Beartooth - Always Dead Lyrics

Losing it, get a grip, turn it around
No one here cares if you're running your mouth
I won't wait around til you figure it out
Dead, dead, you'll always be dead to me
Pointless ignorance, living a lie
Nothing but a parasite sucking me dry
Feeding on the weak waste of life
Dead, dead, you'll always be dead to me

No reasoning, no legacy
All the words you speak are pure blasphemy
Work your system, you’re nothing but trash
You belong in the grave never to be heard from again

Violence looking you dead in the eyes
Push it to the edge till you realize
Just another thing I will always despise
Dead, dead, you'll always be dead to me
Every word's putting you into the ground
Losing my mind when you make a sound
Gotta be an end, it's gotta be now
Dead, dead, you'll always be dead to me

Work your system, you're nothing but trash
You belong in the grave never to be heard from again

Dead, dead, dead
You'll always be dead to me

Dead, dead, dead
You'll always be dead to me
Dead, dead, dead
You'll always be dead to me

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Beartooth Always Dead Comments
  1. Adrian Rodriguez


  2. Memento Mori

    First song I heard from them. So good

  3. TJ Avagliano

    This song almost seems like it was written about the people who leech of the American welfare system

  4. tristananvilcaster

    Just saw them live again tonight in Atlanta with Knocked Loose, they played this, amazing show 😁🤘 Beartooth for life.

  5. Mikey

    1:05 bomb has been planted

  6. Alain Lyrette

    Fucking amazing song

  7. Austin

    i swear i can hear the bomb beeping..

  8. Alain Lyrette

    Beartooth have a new fan love that song.... discover this bands today

  9. Side Effects

    ETID vibes anyone?

  10. Alvir Latt

    This is literally just dead

  11. Inge Reijckers

    Best Music ever

  12. Madwolf28

    I died in the pit at Slam Dunk to this song but fuck me it was damn worth it. And I caught a set list! :D

  13. Magic Joe

    good grindcore album

  14. Danny Boi

    I always vision a dude in a flame war when I hear dis song. lul

  15. Trey Homan

    This is the best song of 2016

  16. Jen Bolton

    I haven't heard this song in an entire year, I'm so glad I found it again

  17. Jaco Slabbert

    Holy shit that breakdown!!!

  18. One-X

    1:05 Bomb has been planted.

  19. Brendan Pulda

    My ears have an erection

  20. Isaiah Zepeda

    Major Headbanger in the end

  21. Agent Oregon

    I dedicate this song to Trump. \m/

  22. Bmaster1001

    1:04 Bomb has been planted.

  23. David Hoyos

    I did a cover of this song!!!
    y'all Should check it out!!

  24. David Calderón

    Best song from a mediocre album

  25. whale noises

    i just looked up "dead" then went through multiple pages, and then found this, at 7 am, with my volume up pretty high

    needless to say i found quite the scare

  26. Kevin O'Brien


  27. Gaby Zambrano

    cant wsit to get punched in the nsoe to this tomorrow

  28. Sam Ringuette

    Kinda reminds me of a longer version of A.N.I.C. by Sum 41

  29. Jerky_Shake

    cant wait to see you guys tour this year!! ill be there! :)

  30. Disaster Peace

    That breakdown fucking slays

  31. Cody T

    Fucking ear porn

  32. Mary K Siqueira

    This sounds so koooool with nice headphones on .

  33. Albi Faizal

    dead part 2 (from disgusting album)

  34. james todoroff


  35. oh god

    I literally can't sit still listening to this.

  36. oh god

    0:41 Damn

  37. Tom Morin

    the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.


    The metal is the powerhouse of my cells

  38. Leonalda Sixkiller

    My ears fucking came! Ohhhhhhhhh

  39. nick42085

    disgusting: dead
    aggressive: always dead
    gross: still dead i guess
    mad: really really dead
    ew: very deceased
    slightly annoyed: ded

  40. legion Goth

    hahaha nice lyrics :)

  41. Jamie Antone

    this is trash



  42. TheRecklessGunner

    This song was fucking INSANE live LOVED THE SHOW SO MUCH

  43. Maarten Janssen

    Strong My Ticket Home vibe!

  44. Justin Washere

    I think these types of songs will do him better so he doesn't get so tired on stage

  45. sun fre

    Holy shit they really figured out their guitar tone on this album. It sounds huge

  46. Sreekanth Satheesh

    that outro kicks ass!

  47. SamuraiGoldi


  48. ThruRock

    My Ticket Home?

  49. acidexpierence

    album leaked holla

  50. FlagbearerHxc

    sounds like hardcore!

  51. LuisGraciano

    PLEASE mix that bass in heavier on the actual album. This song would be so much better with its heavy influence.

  52. Julia

    Seeing this live last night was fucking awesome

  53. Cami Jami

    Best one from this album so far

  54. Emily Rae

    This is what I've been waiting for, yessssssssssssss! :D

  55. spooky teej

    this has to be my favorite out of the songs they've released from the album

  56. Slam Daddy

    why only 2 minutes of perfection

    Kyle Rebman

    +it's kota love here it's a sequel to Dead from Disgusting, which was also around 2 minutes long. That could be a possible reason.

  57. NarukeSG

    1:25 such Turnstile

  58. Trevor Jones

    love how these guys and Architects are bringing back a more hardcore punk sound to metalcore that I feel current metalcore misses so badly

  59. Michael Gaona

    Love this <3

  60. ElGranticus25

    The mosh is real.

  61. blur 123

    Stray From The Beartooth

  62. Edward Rucks

    I love the punk rock feel!

  63. Cankaroga

    Love Thrash metal and this song reminds me alot of it

  64. Jeremy Nevins

    warped tour or...?

  65. suicide

    fucking awesome, can't wait for more

  66. dyliepoo

    That breakdown is the best I've heard in a long time!!!! Stoked for this new album!

  67. wumbo master

    *intensely frowns and scrunches nose while head banging*


    How did you describe my face during this song?!?!?! Holy shit!!!!

  68. I Has 3 Cray0ns

    Holy breakdown batman

  69. Darth Grant

    Love Aggressive, but this song doesn't do it for me until 1:34

  70. CaM12

    check out my first wakeboarding video

  71. Giovanni

    Never got the hype for this band. Just a copy/paste hardcore band with whiney screams and flat instruments -.-

  72. Loucura de publicitário

    Música boa é aquela que você nem terminou de ouvir e já decorou kk #BeartoothBR

  73. ScrewedForTheCentury

    I was in a circle pit during this song, it was so insane!

  74. Wedge 

    After being *sick and disgusting*... You end up *aggressive* as fuck when it comes to your health and cleanliness...

  75. jake wheat

    How does this music still exist?


    +jake wheat What?

  76. Christian

    On their next full length they will have a song called Even More Dead. Haha

  77. Carlos Téllez Díaz

    Beartooth got really fucking aggressive. Now i understand why is the album called like that... But i still love it.

  78. Giselle

    So far I'm liking this a lot

  79. Epicpiggy

    The background music is fricking fantastic but the screaming is a bit much for me!


    Ok yeah that sounds good ok I will thanks dude

    yam boy

    +Epicpiggy There's never too much screaming, what are you talking about?


    There is if you don't like the screaming rock! Rock music is fine screaming = no


    You'll probably get used to the screaming after a while, it's a bit of an acquired taste


    Ay, if you don't like screaming then check out Cannibal Corpse, they don't scream that much.

  80. Styg845

    I guess being dead wasn't enough

    Goodhue Games

    next album "still dead "


    It really wasn't!

  81. Gorm

    I feel like in this and agressive his voice is to loud or the guitar and shit is to soft and body agree

  82. DWB Oficial

    Tem BR aqui que ama essa Banda?

  83. Ivan Stoltz

    I think I've made up the 95,000 out of the 95,700 views...

  84. TheMarsilver


  85. Nick Arey

    Beartooth breakdowns are flawless

  86. Scott Drazdik

    I really like the way Caleb's vocals sound in this. His screams have evolved and gotten even better. So agressive and raw. They fit in the mix really well!! Killer track

  87. havoren

    Okay, so I just made a comment on "Aggressive" complaining on how it wasn't "aggressive" enough for me (ironically), and then I hear this song and I'm like.......are you fucking kidding me? This song is pretty much PERFECT as a hardcore song, it just goes to show that Beartooth has what it takes to write great hardcore music. If more songs off this upcoming album sound like this (throw cleans in there if you want, I don't fucking care), then I'll look past their first single and buy the fucking album. All in all, bravo! Looking forward to what comes out next!


    +havoren Aggressive was less aggressive in the music than the lyrics


    @Ass milk Yeah, I usually want my music to be aggressive or at least interesting. Beartooth was never interesting to me anyways so I guess I just have to deal with it! Sucks that I can't enjoy ALL music, preferences can eat my ass! :/

  88. Launchpad McQuack

    June 3rd for album, god damn thats a long time off lol

  89. Tevin P

    this song is the cure to cancer

  90. Chris Montero

    Back to the Future Pt.2

  91. Phoenix

    This is gonna be their best album yet!

  92. itiskyla


  93. Shelby Sprott

    Yassssss I can't wait for this album!! Love this and Aggressive!!

  94. Josh Grimm

    I like how this song has more of a hardcore vibe and doesn't have a catchy, hooky chorus like almost every beartooth song. I just hope this album has more diversity.

    kyle lang

    This is not hardcore this is called crap go listen to hardcore bands the cromags,pro-pain,Old Hatebreed,Agnostic front and so on

  95. I am Ghostie

    HOLY FUCK....

  96. Nintendodo64

    You know, it doesn't sound much different from the Disgusting... But I'm totally okay with that.

    Anal Vacuum

    +Nintendodo64 It has a heavier vibe. Less hardcore/punk and more metalcore.

    Lewis Addison

    +Anal Vacuum I agree


    Nintendo64. SHUT THE FUCK UP

    Kegan Gardner

    +Nintendodo64 It sounds a lot different


    +Anal Vacuum after listening to the other releases I'm gonna have to disagree with you

  97. Alex VanKirk

    I'm getting some late-90s hardcore vibes from this. It's awesome

    Brett Wodon

    Refused yo

    Brett Wodon

    Refused yo

    Alex VanKirk

    +Brett Wodon Fuck yeah man that's what I'm talking about!

  98. anaaliproteesi 666