Beartooth - Censored Lyrics

Who knew bliss was such a risk
All the thoughts I have I'm too scared to express
Unless they're gonna fit the mold of some critical prick

Stay away, decay
Before I go insane just
Stay away, decay
Before I lose my mind today

I won't turn and look away
When it's all you wanna see
No one's ever gonna censor me
You're the coward, you're the thief
And that's all you'll ever be
No one's ever gonna censor me

I'm insane I know I'm sick
I have a twisted mind but I learn to live with this viciousness
And I think I'm loving every second of it

Stay away, decay
Before I go insane just
Stay away, decay
Before I lose my mind today

I won't turn and look away
When it's all you wanna see
No one's ever gonna censor me
You're the coward, you're the thief
And that's all you'll ever be
No one's ever gonna censor me

Are these metaphors too much of a risk
Well this spit on my lips is venomous piss
I hope it leaves your brain burning for hours
Now turn your moaning down, crank this music up louder

Crank this music up louder

I won't turn and look away
When it's all you wanna see
No one's ever gonna censor me
You're the coward, you're the thief
And that's all you'll ever be
No one's ever gonna censor me

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Beartooth Censored Comments
  1. Meko The Freako

    What a balltearer! 👌🏻

  2. Astril Codex

    Officialy my theme song

  3. t_buddha

    This is the badass lovechild of Slipknot and Atreyu (that’s a good thing)

  4. Shannon South

    Are these metaphors too much of a risk
    Well, this spit on my lips is venomous piss
    I hope it leaves your brain burning for hours
    Now turn your moaning down, crank this music up louder

  5. wulfive

    Lines are blush in the between of songs
    Shit what kind of grammar of this
    I can't
    English not my native language
    And this song is too good for thinking
    O.o that ending

  6. Person Who

    It took me a little while to realise they were saying no one's ever going to censor their ideas and thoughts, once I realised that, this became my favorite song and one of my life quotes

  7. Fox002 3344

    Can someone suggest any other bands like this if there are any?

  8. Kyle Abbott

    I actually dont care for this song by them.

  9. Jason Becerra

    This song fking pumps me up at the gym 🔥👌

  10. delete

    venemous piss

  11. JockoLock Oficial

    2:35 It seems aggressive

  12. League of Kumdie

    im ready for the next album

  13. Isaac D'monte


  14. hatredcadaver


    Person Who

    Septic_Blue _Syra check the description of the song

  15. mara125

    Cz ? :d

  16. Side Effects

    Good music to run to. His high vocal outbursts remind me of Jordan Buckley.

    Person Who

    Side Effects it really is, I listen to this whenever I run or work out

  17. ImBlues

    "No ones ever going to scissor me" xD misheard the lyrcs

  18. Ambition COD

    Holy shit this song is so badass...

  19. Jonathan Bouthillette

    That main riff makes me cream my pants

  20. Drew Amor

    No one's ever gonna scissor me

  21. Jaxx

    Its confirmed, For every 1000 ppl, there are 30 that are deaf

  22. Danny Boi

    When they said crank da music up, I cranked it up to beyond max

  23. Tuti

    *attempts to turn music up, and realizes it's already at max volume*

    Mir Kid

    TUTI 21DERP just did that too!! UGH!

  24. Cityz3n

    every beartooth song is their best song

  25. anhel

    Not disgusting at all.

  26. Justin Williams

    thank everything holy that Attack Attack disbanded

  27. koscsa6


  28. cobra-gladiator

    23 people were expecting bleeped out curse words.
    23 people were disappointed.

    Alex Quezada

    Those 23 po people admit by liking this comment!!

  29. Pussy

    Can't find the uncensored version anywhere :'( !! ha

  30. Esteban

    #WWE Music Group

  31. Marcello Sandoval

    1:40 "Stay Away You're Gay!"

  32. Darius Gulla

    Is there an uncensored version of this?


    how tf is he an idiot?

    Erebos Mikaboshi

    Its obviously a joke

    Lukas Lippmann

    Nice one :D

    Alex Kersey

    It's a fucking joke

  33. Closed

    I cant make the music louder, my speakers are full blast!

    Serhat Koç

    Then be closer to your speakers B-D
    (Take care of ur ears too of course)

  34. david joost


    King Skully

    lol I'm called Woolfy..

  35. bxrderlineghxst

    me @ YouTube's new demonitization bullshit

  36. Taylor Smith

    No one's ever gonna scissor me?

  37. Jared Anderson

    Brags about not getting censored.
    Doesn't swear once in the entire song; not even at the end.

    Alex Blacrow

    Hes religious I'm pretty sure. Not hardcore like Matty Mullins but he never curses from what I recall from all his albums.

    Mason Thompson

    Jared Andeson Well the commentary of this album he curses quite a bit.

    Derrick Ellis

    I was gonna say. I do appreciate how all of the songs are free of swearing

    Person Who

    Jared Andeson he is talking about how no one will ever censor his message, as in he won't be limited to what others want said, censorship isn't limited to swearing

  38. OneSippyBoi

    anyone know a band that is just as good as these guys? im lookin for more music

    Alexander Acevedo

    Actually I was just listening to the Stick To Your Guns EP from this year and parts of it reminded me of Beartooth so now I'm jamming this lol

    Charlie Stephenson

    Black Veil Brides, My Chemical Romance, Of Mice And Men, Misfits, Bring Me The Horizon, Black Sabbath

    Matthew Lopez

    ADTR obviously is a good start

    Jan Neumann

    Comeback Kid are insane

    Comment Police Unit 12 Grade A

    Blake Stevenson For I prevail I would say to only care for lifelines, which is amazing. Trauma is just meh. It’s mellow and therefore it’s more popular but if you’re a big beartooth fan you won’t like it that much.

  39. Ethan Hittle

    No ones ever gonna censor me

  40. islapusillybitach

    sounds like smile in your sleep

  41. Patrick Hughes

    still my all time favorite band!! love you guys

  42. Doublee

    it sounds like he doesn't like George Takei lol.

  43. Billy House

    no one's ever gonna scizzor me!

  44. Disaster Peace

    The intro has like a Sevendust feel to it

  45. Bluey

    "No one will ever Scissor me!"

    Doge The 2nd

    God damn you

  46. fartswallower666

    This is like Every Time I Die but mixed with lots of fucking terrible music. This shit is for little kids and i think it gave me AIDS.

  47. Tyler Macro

    Love this. Sad I hadn't heard of this band sooner!

  48. Woanders One

    Caleb did it again. He is a screaming Beethoven.

    Kirigaya Kazuto

    Woanders One yes


    Screaming Beethoven..dang. That's one way to put it hahaha

  49. MrD3sTr0

    I actually felt something new around 0:17

  50. JimmyRevSulli

    so are there any good songs on this album?

    Blu Cabrera

    +TalentlessBrony123 sure dream about how you'd rip me to pieces. I'd like to see you try. what will you use? your magical pony magic to help you? not even in your dreams. literally the brony community is cancer. I could understand if you're a 5 year old boy. you're still a part of the target audience. now I'm gonna stop replying. idk if im interrupting your my little pony fap off time or your fanfic reading time but I'd not want to keep you from such cancerous activities.


    i like how this went from me not liking this album to personal attacks

    Kamila Biernacka

    that's exactly what I thought, I love Beartooth, but this album is just bad


    Not the best, yeah, but I like the melodic approach to metalcore. I'm not one of those people that wants something new every time, and I'm okay with the songs in an album blending together if the album still sounds different from every other metal album, which this one does. Bottom line is this isn't the best, but is still WAY better than average.
    I forget the name of this one band, but everyone seems to like them. Every song I've heard by them is awful. There's an 'A' in there somewhere. That's the story for pretty much every new metal band I've heard in a while, so this is actually a welcome change.

    *Protip: If you think these guys are bad, go listen to Simple Plan and then come back and tell me they're still bad.

    Tanya Descenzo

    This song is great

  51. Lucif

    I like it.

  52. JandR stunts

    By far their best song yet.....
    Cant wait to see them live in December

    Melo Hardcore

    i saw them live with BMTH and you will not be dissapointed this band is sick live very very good!

  53. Jordan Ferguson

    I just want to mosh

  54. Shadow Dragon Productions

    "Are these metaphors too much of a risk? Well, this spit on my lips is venomous piss."
    Uhh... Caleb? Buddy? You okay? I-I thought you said you were a Christian... What do those lines mean, then?


    So was I, I saw the words and referenced a song

    Shadow Dragon Productions

    Respect, bro. And I know the song you referred to.


    Great song, but so are all of their songs, so thats not saying much

    Shadow Dragon Productions

    Yes, yes, I agree.

    Comment Police Unit 12 Grade A

    Shadow Dragon Productions Christianity is never going to censor him. He’s not that religious.

  55. Maumau

    ficou massaaaa 💀

  56. TheRecklessGunner

    If it gives you goosebumps, then ITS A DAMN FINE ALBUM

  57. Hoot_Scoot

    it sounds like "No one’s ever gonna scissor me!"

  58. Balls Dick

    If you like Beartooth check us out

  59. Nieznany Inne

    i love your music !

  60. chris palazzo

    yes finally

  61. Isaac Cathey

    Fucking incredible. Been waiting a long time for this album and it's been 100% worth the wait

  62. Aaron Poole

    Best. Breakdown. Everrrr.

    Balls Dick

    Yeah it's just like the lines

    Cody Pond

    The whole song is like The Lines. Sort of.


    +Cody Pond true but the lines was an amazing song and so is this one

  63. Chris Szymanski

    Are these metaphors too much of a risk well this spit on my lips is venomous piss I hope it leaves your brain burning for hours now turn your moaning down crank this music up louder. i get so hyped to this part and mosh where ever whenever i hear this part.

  64. Luka Wallace

    But... Does it Djent??

    Kurt Schawacker

    I mean there's notes on upbeats, but no.. it does not djent.

    Gino Gualtieri

    +JMD1337 i dont think anyone that still does minecraft lets plays would understand up-to-date memes


    +Gino Gualtieri well mr. Up to date. If you look, the last video I uploaded was two years ago. I honestly forgot they were still up

    Dark Angel

    sadly not but jared does

    Mvtthew Cvrlson

    I could tell from the start of this comment that there would be Jared and Rob fans here lmaooo

  65. I am Ghostie


  66. Laura Bačić


  67. Anskotans

    yeeesss (reaction to being a early viewer and the song)

  68. This reply will be useless but here it is anyways:

    Im pretty sure i had an orgasm during that breakdown.

    Víctor Alvarado

    Same haha

    Captain Blaubär

    made my day xD

    Jonathan Bouthillette

    Same with that main riff

  69. Bombs Are Butts

    I feel like this is gonna be their baby on the new album. Fucking rad!

  70. ForSak3n Huntsman

    i bought the album and i still watch the video anyone else?

    M8ey McM8

    yeah, but he lives in my town and I know him through our high school marching band

    Brandon Babcock

    Did you stalk my profile or did you just coincidentally find my comment in the thread?

    M8ey McM8

    I was streaming the album and I looked at the comments and your name was close to the top. Purely coincidental

    Tariq Hasan Anjan

    bought on csgo :3 and still here xD

  71. Dante Williams

    Good song *-*

    Dante Williams

    +Ács Máté K .-.??

    Mate Acs

    +Dante Williams KK

    Dante Williams

    +Ács Máté kk que?? que pedo :v

  72. Baptiste

    I LOVE !

  73. petesolete official

    love the new album. it really speaks to you. haven't heard a song yet i haven't liked.


    My least favourite part of the album is the silence at the end of it.

    Jed Roberts

    +EpicMailPotato That's why you play it looping 😉

  74. Sarah Brunner

    Finally!!!!I feel like I've been waiting so long for this hahaha here's to overplaying another album and not getting sick of it, to killer musicians, and to resonating with every song🍷

    Conner Merry

    I feel your pain dude, i'm so fucking happy now!

  75. Lauren Reiter

    love it

  76. Kylle John Carbonel

    Cool ✖️❌✖️