Beartooth - Afterall Lyrics

I must be doing this all wrong
Should be happy but I'm searching for the voice I lost
Guess I'm just human after all
I guess I'm just human after all

I woke up with the same dark feeling
Head on the ground and my thoughts on the ceiling
Another dream where the light is burning out
I don't know what to chase
My hope is erased
I look at myself and I don't know my own face
I just got fixed and I'm already breaking down

How do I feel when my wounds aren't healing?
Why do I stop when I start believing?

I must be doing this all wrong
Should be happy but I'm searching for the reasons why
Puts my head in overdrive
I thought I had this figured out
I should scream but I'm still searching for the voice I lost
I guess I'm just human after all
I guess I'm just human after all

You're no good so get up and change it
The way you feel is a little outdated
You'll never change if you'd rather hear the lie
I don't know what to say
I'm never okay
I try to dig deep and there's nothing but pain
I'm singing my songs but the words just don't relate
(I'm singing my songs but the words just don't relate)

It's time to live when my wounds aren't healing
Why do I stop when I start believing?

I must be doing this all wrong
Should be happy but I'm searching for the reasons why
Puts my head in overdrive
I thought I had this figured out
I should scream but I'm still searching for the voice I lost
I guess I'm just human after all

There's not an ounce of hope inside of me
I wanna die before I fade away

I must be doing this all wrong
Should be happy but I'm searching for the reasons why
Puts my head in overdrive
I thought I had this figured out
I should scream but I'm still searching for the voice I lost
I guess I'm just human after all
I guess I'm just human after all
I guess I'm just human after all

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Beartooth Afterall Comments
  1. Lone Wanderer_41

    Who ever thumbs downed this fucking banger, your mom's a ho

  2. Dave O

    This is so A Day to Rmember. Damn guys

  3. Angelita Saez

    I feel like crying/screaming when I hear this song I don't know why

  4. Austin Boi

    The song is fucking awesome

  5. kushagra sharma

    I personally think this album 'Disease' and 'Thats the spirit' by BMTH deserve a fucking grammy.

  6. A Day On Earth

    They should bring that alien guy out during live shows! That would be pretty metal!

  7. Nicolas Muñoz

    Me encanta🤘🤘

  8. Alan Theus

    Tbh I need this song after all.

  9. Larry Barton

    I lost voice and someone lost a horse

  10. lautymex 1ARG

    Gracias a smite escucho este tema

  11. Zach Long

    We’re all just human after all.

  12. Julio Bloemenveld

    Sounds like ADTR

  13. Official Malonza

    Can't get enough of this song 👊👊👊

  14. Molly Whop

    I thought I was listening to a day to remember

  15. Mateo Orozco

    Smite smite smite

  16. brOOtal bananas

    2:20 😁

  17. King Truly

    Being white is hard these days especially with Trump cutting off all the single white men's EBT . very poetic some dead poet would be proud

  18. fama tod

    i was on instagram and see the ads,, then here

  19. Franco Valenzuela

    A day to remember🤔?

  20. Braeden Baker

    Is it me or did this sound like the singer in Mariana's Trench?

  21. Tomdeblink

    Just found this band, they are awesome!

  22. DropNinety

    Just a MASSIVE chorus

  23. Riii Yoks

    Make this album into csgo MusicKit

  24. Ilham

    beartooth and bilmuri should tour together

  25. The basics of Bodybuilding

    Loved it so muuuuch ❤❤❤

  26. Alexander Ivaylov

    a like for me we needed new rock bands

  27. Aidan Kintz

    Humans are jerks



  29. Elmanu alv:v

    Is this foo fighters?

  30. Dean is an epic lad

    Wow, eat me Caleb

  31. Lucidrequiem

    I like his headband, probably helps to keep his hair from getting in the way of all the cocks he sucks.

  32. mattymayfire

    I still don’t know why it touches me so much.

  33. Ethan Walters

    I thought it was Mortal After All?......

    Wait, sorry! Architects did that 😅

  34. Yayas Anggastya

    Feel like aliens

  35. Chris Callaway

    Now they’re gonna want to be building a wall around Area 51. Now that we have new beartooth, new city lights please!???

  36. Trashking_x

    me trying to interpret this music video: So like,, alien racism??? yeah?

  37. Medraut ✝️

    I miss you guys so much

  38. Nate Heller

    Me and the boys on our way to area 51

  39. Justin M


  40. That One Weird Kid

    Why does this video make me so sad

  41. Techformative

    Area 51 raid - The Aftermath

  42. xTRVSHx

    So weird to see the difference between Attack Attack Caleb and Bearthooth Caleb

  43. Nard Grice


  44. Bakin8er

    267 people don't have cars with over drive.
    This song is amazing.

  45. rzufig

    Damn they wen't from kinda-metalcore to kinda-emo-punk

  46. Realm23 X7

    I fu*kin love this damn guy's voice.

    Angelita Saez

    It's so good!

  47. Kars Landman

    This is legit an ADTR song, the vocals even sound similar (which is a good thing, these vocals are great!)

  48. Chomik

    Well... I love this song, and I'm happy to say that I can finally listen to this without fear or sadness. Couple months ago I lost my girlfriend due to depression an anxiety.. She wasn't able to understand me or the way I was feeling. Couple weeks after she was in relationship with one of my "friends"..I had a knife in my back and my heart, and I freaked out, i really wanted her back. My best friend became friend of them, and I did several stupid acts during being drunk. I lost everything I love, i wanted commit suicide, and once my boss in my job called emergency, to take me to the psychiatric hospital in fear I am going to do something very stupid.. I really wanted.. but

    It was 5 months ago since I am writing this. Now I can really enjoy this song, which..okay, it reminds me of these times, but this don't feel the same way. I'm not okay, and probably never will be, but I'm done with this. I've seen different side of this situation, I have a great girlfriend that appreciate the way I am, and don't judge me.. If you can't see the light right now.. Fight until you can see it. My story may be lame, but we all wounded anyway.. In our respected ways. Not every wound can be healed, but we can learn from it, and make ourself stronger. I am still weak, but I am going to change it.


    My wifes leaving me in almost the same way

  49. Nickolis Schaeffer

    1:57 Me and my Alien from Area 51

  50. Jorge R.

    Hard to believe he used to be in that emo / crabcore shit band called Attack Attack. For some people, maturing really comes in handy.

  51. thisissooolegit

    I’m just now seeing this music video and it’s awesome. The song even more so

  52. King Bat

    Is it weird that the alien brought me to tears?

    Megan McBride

    Not at all

  53. Jake Grenard

    This is great song and they’re a very underrated band.

  54. Diego Gutiérrez

    Nice sound!

  55. phillip Taylor

    I love this

  56. Noree A

    Fuck yeah!!!

  57. raw claw

    What happened to the hard stuff? I miss tracks like "ignorance is bliss"

  58. Paula Merrifield

    Great song guys!!! And of course, Connor hell yeah 🤘🤘🤘

  59. Cole Huffman

    *clever comment about dad having big speakers in the garage*

  60. Doc Brown

    I love this song. This is gonna be my son after I slap some aliens cheeks.

  61. Joe Denhardt

    They must've went to area 51 early

  62. ownedweezybaby

    Favorite song and band right now, dude

  63. shadow productions

    I love the end with the alien adobts a fish

  64. Amelia

    The aliens applying for jobs after we break them out of area 51

    Zorn tier

    Interviewer: what makes you qualified for this job

    Alien: dude I'm a fucking alien

    twich thehunter

    @Zorn tier funny

  65. maximiliano silva nambo

    Sin los malditos mejores los quiero siempre que estoy triste escucho su musica y me da esperansa para seguir sigan asi maquinas cracks titanoboas titanes

  66. Kenzo Pinchos

    so emotional song! what a feeling when i am listen to this song

  67. Duolingo Birb

    My dude look like he was in the Area 51 raid

  68. Ben Lastname

    So Beartooth is storming Area 51 too?

    Alexia Stone

    Hell naw😂😂😂😂

    Dead On The Inside

    *Yes. They are with us.*


    @Adam David me too lol


    Nah he already did it

    Prison Mike

    They already did since they "GOT THEM AN ALIEN!"

  69. Meowtoothproductions
    New channel!!! Help a fellow Beartooth fan out!!!

  70. Forest Sense

    I feel myself slowly fading

  71. Julia Schütze

    Aw I feel sorry for the alien :(

  72. Billy Williams

    Go look at Renob, Nevada by attack attack live. Caleb has went a long way!

  73. Lorenzo Moscato

    Goddamn those lyrics...feels for days.

  74. Volcom Train

    This sounds like a day to remember meh

  75. Dimly

    Mr alien buys a fishy and is now content and doesnt wanna destroy our whole planet

  76. ViruX

    I really like that poppy melody

  77. The RisingShadow

    i swear to god im the biggest fan !
    met these guys at VAINSTREAM in Germany got a signing and ask caleb for a photo, but the security guard interrupted and told me to move on: Caleb smiled at me, sayin he's sorry and we shaked hands: that was one of the best moments in my life! i feel every word, from every song, like it's written only for myself and i know some fans feel exact the same. That is only one answer i could give people which are asking me what my favourite band is <3<3

  78. Penguin Ace

    i thought there was going to be a deeper meaning but nope, just an alien fucking around

  79. robin avi

    Too bad most/some modern rock, or music in general, is turning to crap, tis sad that this comment comes from a kid if the modern age. But stuff like this, this is far from being crap, this is awesome stuff! Though is it sad, or bad, i keep replaying the same three songs from a band over and over? I think i may have a issue that i love so much.

  80. Gainz Warden

    I love this band so much

  81. Angelic Alien333

    This band is REALLY GOOD. I WAS BORN IN 1985. This is the shit that is modern and brings nostalgia to the table. Been a long time I can put an album on and 5, 6, 7 songs in a row are awsome. Very very rare these days. It's like 1996 all over again YEAH BEARTOOTH. WOLFTOOTH


  82. humanalien 001


  83. What what

    I would like to thank Octane on XM for getting me into you guys. Incredible stuff

  84. Mari Magh

    Beartooth foi uma das melhores bandas que conheci na vida.
    Mas esse último album não me agradou muito 🐻💔

    Alex Vinícius

    Esse álbum foi um dos melhores álbuns do mundo, e não sou eu que tô dizendo hein. Conheci a banda por meio dele, amo demais 😍

  85. ItsJust Jade

    ಠ﹏ಠ Love This

  86. Casey Lee

    I wanna be friends with the alien 😂 he seems fun

  87. Scott

    Is that a new drummer??

  88. Trasher _SKT

    A great song

  89. Wabane

    Poor alien

  90. Spencer James

    I like a day to remember

    hey woah

    Bear tooth, a day to remeber, same thing

  91. dbdaylights games

    awesome new song

  92. Joshua Goodman

    "I'm still searching for the voice I lost"

    An ironic line, considering this song is helping me find a voice in me I thought I'd lost forever.

    Thank you, Caleb.

    Kevin Luper

    I thought it was ironic because he said he should scream but he doesn't scream anymore.

    watch the world burn

    @Kevin Luper feel the song the way he singing, the lyrics, song its just not about Scream or screaming

  93. Pallid_Crow

    I'm mad at YouTube for not letting me know about this sooner. e.e

  94. Pallid_Crow


  95. Morgan White


  96. Claire Cottrell

    Favorite band