Beartooth - Disease Lyrics

If I fall again, will it be the end?
I know it's wrong
You think I'm strong but I just pretend
Is it taking over?
Will it bury me?
Or will clarity become the cure for my disease?

Stuck at the surface
Not making progress
Falling apart
Well I'm trying my hardest
Looking for answers
Finding a woe
Is their noose getting tighter?
I'm losing control

Will the end make me whole again?

It's like holding on
When my grip is lost
I still feed my insecurity
When I know the cost
Is it taking over?
Will it bury me?
Or will clarity become the cure for my disease?

I'm getting older
Still lost as ever
Thinking a smile while I bury the pressure
Why does this happen?
I should be fine
But I can't shake the feeling I'm living a lie

Will the end make me whole again?

It's like holding on
When my grip is lost
I still feed my insecurity
When I know the cost
Is it taking over?
Will it bury me?
Or will clarity become the cure for my disease?

If I fall again, will it be the end?
I know it's wrong
You think I'm strong but I just pretend
Is it taking over?
Will it bury me?
Or will clarity become the cure for my disease?

It's like holding on
When my grip is lost
I still feed my insecurity
When I know the cost
Is it taking over?
Will it bury me?
Or will clarity become the cure for my disease?
(Become the cure for my disease)

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Beartooth Disease Comments
  1. Timothy Dean

    This song sounds similar to Thrice's recent materials.

  2. Pale Guy

    That chorus bro 😨

  3. Angelita Saez

    Caleb: cure for my disease *spits out blood, calmly lays on ground*
    Me: boi, you spitting blood. Get off the floor and go to the doctors please

  4. Emmanuel Adviento

    He looks like Jared Dines

  5. Johngottisentme

    I've tried to get Into these dudes. I've listened to a lot of their songs...
    Theyre super ok

  6. UFA Semp

    Is he wearing a wig?

  7. Christopher Calhoun

    Gotta put my sound system back together because I cannot jam this beautiful masterpiece loud enough.

  8. Lauren Belladonna

    This song speaks to me on so many levels. I have SLE lupus. It completely envelops everything in my life; between complications of the disease and fighting off depression. THIS. Thank you for writing this! It speaks right to my soul.

  9. Jennifer Catano


  10. Kathryn Wilson

    By far the best live song 😍

  11. Joseph Doherty

    I swear to god the first minute of this song is a perfect anime intro.

  12. •Søphie Dear•

    My band teacher said we would drum to our songs that we choose

    I hope he's impressed when it happens

    A Day On Earth

    Awesome! Great song to drum to, have fun 😉

    •Søphie Dear•

    @A Day On Earth thanks!

  13. Filthy Phil

    I have heavy depression and this songs lyrics are exactly how depression feels. This is a song to show people who don't understand depression. Tell them to listen.

  14. Uhhmuk 1

    Cannot stop pressing repeat!

  15. Lil Street

    My cuz lost his life to heroin fly high fuck addiction

  16. Shg Arcay

    I've stopped listening to them for about a year now that I came back it gave me such feels ksjdkddjjdjdnd

  17. Lucas Heil

    Why would anyone dislike this?

  18. Vivian G

    Im soo happy i discovered this amazing band

  19. Idomar Luiz Pinto


  20. valsodar85

    📲*00212.645.75.23.01* *Whatapps*📲
    وجـدت💁‍♂️ كــثــيــر مـن الـتـعـالـيـق عــن تــكــبــيــر الــقــضــيــب وضــعــف الانـتـصـاب وســرعــة الـقـذف
    وأبــغــى أبـشـركـم😉 أنـي حـصـلـت عــلــى مـعـلـومـات مـفـيـدة✅ هـتـنـفـعـكـم كــثــيــر ومـجـربـهـا كـمـان ونــفــعــتــنــي🤩🥳
    تـواصـل مـعـي🙋‍♂️ وأنــا بــشــرح لــك سـر الــوصــفــة الـواتـسـاب *00212.645.75.23.01*📲

  21. choirul huda

    damn, I love this song!

  22. Ian Keating

    This is My favorite song of theirs.

  23. Official Rozaini

    Playing it at 2.25x is better

  24. 57deuceGaming !!

    Anybody else hear A Day To Remember here?

  25. RachelPachel

    This song f-ing rocks. God I love it!

  26. Brenden B-Beats Ballantyne

    Beartooth makes life so much better ♥️

  27. That One Weird Kid

    Why does every rock singer have a beard now?

    Adam Gontier
    Benjamin Burnley
    Brent Smith
    John Cooper

    Hairy bois

  28. Tyler Garriott

    Incredible song

  29. Allheart8705

    How could there be dislikes? I feel like this is a song that everyone would like

  30. BryllonStan

    I randomly found one of their shirts at Salvation Army this turned out to be a good idea


    BryllonStan lucky


    Who the hell would get rid of such a treasure


    @Miguel ikr like why would you get rid of a long sleeved shirt from a bomb ass band? People can be crazyyy

  31. zachary carl

    This Song Rocks, I haven't heard anything else by them but this is a Good Tune !

  32. Jenna Bieber

    This song is so good !!

  33. Dark Wolf

    I discovered this song on the hard rock music channel on tv

  34. Ryno Meyer

    How does this awesome song only have 39K likes? Like harder people!

  35. Tyrion Erikson

    Fucking awesome

  36. Neil Sangte

    Dang for a moment I thought it was Corey Taylor's voice..what a powerful vocals,I'm liking this bands old school style swell

  37. Coruco

    "Will the end make me whole again?" OMG this sentence is so fucking awesome.

  38. Clarity Cøw

    :3 my name is Clarity
    (Or will Clarity become the cure for my disease)

  39. Jon Liebelt

    fuck drake and rap man this what people need to listen to

  40. moody

    And it all started when I picked up the guitar 7 or 8 years ago. Otherwise I might have never gotten to listen to this insane album.
    All the way from fucking Green Day xD

  41. Greg The Flying Whale

    i mentioned this song in top metalcore breakdowns of the year!
    Check this out:

  42. Allheart8705

    But idk how ppl could dislike this, honestly, seriously.

  43. Allheart8705

    When u cummin out with a new album? Hurry man never been so stoked to hear a new Lbum

  44. Matt Blaze Raven-Flame


  45. Meowtoothproductions
    Started up my new channel!! Help a fellow tooth fan out!!!

  46. TheRedStoner MC

    Did beartooth have the lead singer from 3 days grace as their singer at one point? A friend of mine says so? I thought not but idek.

  47. Brittany Case

    My favorite song from this album!! Also reminds me a bit of Way Away from Yellowcard. Very nicely done!

  48. Katarina Chiogna-Solovey

    Everything about this song is orgasmic, holy shit. This entire album is an absolute banger.

  49. Sascha Kobus

    Awesome Beartooth music - sure. But somehow a/v seems out of synch / matching badly. Or am I alone with this weird feeling here?

  50. DEZ47 ez

    This is probably the nicest song they've made in my opinion.

  51. Naughty Monkey

    These guys are playing locally in a couple of weeks so I looked them up. Google describes them as Hardcore Punk. Yep, they're right up there with Black Flag and Misfits >:(

  52. Bleeding Kraken

    God this song is so fucking good

  53. GiantTortoise

    haven't listened to this band in years, this song caught me off guard

  54. Chiko was here

    I first heard this and thought that Adam got back together with Three Days Grace. 😫 Oh well, at least I found a great band that I've never come across before.

    Kevin Luper

    What? How does this sound anything like that?

    Chiko was here

    @Kevin Luper The beginning, that's all I heard on the radio and I thought that it was TDG

    Kevin Luper

    Eh, I guess I see where you're coming from.

  55. Heather sherry

    I so can relate

  56. Jessica Black

    Fucking LOVE this song. And this band. Can’t wait to see you guys again 🖤

  57. 100 subscribers with no videos challenge

    I like this song alot at this time, i feel like I'm going crazy, and at this point I'm not sure. The thoughts i have are so scary, everyday i wake up with pains in my stomach. I'm just waiting to go crazy because i don't know what else it would be, thank you shomo for not letting me feel as alone

  58. Pedro Oliveira

    first album from beartooth that i listen for real!!! keep going on guys, u rock

  59. Carlos Erminio de Matos

    Que isso mano.

  60. Bavariannem3sis

    I fucking love this song so much. It's me and my best friends song. The lyrics are so powerful. I literally feel every range of emotion when listening to this. I recently broke up with the Love of my life almost two months ago, and this has been the one song that really motivates and makes me feel. I listened to it last night, ballin my eyes out, screaming the lyrics in my truck. Everytime I listen to this, I see her face and make a silent promise to be the best I can for myself and her, even if it takes a lifetime. Love this song, love the message it sends.

  61. Patrick WombleCat

    has this group ever come out with a bad song? I swear ill never stop listening to these guys as long as they're making music. holy cow.

  62. Lorenzo Flores

    I wanna be able to move past my mistakes because unfortunately im only human and no matter how bad i want to be perfect i wont be.

  63. Lorenzo Flores

    I just wanna live a good life free from drama and negativy and fear

  64. Lorenzo Flores

    My anxiety leaves my feeling hopeless i just wanna know that im not the only one.


    you aren't for sure :)

  65. Lorenzo Flores

    This song gives me hope that im not the only one going threw something..

  66. get scared_ at my chemical_disco

    HELLS YEAH BITCHES!!! 😫*scream face*

  67. Jami Ludwig

    Caleb 🤤🤤 you’re so hot 🥵


    My mind is this loop too bro.......I know how you feel.....I am tired of the pills. I am so weak, but I have God to thank into convincing me to stay alive.

  69. Głïtčhęd x 3d

    These guys are amazing live.

  70. Kokesmush

    1k people are stuck at the surface, not making progress

  71. Bradley Winton

    0:50 when you get rejected

  72. Im dork

    I get so sad.because I wanna go to there concert. :(

  73. Wheezy

    lmao this is a good example of a band thats ruining metalcore, have a listen to this shit and then go listen to Shogun full album by Trivium or Shadows are Security by As I Lay Dying, then tell me how much better the instrumentation is and talent is in those bands compared to this garbage

  74. SomeWhiteGuy

    Can't wait to see these guys at iMatter

  75. Adrianna Moore

    This is lyrically amazing ❤️❤️❤️

  76. Matt

    Drove 4 & 1/2 hours to see you guys in Ottawa last week on the second day of the tour. Was the best concert of my life, with amazing crowd energy. Couldn't not throw down thrashing the whole time & surprised i'm not concussed.
    Just wanted to thank you for being so real with your music & never holding back the energy. 2017-18 i was diseased under depression, pressure of duel degree enrollment, loss, & self hate tied to my orientation & had made attempt on my life. Your music was significant in getting me through the worst of that shit & keeps me moving.
    Just wanted to thank you & the band & give good luck for the rest of the tour. Never stop doing what you do, whatever that may be, & never stop crushing it.
    Cheers Beartooth

  77. Pinner Facku

    This hit me pretty hard... :'(

  78. Caleb Lorance

    Attack attack keyboard guy fo lyfe

  79. Tim Anderson

    faaaack ya.

  80. Job Newton

    Heard this song after work on the radio lol. Searched for it for like 2 hours finally found it damn worth it.

  81. Chicken Nugget

    I was in the car and I heard this and I was like.
    *_wowza better look this up_*

  82. gladstone silva

    Amazing song \,,/

  83. Sammy The Bull Martin Studios

    You bitches heard this first on 89X muthafucka!

  84. Oliver James

    Anyone else think he looks a bit like kianu reeves

  85. Allheart8705

    He’s came along way from linkin Park

  86. Paul DeGrado

    Stupid cunt

  87. 2moe4um8


  88. Odinkarr the Viking holy guys are fucking definitively made me a new fan

  89. Chuco

    Hey I might sound stupid I’ve been away from this music scene for a while now, but I have an honest question.
    Since when the fuck did Red Bull have a record label ?!

  90. Loyd's LizardsIII

    Made one real friend in my time of moving back and fourth between two schools. He introduced me to this amazing band. His life has since taken a huge downward plummet. But I know without even having to ask that he jams out to these guys everytime I can't say enough to make it better. 👌


    Don't know if you listen to country or not, God knows I hate mainstream country. Listen to Nose to the grindstone by Tyler Childers. Hits the feels like this song, just slower. Keep your head up on this fucked up ride thru the cosmos.

  91. ganondorfchampin

    Since when did people start using "hardcore" to refer to the metal version of modern pop?

  92. Sam 1998

    Description: finding a woe
    Lyrics that comes with the album (CD): finding a rope
    Which one is it? :c


    I think someone from the label writes them in the description, rather than the band itself. Rope makes sense to me because they talk about a noose. The lyrics also say 'thinking a smile,' but faking a smile makes more sense.

    Sam 1998

    highsmith20 Indeed! Also, I believe that in the acoustic version you can actually hear him say ‘rope’, rather than ‘woe’

    Sam 1998

    highsmith20 I didn’t even notice it saying ‘thinking a smile’😂


    @Sam 1998 😂😂

  93. Deadidolizedpoet

    1:23 well we aint gettin younger that's for sure! Great song!

  94. Dirik619

    sold out...sadly

  95. KosyKruptioN this song

  96. Itchy AMVs

    Perfect example of what music should be like 🔥🔥

  97. acmromano

    When I first heard this song, for a minute I thought the singer sounded like the ex singer of Three Days Grace, I said maybe he joined this band 🤣