Beach Boys - Don't Hurt My Little Sister Lyrics

There she goes she ran in her room
She'll probably stay in there the rest of the day
It sounds like it must have been something you said
You know she's awful used to getting her way

Why don't you kiss her
(Why don't you kiss her)
And while you kiss her
(Tell her you miss her)
Why don't you treat her
(Why don't you treat her)
Treat her nice

Don't hurt my little sister
Don't hurt my little sister
Don't hurt my little sister

You know she digs you and thinks you're a real groovy guy
But yet I'm not sure that I feel the same
We both know that you've been making her cry
I hope you don't think it's some kind of game

Why don't you love her
(Why don't you love her)
Like her big brother
(Like her big brother)
Why don't you tell her
(Why don't you tell her)
Tell her you're sorry

Don't hurt my little sister
Don't hurt my little sister
Don't hurt my little sister

Don't hurt my little sister
(Why don't you love her)
Don't hurt my little sister
(Like her big brother)
Don't hurt my little sister
Don't hurt my little sister
Don't hurt my little sister

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Beach Boys Don't Hurt My Little Sister Comments
  1. dave d

    This was from a glorious -- and now dead -- era in America, where people had common sense and cared about each other. Now we have the Democrat-Media version of "amerika"

  2. Christian Di gennaro

    The best band of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Michael France

    This song popping into my head for no reason at all brought me here.

  4. Philip Howard

    I bought the vinyl we issue of this album it sounds really really good and it’s worth the money I spent

  5. Kevin Higgins

    A really good rocking melody.

  6. fruitypeebils

    i love the beach boys but i cant help but laugh at how dated the lyrics to this song are. especially compared to how timeless the lyrics on pet sounds are

  7. theshameofthesun

    why don't you Love this song Mike and Brian....I truly believe this Album is their best Ever forever Today The Beach Boys

  8. ShikataGaNai100

    I know it is sacrilege to say this, but I like Shonen Knife's cover just as much.

  9. jennifur sun

    from all of us little sisters Thanks Brian

  10. Ronald Vaughan

    This song was re-worked by Phil Spector and Darlene Love (the Blossoms) as "Equal Opportunity".


    I wouldn't be surprised, but I can't find it on Yt

  11. bugman 1983

    This song never leaves you once you hear it

  12. HotWax93

    I have this album on vinyl, but don't remember this song on there.  One of the most underrated Beach Boys songs IMO.

  13. Billy Castillo

    I've never been that crazy about this song; listening to it again for the first time in years, it's not bad although the chorus is a bit weak. In fact, I think I'd like this song a whole lot more if it WASN'T for the chorus. Also the ending is pretty damn abrupt

    Thomas Kemer

    Brian's falsetto saves it for me, nice!!🎶

  14. Darrell Tiencken

    Listen to Mike on Santas Beard on the Christmas album and compare his vocal to this!

    Billy Castillo

    Sounds mighty close...

    Thomas Kemer

    Or any other song for that matter!!

  15. Darrell Tiencken

    There is a lot going on in this song,Mikes part sounds like it's off the Christmas album then the rest sound much more complex.

    Thomas Kemer

    Haha---- "he sees you when your sleeping, he knows when your awake"! Lame

  16. Melle O

    I used to sing this to my little sister when I was about 9 and she was 7! :)

    jim ogrady

    I wish I had a sister, mom has to deal with 6 boys

    Melle O

    @jim ogrady :-)

  17. Martin Dytham

    A magnificent song from a really lovely album


    +Martin Dytham I couldn't agree more!!

  18. jennifur sun

    all the music provided by the famous Wrecking Crew of LA  Hal Blain on drums and a young Glen Campbell somewhere on guitar


    jennifur sun Yes and no. The BBs recorded on this track, though drums and some extra instrumentation was recorded by the WB. The Beach Boys recorded half this album themselves, but most people think the Wrecking Crew recorded most or all of it.


    Jennifur Sun I watched the first airing. It was a good documentary for what it was, but it was just another condensed breakdown of the history, so details were left out.

  19. Lars Hansson

    Great rock'n roll from the Beach Boys.I´ve watched the on several occasions from 1966 until 2012. The quality of the concerts have varied, but they are always in my heart. 

  20. nschulz4537

    Ugh....feel conflicted by how good this song is and by how they rewrote the chorus for California Girls which is even better.

  21. oshawaxpress

    @ Aberdeen Daft - Nope, it isn't.

  22. Mike Boyer

    Great song!! Amongst many of their great songs!! Thanks!!


    thats a real stretch .how old are you .its nice .,,.ok but ... no .. not even close you have a guitar .., really man ... its ok .... am with you ... tell me you own a guitar .. if not ... go get one now ... lots of love

  24. rangergrrrl

    If you mean She's Real Cool by the Mello Kings, I'm not hearing the borrowed riff. Could you point it out? Thanks.

  25. Aberdeen Daft

    Riff is the same as the one in She's Real Cool by The Mello-Tones.