Beach Boys - Blue Christmas Lyrics

I'll have a blue Christmas without you
I'll be so blue thinkin' about you
Decorations of red on a green Christmas tree
Won't mean a thing if you're not here with me

I'll have a blue Christmas, that's certain
And when that blue heartache starts hurtin'
You'll be doin' all right with your Christmas of white
But I'll have a blue, blue Christmas

You'll be doin' all right with your Christmas of white
But I'll have a blue, blue Christmas

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Beach Boys Blue Christmas Comments
  1. Cecelia

    Lookin ready to welcome you to a host club

  2. Love God & Neighbor.

    God Bless everyone.
    Happy 2019.

  3. Connor Rentz

    why does the beginning of this song sound like luke is about to take his landspeeder to the homestead after thinking the stormtroopers may have gone there

  4. Victor Vaccari

    i dont think any other voice has touched my soul as brians does

  5. Andrew Hillabrand

    Thank you Brian. This is so beautiful

  6. jamie einkauf

    Moved to tears, Brian has the most gorgeous voice on the planet...

  7. Dimitri Smith

    this was unreleased. the 101 strings didn't' hide the 300 mg of white Owsley.

    A S

    Dimitri Smith Unreleased? This came out on the Beach Boys Christmas Album in '64. This was recorded a good 6 months to a year before Brian had his first hit of acid.

    Dheep' P

    And who cares if he did anyway? Big Deal

  8. Mark Hardy

    Brian had so much soul to give, too much soul for some of the Beach Boys to understand... mainly Mike Love and Al Jardine, the cousin and neighbor of the Beach Boys outside of the three Wilson brothers out of Brian, the genius, Dennis the surfer, and Carl the heart. Classical music from a Classical musician

  9. Vinny D

    Notice at 2:03, it's "Rhapsody in Blue". Also, the chord changes on the second line of the verses, e.g., "I'll be so blue", sound like "In My Room". This is just an awesome arrangement.

  10. Vinny D

    Wow, what a beautiful voice.

  11. bluesandcountry

    Brian knew how songs should sound. Beautiful voice.

    Richard Solis

    Incredibly touching..version by the great one..

  12. Briel Slovak

    lol that one dude with half his hair gone

    A S

    Briel Slovak He made up for it by growing a beard and investing in a massive hat collection.

  13. mina k

    why didn't brian sing more of these ballads solo??? damn

    Mark Hatzidakis

    +mina k the reason Brian didn't sing anymore is because he was busy writing the songs and producing the music

    Marty Grebb

    @Mark Hatzidakis ~~he also had band members to contend with, especially Mike Love, who wanted to be known as the lead singer

  14. I Just Don't Know

    Why the fuck do I have this sudden urge to go put a pistol to my head?  These guys should have left Christmas the hell alone.

  15. M. Jos Muscarelle

    Brian's voice almost makes me believe in god.

    Mark Hardy

    M. Jos Muscarelle You should because thats obviously coming from somewhere not material but spiritual!


    This is such a cool recording! I had no idea they did this song.

    Check out my version of Blue Christmas on the violin :)

    Patrick Harris

    You're a pretty girl and you play violin good. I saw your video. It's the 3rd one on your Holiday Music section. It's nice. Blue Christmas is perfect for right now. I just recorded it Friday using a karaoke CD. I sing and play bass guitar at the same time. I rocked it, danced around and showed love in my video. Blue Christmas is my featured video right now. I think you'll like it. Take care. 


    @Patrick Harris
    Thanks, I will check it out!

  17. TooCooFoYou

    This sounds like a James Bond theme XD

  18. Brian Wilson

    Gosh, that kid could really sing!

  19. Jan Med

    This is just gorgeous!

    Brian not only had the most beautiful voice of all the Beach Boys (IMO), he had one of the most beautiful voices of all time. Rolling Stone was right!

  20. rpm88able

    Brian at his very best. Crystaline clear and pure.

  21. James Anderson

    The best version of this song, hands down!!



  22. fluxusmaximus

    I get goosebumps everytime I hear this.

  23. Tanya Lucero Lopez

    Yeah Brian, your the best, your own version of an Elvis classic!

  24. spike3585

    Brian >>> the other Boys.

  25. kevin104z

    love their cd every christmas....

  26. jsell1968

    Great take on a Elvis fav.

  27. Lydia Missiuna-Kaufmann

    First time I've heard all these Christmas songs. They are absolutely awesome. I will too have a blue Christmas, but this song will make me feel wanted and loved and cared for !

  28. Okiemom50

    I agree. The song as a very sad song, and Brian pours on the longing. WOW, his voice....

  29. noname anon

    1 person will have a very blue christmas

  30. coolsweetgroovy

    No Offense but this is way way better than Elvis's

  31. serpico56

    Both Elvis and Brian do a great job

  32. Wolfsky9

    Brian's voice was simply gorgeous in those days; he could sing literally, anything. This makes me so sad, thinking of that voice--& those days. They went by, so fast. Wolfsky9.

  33. Jomi Delgado

    wish the rest of the boys had sang choruses. wonderful arrangement!

  34. allsummerlong

    I love it. It almost brings tears to the eyes.

  35. llibnorhcop

    My favorite version. Brian nailed it.

  36. Oli Haber

    well this song isn't as well as the other from beach boys, but beach boys are awesome though !

  37. Battle Of Trenton

    I hate the Elvis version. There's no sadness in it and its supposed to be a sad song. Brain Wilson (its his first solo song btw) brings out the lonliness of the lyrics.

  38. xxvietboys123xx

    i jus love dis song.....its sooooo gud..!!!

  39. xxvietboys123xx


  40. Djsilver64

    Thank you, Batman.

  41. rmc25

    The first vocal note of this song sounds just like first one "You Still Believe In Me"

  42. xxvietboys123xx

    every year one Christmas eve and night we put on the Beach Boys Christmas CD

  43. Chloe Cumming

    Brian's voice at that age makes me frickin' cry tears of pure distilled joy.

  44. ncarolinaluv

    i sometimes get them mixed up since Carl covered for Brian when he was out of commission.

  45. ncarolinaluv

    I totally agree -- Carl to me is my Man!!! Heard him in the grocery store and asked them to turn the music up hee hee

  46. ncarolinaluv

    That's Carl's perfect pitch on the Blue Christmas. Wow what a voice.

  47. Shawna Shea

    this is one of my favorite chiristmas songs and to have the beach boys sing it is just wonderful and i love the picture thank you so much

  48. Sunrays2020

    Brian Wilson singing lead...should of been a Christmas 1964..another Capitol..OOps