybala Oficial

  5. Carloshll726

    A lot of good songs on this album!

  6. kenna stout

    This song is what every dad thinks of his daughter's bf

    Hadybala Oficial

  7. kenna stout

    I'm sending you to Hell and I WON'T LOOK BACK

    Hadybala Oficial

  8. Aspraen24

    The guitarist is a flawless savage

    Hadybala Oficial

  9. Erica Destatte

    Back of the line caleb

  10. wolf argo 44


  11. Midnight Mystery

    Best song on the album!

  12. Aaron Corriveau

    Every song i can feel the words move me. This band is amazing. Krep up rhe good work

  13. Charlie Dixion

    Keep adding to playlist

  14. Greg The Flying Whale

    for me all the songs stand above the middle. but fire is actually really catchy!

  15. Cody Mckinley

    I just came from takeover saying i hear trapt in the chorus now i hear trapt in the chorus to this song lol wtf

  16. Greg The Flying Whale

    If you would give me a choice to say top 10 Beartooth songs or choose to shoot myself I would choose to shoot myself. Because they are ALL EQUALLY FUCKING AMAZING!!!

  17. Wildu

    This song is fire.

  18. Lean A

    Dude, that is so fucking metal, I can listen it 24/7 and don´t get bored

  19. Stan Alien

    this song deserves a music video!!!

  20. Nyvia

    This song makes me want to get into a fight with a super toxic cunty person

  21. Matthew O'Donnell

    10/10 its ok

  22. Јована


  23. Scarlet Reign Artworks


    And damn, I broke the repeat button...

    Angelita Saez

    Dammit, dude

  24. Michael Birdsall

    This sounds Western as fuck.

  25. wolf argo 44

    who else has a concussion from listening to this song head-banging

  26. Adam Fowler

    This is such a flawless sounding album...every damn song on it is catchy as can be. Definitely on it's way to be a classic.

  27. britt vdb

    I think i broke the replay button

  28. Peter Ziegler

    Got vip passes in Norfolk Virginia and got to see them practicing this song live, didn’t play it but it was perfect on their practing session! Best song on the album!

  29. Logan Brown

    This song is amazing

  30. MemeSSJG

    *Kill the Lights and Let's do a little dancin*

  31. Alex Vince

    The font and the way the logo glitches around make it look like the Doom 2016 logo not complaing just pointing it out

  32. Carter Kirkpatrick

    Love the guitaring in this song

  33. Alexander Noun

    Fuckin' A production

  34. Skyhunter

    How did I only discover them now?!?!

  35. Koragh


  36. Bestnightcoreofalltime

    The Riff 😍

  37. felix s

    one of the best Songs ever. And this Refrain is so amazing!

  38. Kruzthewolf

    There’s no better feeling than peeling out of a parking lot with car speakers blasting this, windows down, right as the riff drops.

  39. GoRonan

    0:41 that guitar sounds the exact same as relapsing

  40. Marian Rissland


  41. Noaa s

    The whole album is fire🔥

  42. COVEN. ST

    80"s vibes in chorus here!!

  43. Christarose Byrd

    I saw this live twice and i died

  44. Project Gamer

    Love this song, my go to song in the gym at the moment.

  45. Aaron Gunvalson

    Just fuckin rocks 🤟🤟

  46. FreeFalling Air



    every peenus





  47. カレーはドラッグ

    This song is true rock.
    My brain is exploded.

  48. Ben Hartman

    best song and best album so far cant stop listening to this song

  49. christian canocano


  50. Mason Gustafson

    Imagine this song live... holy shit

    Devin Skillman

    it's amazing live caleb plays the guitar when they do this live

  51. Pat B

    Not a big fan of this song seems like a B track to me there’s nothing exceptional about it lol

  52. Joshua

    <3 --->, there no point Comparing songs. Guys a Lej simple.

  53. Yaboii Benji

    Why do I feel like this is a cover? The songs really fucking good I just feel like I heard the lyrics somewhere before

  54. Darb Yesmar

    So fucking good!!!

  55. John Johnston

    I've been with beartooth all the way . Most of their songs I can relate to my life. I honestly thought they wernt making anymore songs and when I found out about their new album I literally cried 😂


    I feel like Caleb would go crazy if he stopped writing songs

  56. mega man

    Ehhhhhh I was really expecting this album to be off tap just go back to aggressive and we will all be happy

    Zach Blackwell

    You'll be bummed to find that he doesn't make the music to make you happy.

  57. Stefan Schütz

    love this song

  58. Blessthesam

    This is fucking LEGENDARY!

  59. Liam

    this album is so fucking well made made every song is so damn good

  60. Sub Artica

    This band could never dissapoint me! Such an amazing song and album!

  61. Aylê Roqueiro

    AMAZING !!!

  62. Matthew Hansen

    "Kill the lights and lets do a little dancing, I hope you came here ready to die" for some reason every time I hear this I think of that scene in Mr. and Mrs. Smith where they find out that they're each others targets and have the awesome shootout in their house.

    Cinema Kid

    Matthew Hansen you sir are a genius.

  63. ILoveHerLikeBurnFire

    Mostly, I listen to Beartooth because of lyrics, not for music (instruments, in this case), because it's not metalcore, nor melodic death metals or what else. I hardly listen this genre. Lyrics are the best part of Beartooth. Only exception is their 1st album that is still number 1 out of all 3. Musically satisfying and not over produced vocals. Biggest fault of this album is same as with the Aggressive...vocals.

  64. Charlie Ambrose

    I love how this is everybody’s favorite song because it actually is Beartooth. The rest is a bunch of pop punky bullshit. Total disappointment in this album

  65. Zirathel

    Caleb keep doing what you're doing, please
    You are great♥

  66. Joshua Silva-ponte

    i love this
    but i'm suprised nobody is complaining that there's a lot of cleans in this album (which is nice)


    Joshua Silva-ponte I know thank god. People usually get pissed when bands don’t make an exact same sounding album to a popular one that came before it

    Pasquale Martino

    The combination of screams and cleans is perfectly displayed here

    Sahar Aruk Bissong

    I think they balanced screams and cleans nicely

  67. Lee Rochester

    Sounds like a shot has been made. Your move Mr.Tuck and BMFV. BAHAHAHAHA!

  68. olaffub llib

    Am I the only one that likes Disease the most?

  69. Badou lam

    There’s a fall out boy vibe in it I love it

  70. Dora Toth

    This new album brought me back to life

  71. Britanny tapia

    Why dosent this have more views??

  72. Bodatot

    Fuxk I'd die in the pit this would cause.

  73. Ash Draws

    Hell yeah. Already in love with the new album, sick job as usual, Caleb.

  74. Týnuš

    Fuck.. I love this! 🖤

  75. Danielle S

    Loveeeee it 🖤❤️🔥🤟

  76. Brayden Palmer

    Damn.. this album is such a let down.. it's so corny and extremely cringey. I am all for change, but I just think this is extremely weak compared to disgusting and aggressive...
    It just sounds generic and I dont feel the emotion and "depth" from this album like I did with the first two albums. Especially disgusting... but that's just my opinion.


    Respectfully disagree. They tried something different and many people love it. Might now be as raw but if you want raw go listen to Disgusting. This album is amazing in my opinion.

    Dig Deep

    In no way, shape or form is this corny or cringey. It sounds like Disgusting and Aggressive mixed. It has elements from both albums. And I'm assuming you think it sounds generic because it's not as heavy as Disgusting or Aggressive or the Sick EP. Which is wrong. This album is very deep. Did you not listen to the lyrics? Caleb even said himself this was the hardest record he's ever written emotionally. People change and since Caleb is Beartooth, the music will too. It's kinda funny when people hate when a band changes their sound or gets "softer" or adds singing. They're making music that they like. Music they feel. Not for all of you. Which doesn't even apply to this situation. This is by far Beartooth's best album. Took elements from every previous release and added it to this one. There is more singing yes, but the heavy ass groovy breakdowns are still here, the fast riffs are here and he's still screaming and singing. Don't see what's wrong.

    Zach Blackwell

    @Jack Cravford What about you? If you knew anything about the band you'd know that Caleb makes the music as a way for him to deal with personal shit. He doesn't make it for you.

    Jack Cravford

    Hahaha, disease is album for mainstream publicum, wake up. Autotune vocals, pitch connectors, so many cuts, no bass lines, flat instruments. There is no big track, only in Disease, that main single, i can hear a bass line. A bass line, you know what that is? A instrument, that was in every another track, like b-side singles "give it up, finish line, sick of it all".
    in this album, i cant hear bass lines. And you know what? This album Caleb doesn't make himself. There was other producers in every other track, so don't fool people around here.

    Sick / Disgusting caleb was making in his house. Not this.


    Look music is made through feeling Caleb wrote this album because of the way he was feeling and if you can't respect that you're not a fan you think everything is supposed to be catered to you? There are so many people who feel this on a high level, its pitiful that there are people like you who think one album is supposed to sound just like another one that's not the point of music, music is at an expression of ones mind.

  77. Jason LovesABR

    Got some Beaten In Lips vibes.

  78. Андрей

    ohyenno, pizdec nahyi blyat' !

  79. Damarco Santizo

    HANDS DOWN MY FAVORITE SONG, I find this song so bad ass

  80. Kyle


    Jay Cassidy

    Are you screaming this from the top of your lungs? Same dude.


    Jay's Corner  you know i am dude!! seeing them live in january

    Jay Cassidy

    @Kyle so lucky ;-;

  81. First person Shooter


    wait, that's the other song.

    Owen Carter

    scream ready aim fire

    Teric Scothern

    I'd love to see a Bullet and Beartooth collab one day. Maybe even a tour

    Alex De La Cruz

    they are BOTH 

    F I R E

    Dave Rennick

    Yooooo I forgot about that banger. BFMV had some fantastic tracks

  82. Adrimano

    My favorite one from the album other than the singles

  83. Hailey Strohm


  84. SamuraiGoldi

    You know, I wanted to make a bad pun, but this song is pretty lit, so I will not.

  85. Emily Cross

    Caleb is one of the most fucking talented people I know. He speaks from his heart and I appreciate him and what he does so much. Thank you for being there for me for the past 4 years. Started listening to you guys when I was 14 and jesus thank god I came across you guys. I'm seeing you guys tomorrow for the 6th time in Michigan and every time I'm at one of your shows I feel so content with myself and the happiest that I ever am. I love you guys so much and I hope one day I get to meet you talented badasses.

  86. Laura Kollarits

    Flawless. Thank you Caleb.❤

  87. Justin Smith

    my only complaint about this album so far is that the volume in the mix seems low , could be youtube upload tho /shrug

    Kevin Accettulla

    I have Apple Music and it's fine on there. Pretty sure it's just YouTube.

  88. Stijn van Lankveld

    one of the best songs they made yet, and that sais a lot

  89. Trent Wilson

    Another banger 👍

  90. Stefano Barba / WallMode Clan


  91. Víctor Alvarado

    So fucking good!

  92. Nathan Wolford

    0:00-3:27 is the best part

    Agustin Sutera


  93. Dig Deep

    Hands down best song on the album.


    Dig Deep ThIS alBuM is sO trAsh becAusE iT doEsnT sOunD liKE disGusTing

    Dig Deep

    @Jokke where and when the fuck did I say that? I love every song Beartooth has put out.

    Whiteleaf Arts

    I think Clever and Greatness or Death are my favorite. This song is next though.


    Your name is Dig Deep and you have False Idol's album picture as your profile picture. Holy shit I think I met my doppelganger today.

  94. Daniel Doomburton

    This song kills everything. Amazing and a true masterpiece! The new album is awesome. Thank you Caleb!

  95. Blikmin

    I'm currently taking a shit. I just realized the album came out, now I'm headbanging on the toilet. Happiest shit I ever took!

  96. Preston Phipps

    This track is pure FIRE


    How could you just look me in the eyes and say that?

    Preston Phipps

    @crazybro868 im cringy ik

  97. jordan zarate

    Max volume is not enough!!!!🤘


    Yes it is

    Braxton White

    SirAlpaca not if you’re Helen Keller.


    @Braxton White Fair play

    Midnight Mystery

    It's never enough!

  98. Wadeforce

    top 3 beartooth song of all time. The Lines, Body Bag, Fire.


    I recommend Enemy as well

    Collector Clout

    Ignorance Is Bliss and Burnout gotta be on there

    Erica Destatte

    Go be the voice beaten in lips and afterall

    Aussie Richards

    What about in between?

  99. Leonard

    Best Song of the Album