B.B. King - Sweet Sixteen Lyrics

When I first met you, baby
Baby, you were just sweet sixteen
When I first met you, baby
Baby, you were just sweet sixteen
You just left your home then, woman
Ah, the sweetest thing I'd ever seen

But you wouldn't do nothing, baby
You wouldn't do anything I asked to
You wouldn't do nothing for me, baby
You wouldn't do anything I asked to
You know you ran away from your home, baby
And now you wanna run away from old B. too

You know I loved you, baby
I loved you before I could call your name
You know I loved you, baby
Baby I loved you, I love you before I could call your name
Well, it seems like everything I do now baby
Everything I do is in vain

My brother's in Korea, baby
My sister's down in New Orleans
Brother's in Korea baby
My sister's down in New Orleans
You know I'm having so much trouble woman
Baby, I wonder, what in the world is gonna happen to me

You know I love you
And I'll do anything you tell me to
You know I love you
And I'll do anything you tell me to
Well, there ain't nothing in the world, woman
Babe, it ain't nothing
Nothing in the world I wouldn't do it for you

You can treat me mean, baby
But I'll keep on loving you just the same
You can treat me mean baby
But I'll keep on loving you just the same
But one of these days, baby
You're gonna give a lot of money
To hear someone call my name

Yes, sweet sixteen baby... sweet sixteen...
Yes, the sweetest thing baby
The sweetest thing I ever seen
You know I'm having so much trouble, woman
Baby I wonder
Yes I wonder
Baby I wonder
Oh, I wonder what in the world's gonna happen to me

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B.B. King Sweet Sixteen Comments
  1. Wayne Spence

    The rumble in the jungle

  2. Henry Frost

    This is amazing blues at its best. B.B.King the King of the blues.

  3. Matt Cutts

    Just an absolute, undiluted moment of meteoric genius.

  4. Caramel Diva

    He ain't sang a note and my face is already screwed up and shaking my head

  5. ヴェトモンTFD

    Ithink Lucile is only ES-355TDSV😂

  6. Dani G. Barreto

    Fuck around and get musically slapped by the King. This dude was for reals a straight savage.

  7. Jason Boyd

    BB king is a blue legends he was so amazing and outstanding and so inspiring now bb king and all of the rest of the blues legends have a voice not just for singing for playing the blues

  8. Ryan Sutherland

    Everytime i see his bandmates help him up at the end 😂 what a fuckin legend

  9. Neil Gill

    Phenomenal. Greatly missed.

  10. Pierre Guagnini

    le king le seul l'unique thanks bb

  11. Angelo.C.

    The holy spirit was brought to earth that night.

  12. P. David Hornik

    Best blues number ever recorded.

  13. Travis van Essen

    Before the Muhammad ali and george foreman fight

  14. Marco Antonio Lorenzo

    Blues, ladies and genlemen.

  15. George Scombulis

    Young? 49...

  16. MrCro Mega

    This is just completely beautiful! I'm almost to the point I can listen to B.B. King without getting upset. That man will live on forever!!

  17. tom lepski

    B.B.King puts such emotion in the song that I find myself screwing my face in a tight grimace in sync with his tunes.

  18. The Last Ringmaster

    Who were the 5 musically “deaf” people who didn’t like this?


    They just got angry because BB sent them so high up in blues heaven that they coud'nt find their way back.

  19. Clint Eastwood

    who fuck downvoted this?! are you fucking dense?

  20. Slobodan Ranitović

    And sweat on his face. It is Jack Daniels probably.

  21. Kelven Dyson

    OMG!!! That brings tears to yo eyes!!!!

  22. Charles Melonson

    It does't get any BETTER than THIS

    Copper Pennies

    Charles Melonson facts!!

  23. Comanita Andrei

    that drummer dude is having the time of his life. and how couldn't he?...amazing

  24. Ochieng

    Sweeet !!!

  25. Marlon Nkiampila

    Kinshasa 1974 soul power Ali vs Forman

  26. Jersey Paul

    Ali came out throwing jabs that had no effect on Foreman! A classic fight! BB King as the band! It does not get any better than that!

    Wayne Spence

    Ali came straight out with right hand leads

  27. The Shed

    When we were kings

    Hector Ricardo

    Brought me right here. Soon as I heard it I had to search this song.

  28. James Tillman

    I like how the description said young B.B. and luicille. B.B. was 48 or 49 when this was recorded

  29. Janey D

    His guitar playing is a female’s orgasm.... if it could be manifested in music

  30. Elijah Selbicky

    That’s how u play a blues song: Slow and Hard!!!

  31. Mega Sauce

    Getting two band members to get him back up at the end. What a great sense of humour he had. Legend

  32. Nico G

    blues had never been and never got better

  33. Samson Simpson

    Happy fourth of july! Listening to this under the firework lit sky......god blesses America and the rest of the world

    Black Bull

    Samson Simpson Yesssss

  34. atiba114

    This is 1974 and he's 49 here. Glad that's still considered young :)

  35. miki kikirez

    Muhammad Ali vs George Foreman. I think:-).

    Jersey Paul


    Patricio Garib

    Yes!! And James Brown en kinshasa

  36. Tom Bowater

    Still can't believe i had the pleasure of seeing the King of the blues live in 2011 :)

  37. Douglas Burford

    I Love this song for the build up. King starts low and as the song goes it builds to an eruption of Nothing but bliss..

    Eli Dent

    You are correct...he added tension to the son by staring out slow and low and then the song sort of ...exploded into a symphony of emotion and pain which is a calling card of the Blues...Hitler often used this tactic when delivering his speeches


    Blues Crescendo!!!

  38. Jason McLeod

    First gig was BB 1989 ..possessed at the Crossroads with blazing fingers and treacle for tonsils

  39. Russell Jordan

    B B KING FOREVER! I love this one.

  40. David Green

    My favorite bb king performance

    Comanita Andrei

    This truly is the best blues performance I've ever heard/seen. And it's LIVE...Doesn't get better than this. Even the smile on the drummer's face...They're all feeling the blues in this one

    soulbrother No1

    Best Guitar ever!

  41. Tallblack One

    The lyrics to this song sounds like what todays media is all abuzz about! Sweet 16

  42. DJ Playboi

    Now thats blues