Beach Boys - Sumahama Lyrics

There's a lover's leap in old Japan
Where the lovers walk along the sand
Hand in hand at Sumahama
Born a lovely oriental daughter
Never ever having met her father
Asks some questions of her mother

Tell me tell me mama
Will you ever go again to Sumahama
Perhaps you'll find love there
Somewhere between the Earth the sky and water
There at Sumahama

In the autumn as the leaves are falling
One can almost hear the lovers calling
From the sea at Sumahama

Years have past and tears have long since dried
But no amount of time could hope to hide
A love so strong from Sumahama

Tell me tell me mama
Will you go with me back to Sumahama
Perhaps you'll find him there
Somewhere between the Earth the sky and water
There at Sumahama

Soko wa koi suru hitotachi ga [It's where the lovers]
Te ni te o totte aruita [Walked hand in hand]
Kireino shiroi hama [Beautiful white beach]

Itsu itsu, mama, Sumahama ni [When, when, mama,]
Itsu mata iku no [When will you ever go again to Sumahama]
Sugita ai o sagashi ni iku [Go searching for the passed love]
Umi no kanata, Sumahama [A long way off sea, Sumahama]

There's a lover's leap in old Japan
Where the lovers walk along the sand
Hand and hand at Sumahama

Sumahama, aki ni ki no haga chiru yo ni [Sumahama, like in autumn leaves are falling]
Sabishiku kanashii koi no uta [Lonely sad love song]
Sumahama no umi kara [From the sea at Sumahama]

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Beach Boys Sumahama Comments
  1. William Leazer

    Didn't Mike Love write this song?

  2. 大坂屋喜兵衛


  3. velotribes


  4. Pavement Pounder

    One of my favourite Beach Boys evocative, and underappreciated.

  5. GirlFromNippon

    My goodness. This song is SO incredibly beautiful, really ! <3

    You know what ?

    I'm glad I'm alive. :')
    Thank you, Beach Boys, for writing a song THIS beautiful.
    * sends hugs from the other side of the pond *


  6. dave pearse

    Such a beautiful sad song! When I first heard it, I thought the little girl was the daughter of a U.S. serviceman who had an affair with her mother, and they had both committed suicide, but the mother is still alive, so was the father also Japanese and committed 'hari-kari' with shame for getting his girlfriend pregnant?

  7. Stacey Sparkman

    Since I was 5 years old, in ‘66, I’ve been the biggest BB fan !!! A huge influence in my music 💛💚

  8. Spos Kanal

    I'm quite surprised reading so many nice comments here...
    When I listened to the Light Album and Sumahama came up, I just wanted to throw up. To this day I think it's most certainly their worst song. Mike's voice is as annoying as it was in the sixties, the Asian theme is awkward and overall the production is just kind of weird. And then that Japanese part, like what the heck?!
    And it's not even like I hate everything Mike Love put out, I can appreciate Getcha Back or the California Saga, but this, just no.

  9. Lasvegasman

    Best track from Light Album. Makes me forgive Mike Love for everything dumb he did during Beach Boys years

  10. Justin

    Perhaps the last great song Mike Love ever wrote. A very pretty ballad mythologizing a destination the singer longs to return to, very similar to Mike's magnum opus Big Sur.

  11. Jason Lee

    Mike love ..great Lyrics...beautiful song..

  12. 勇なきなり義を見てせざるは



  13. Leo Garto

    ☆Beach Boys
    Best of the Best

  14. Ron Keast

    It don't matter what language this is just plain beautiful music...RockinRonny

  15. R Shear

    This song is beautiful

  16. Mark Byers

    such a nice peaceful song

  17. Gabe William

    Dang didn't even know this song existed. Definitely a hidden gem.

  18. jon douglas

    great song from one off thew best groups

  19. Plxton

    Took me so long to find this underrated gem

    Definitely their most underrated track

  20. John Everiss

    A hauntingly beautiful song, in any language.

  21. Jason Lee

    written by Mike Love - he is talented...


    I reported this comment

    Sugar Ocain

    @kddo14 I have reported yours.

  22. Caio vaz

    best mike love song, along with "alone on christmas day".

  23. Derek B

    Such a cool song...Thanks.

  24. Frankie Lymon

    Is this the official american "Sorry" for the atom bomb??

    Steve Franklin

    Frankie Lymon we did what was necessary. War is hell. But dropping the the 2 bombs caused their surrender, and ended it.

  25. Walking Talking Jeff Meme

    5 people never went back to Sumahama.

  26. Bagawan

    The Best of RAINBOW - Forever

  27. Bagawan

    One of the best songs of Beach Boys...

  28. Brian McLaughlin


    Szilvia Borsos

    I hear it NOW for the first time AND it is the same with me !!

  29. GirlFromNippon

    I have heard somewhere on TV that Mike Love wrote this song for his Japanese girlfriend named Suma-ko he once loved... that he even asked her for her opinion on the lyrics.


    The Boy lived in Kobe for a while...

  30. Kaz Fleszar

    what a talent where do they get it from

  31. Kelly Marshall

    If Mike Love sang songs like this and Big Sur which demonstrate his songwriting talent in concert instead of shit like Summer in Paradise and still Cruisin', then he would still be respected by fans. Instead he chooses to sing the old car and surf songs augmented by the awful 80s and 90s crap produced and written without Brian Wilson.

  32. BLU Hawaii

    Another beautiful Beach Boy work. First heard them in 1964 which guided me to the paradise I live in today.... Hawaii.

  33. mp3man

    Yes, it's true, it's a hidden pearl from Beach boys, incredible what they did! This song, gets me into a paradise and it makes me cry because I can't get it

    John Everiss

    Most people's 'paradise' is beyond their reach, my friend. I'm very lucky to have found 'heaven on earth', it was just a garden with Spring flowers, about twenty minutes drive from where I am now. I would have cried if I'd been alone. The Beach Boys have given me a 'lifetime' of wonderful, wonderful music. I count my blessings regularly. If I couldn't hear, those joys I'd never have known. Keep searching for 'Joy ', it's out there in so many forms. Peace & Love. JE.

  34. Svein Ramberg

    A hidden Pearl from the Beach Boys! I love it !!!!

    belladonna nightshade

    it was a small hit for them , music was changing and wasn't as big a hit as it should have been

  35. 長房靖之

    This beautiful song must be informed, not for all Japanese but all persons who love Classic Japanese matters! Sumahama is one of the best Stage=board in Japanese Famous Classic Nobel, 'Genji monogatari'.  

  36. rodrigez gozalo

    This song with is lush production and heavenly constructed vocal harmony,takes the listener into a fantasy world and provokes the imagination to create vivid scenes and colours that along with the simple yet heart tugging lyrics,lifts them to to an emotional sensory level that brings tears to the eye.Forget 3D high definition surroundsound technocrap,if you want to feel, smell ,taste,and see paradise...then "hear" the Beach Boys.x 

  37. Michael Parrish

    Suma Hama is a beach in Kobe, Japan (yes the Kobe that produced Kobe Bryant's name).  It is not nearly so clean and beautiful and tropical as the ones in the pictures.

  38. tony quinn

    i know the japanese verse was disliked by some but in any language this is a beautiful piece 

    Michael DeFilippi

    @tony quinn what! who would dislike that? So weird. I love it.


    @Michael DeFilippi, the Japanese verses were very beautiful.


    Arigatoh(Thank you) so much for the compliment. :)

    John Everiss

    And in any language, Tony, there will always be people who cannot appreciate a beautiful song. Why even mention them, my friend, for time's running out. Peace & Love. JE.

  39. sandinyourshoes

    Goodness!  What a beautiful ballad!  These fellows made great beach music from the very beginning, but they just continued to get more phenomenal as time went by.  Their style during the 70s was so sophisticated, which made their 60s songs even more classic.  I also loved hearing the Japanese words to this beauty.

  40. luxyaltz219

    From the reviews I have read over the years I have always believed it was a tribute to from the Beatles to the Beach Boys ,there was mutual admiration and respect for each other from both bands .

  41. Jojoseahorse

    I heard that they had made friends with Mike Love through the Maharishi and he suggested they try the Beach Boy type harmonies. My then BF had suggested it might be a "Beach Boys mickey take" but I think "tribute" is more likely :)

  42. Jojoseahorse

    I bought this single in 1979; I still love it :)

  43. Kiran Baig

    3 Jordan

  44. roboneko77

    Sumahama means sandy beach in japanese

    the more you know!

  45. Jim Porter

    My word, the harmony here is almost electric in it's perfection.

  46. カラシニコフk

    I've been to shmahama once!!! I live in near Kobe city!
    and love this song.

  47. Carole Webbern

    stunning song...lump in throat especially thinking of family who died there...R,I,P,all..x

  48. あいうえおあかさたな


  49. TheYah00netstar

    One could still fall in love in the beautiful Suma Hama...

  50. Nigel Hill

    you are so right!!

  51. Andy Rodriguez

    An Awesomely Wonderful sound, then and now.

  52. Sgfireman Likedamn


  53. rock u


  54. 1950kanechan


  55. Bob Marshall

    Mike Love's best!

  56. K Ueda

    After watching the show, the their Japanese makes sense in the music. The portion may NOT made a sense to many of Japanese, too. We just liked tones.

    But it does make really good sense after listening to Mike's story.


  57. K Ueda

    It is amazing that this song is really relates to real beach in SUMA district of Kobe City, Japan. Many Japanese thought it was mistake and he meant SUNA-hama, which means Sandy Beach. So, SUMAHAMA is not a mistake, but real. (one catch, people do not call Sumahama, but Suma-Kigan. They may change soon)

    A Japanese TV program show, Tantei Night Scope, has confirmed with Mike in the summer of 2012. That is SUMA, not Suna. 探偵ナイトスクープ、凄い。感激した。

  58. ryouma239


  59. fbqsogxq


  60. Radomír Vatral

    miluju beach boys

  61. postiepimp

    a brilliant track

  62. luxyaltz219

    @89ANDRIX Perfect ...

  63. ANDRIX

    i love this sound. i love listen this song when i m seeing the sea from my house

  64. luxyaltz219

    @VOA1984 Go ..You ... VOA1984

  65. luxyaltz219

    @VOA1984 Glad you like the song VOA1984 . It's great that people of all age groups can appriciate the music that's gone before .

  66. TIGERLILY307


  67. yukarimikan

    Thank you!! :)

  68. Tbird Tim

    Sumahama is one of my all time favorite Beach Boys tunes. I just like it. It's a tune that tends to get overlooked, too. It's as valid to me as anything they've recorded since their heyday of the early-mid 60s.
    Thanks for posting.

  69. luxyaltz219

    @Javier23gol My take on that would be the Beatles adding a tribute to Brian and the Beach Boys and nothing to do with fooling Brian Wilson who was nobody's fool ( well except for a period with Mike Love and Dr Landy ) although taking the piss is a mutual form of respect with many great musicians and bands and you don't get any bigger than Beach Boys / Beatles ...

  70. Queenmarifamily

    japanese radio station radio kansai(
    jocr),station music

  71. Walking Talking Jeff Meme

    Last verse: Sumahama, aki ni ki no haga chiru yo ni (Sumahama, like in
    (autumn leaves are falling) Sabishiku kanashii koi no uta (Lonely sad love song) Sumahama no umi kara (From the sea at Sumahama)

  72. Walking Talking Jeff Meme

    Chorus: Itsu itsu, mama, Sumahama ni (When, when, Mama) Itsu mata iku no (When will you ever go again to Sumahama) Sugita ai o sagashi ni iku (Go searching for the past love) Umi no kanata, Sumahama (A long way off sea, Sumahama)

  73. Walking Talking Jeff Meme

    Sumahama, Soko wa koi suru hitotachi ga (It's where the lovers) Te ni te o totte aruita (walked hand in hand) Kireino shiroi hama (beautiful white beach).

  74. rouens

    i think it was mike love girlfriends name at the time

  75. luxyaltz219

    @jessesgirl1212 1979 was when I fist heard it on the LA album jessesgirl and love it to this day .


  76. Carla Smart

    Thanks for posting this. I haven't heard this song since 1979 and I always loved it.

  77. luxyaltz219

    @davidoades1 I cant really say davidoades 1 but am guessing there may well be ,Sumhama sounds so exotic and Japanese to

  78. luxyaltz219

    @CirSam Actually back in the ussr was a tribute to the beach boys and nothing to do with copying or stealing .It's not like the beatles who themselfs were great at harmonys, had to copy anything , or anybody .

  79. Dennis Deegan

    I had a chance to see the Beach Boys at Aloha Stadium in 1979. They played this and many other songs from the Light Album. I was stationed there in the Marines at the time. They also had the group Heart there and they were good but no where as good as the Beach Boys. I also saw them again in 1986 here in Fort Wayne IN at Memorial Coliseum. It was just not the same as when I saw them in Hawaii.

  80. goldreserve

    Wiki: Sumahama is not a Japanese word, although 'sunahama' is Japanese for sandy beach.

  81. miamidan51

    always thought this was one of Mike Love's better lead vocals from the late 70's albums. Cool pics in the video.

  82. luxyaltz219

    would love to show you (how) to sing papa .

    Arigatou gozaimasu

  83. KevTheBusDriver

    Thanks for posting this - must be one of the most unheard Beach Boys' tracks! I first came across this when Keith Chegwin played it on a show on Radio City 194, Liverpool, in about 1977/78. I was at Uni in Manchester at the time. Wonderful!

  84. Shibasaki Yoshiaki

    Ilive in suma Kobe city JAPAN
    Please show me sing

  85. luxyaltz219

    Cheers gerry .

  86. luxyaltz219

    Cheers dongle .

  87. luxyaltz219

    Thanks for nice comments northernsummergirl .Glad you like it

  88. kevin wilkinson

    one of my favourite tracks from the legendary beach boys