B.B. King - Rock Me Baby Lyrics

Rock me baby, rock me all night long
Rock me baby, honey, rock me all night long
I want you to rock me baby,
Like my back ain't got no bones

Roll me baby, like you roll a wagon wheel
I want you to roll me baby, like you roll a wagon wheel
Want you to roll me baby,
You don't know how it makes me feel

Rock me baby, honey, rock me slow
Yeah, rock me pretty baby, baby rock me slow
Want you to rock me baby,
Till I want no more

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B.B. King Rock Me Baby Comments
  1. Grey Jay

    Lucille was firing on all 8 cylinders, that night.

  2. James Martin

    The King of blues!

  3. country music by dode

    Makes ya feel good 🎸🎶
    Hey from scotland

  4. Alessandro Bientinesi

    Dopo aver visto il re del blues a Pistoia ho capito la sua grandezza. Grande, grandissimo b.b king!!

  5. lucas prates

    Só pra quem nasceu com blues na veia entende!!!😭😎🙏

  6. woodstockhippy

    Check out this incredible cover!!!

  7. Toxicrelia

    real blues <3 <3 rip bb king king legend of the blues

  8. vtwintora


  9. KolaPro

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcxeIpv1Gdk official rock me baby

  10. Nahuel

    Usa la perilla de volumen todo el tiempo.

  11. Caramel Diva

    That drummer look bored out of his mind!!😮😮😮

    Mister Schubert

    Not a whole lot of work for a drummer on 12-bar blues...he had it down on take one...


    Awwwww BB....what do ah do.....


    Só os verdadeiramente doidos te entendem wowwwwwwwww

  14. Irina Potekhina


  15. Yulem da Silva Silva

    Negao lindoooo maravilhoso!
    Eternamente irá viver e iremos te amar,até jazz!❤❤❤

  16. Nuria Sinay Barrientos Jimenez Jimenez

    Bueno y

  17. CometaStudioVision & Tc54photoBCN - Foto & Video

    BB KING spektakulär

  18. francoise tomas

    google hommage a bb king today !!



  20. Bassey Etuk

    This is the best

  21. mindisaction

    There's only one KING

  22. Creepy Pastel

    I’m falling for this song

  23. Donald J.

    Wow I'm literally in love with this amazing music!! This man is a legend!!!

  24. Carlos manuel Levill

    tremendo talento para regalarnos BB el rey gracias dios por darme el sentido de oir

  25. giuseppe didomenico

    Those long notes with guitar
    Without any electric aids

  26. William baz

    This is the reason why 'Jimi Hendrix' loved the BB King sound. BB. King is a true Blues LEGEND!


    Surely, BB is! but I must ask
    Why did you put Jimi Hendrix's name in speech marks?

  27. jader clevel


  28. gaspare pellecchia

    you feel the dirt of the natural valve overdrive that makes the cone of the amplifier vibrate ...

  29. Guy Bloy

    Good music but very strange lyrics. Very aggressive tone to ask a lady. She's going to go... hahahahh :)

  30. Daniel Quiroga

    Q placer escuchar esto ....pensar q los chicos ensucian sus oidos escuchando basura ..... Maestro Dios lo tenga en la gloria!!!

  31. Fransisco Lopez Flores

    Mr.B.King you are great,great,great for all the time,thankyou for your pretty music

  32. mindisaction

    The king... No words!.

  33. Garry Harriman

    Dedicated to earth quakes and other devestating natural phenomenon the world over!

  34. Garry Harriman

    I went into Burger King last night and requested this and all I got was junk food and evil looks.

  35. Sudip Bhandari

    Even BB King struggled to adjust the volume knob sometimes..
    His single note vibrato gives me chills

  36. EPSGplayer

    Relatively easy to play on guitar as he stays in one spot on the neck. But definitely still cool... his guitar tone is absolutely gorgeous and yes, he was the KING!! Love you BB

    Marcin Dih

    Music is not about how hard is it to play but how it sounds

  37. Antonio Fassone

    to jadexxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  38. Ville Maunu

    Its an stunning ability to play so pooring and simple solos..:) ..and pooring is the whole performance.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyW_HSNA7xo or this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0NBnClUEDA are real guitar playing.. I really dont understand what people see in BB...

    Ville Maunu


  39. Ethan Johnson

    look at all those white people

  40. SilvaChediak DeMarchiori

    clicar negativo pra BB King , ou é inveja ou não saca nada de música !!!! MARAVILHOSO... eterna majestade !!!

  41. Marcelo Daniel Nasberg

    God has descended to Earth with simpathy to play blues and give us happiness

  42. Marco Gianni Franciosi

    This is ___BLUES

  43. AngelaC_ TrouttMusic

    I love this so Awesome From one of the Greatest!

  44. 88pipin

    los estupidos ni cantan, teniendo a tremendo cantante

  45. 3 name changes allowed every 90 days

    shook me all night long

  46. Lucie Ritter

    Thanks Johnny-<3

  47. 麹屋sasaki

    じいちゃん、イイネ。The great grandpa !

  48. Mummyboyz80 4u


  49. edwin efrain araoz navarro

    The King of Blues

  50. im annonymous

    The original track of this song maybe THE defining moment of playing in a groove..
    ..this is cool but I've yet to see him match that original track......its not on you tube either.....someone should fix that lol
    ** the song is on essential bb king ..check it out ...seriously

  51. phemelo morake

    this is so remarkable, when music speaks to the mind and soul

  52. Route Zerosept

    SO GOOD.....

  53. Misael Guerrero

    Pregunta? Existe algo mejor q esto .Yo lo dudo😳

  54. dany nuñez


  55. Martin Prata

    Que capo mi negritoooooo

  56. Dr Guy

    Loved the man.

  57. Alper Şentürk

    R.I.P old fart... (Eric Clapton)


    The King <3

  59. David Wasson

    westerns il était une fois dans l'ouest

  60. michele lengrand

    très bon top

  61. Tonj Di Nunzio


  62. Sune Wittrup

    I still love that song in 2017. Like, if you still lisen to dis song in 2017

  63. bernard respaut

    super papy B R

  64. MrKing4811

    Bikers tune up the highway!

  65. Menekşe

    and this is the real *music.*

    Well Met




  66. siZit chand


  67. R Vicious

    look at this man, he is really enjoying music. Many of his songs has the word 'blues' in the title. you can see how much he loved blues! My enthusiasm for blues started since I learned that the blues are the origin of the rock music. Thanks to my music teacher :)

  68. Ahmet Mete B.

    this song really rock me good , makes me feel soo good ! Thanks BBKing god.

    rareviewmirror Official


  69. Jose Assunção


  70. Love Stoned

    Amazing! The only king!

  71. Antonio Bonifati

    The rocking blues... Formidable :-) BB King was great because he made a new kind of music and invented a new way to play the electric guitar. Everything came out because he was self-taught, because he did not know how to play the guitar and nobody taught him the standard way. He experimented on his own, discovered and became BB King. Nobody else can make his kind of music. If we do not teach music, we could probable have others like him in the future. I hope so!


    A little bit of basic knowledge and music theory wouldn't spoil the ambitious guys, I think

  72. Vespa V

    sound ' IDEALE'................

  73. karoline sena de souza

    rock me baby bb king genial

    art gomez

    deb donde eres?

  74. Robin Ferris

    covered by jefferson airplane, jimi hendrix and led zeppelin. Reply with your favourite version.

    mag dat

    johnny winter. not saying that I dont like this version, to the contrary.


    Tina Turner

  75. zik pat

    the real ,the only king of the blues ; what a true feeling !!!

  76. Ryan Thompson Guitarist

    I wish I saw him live. RIP BB King

    Theo JASON

    +RyanThompsonGuitarist Same here...

    Barbara Geiger

    I did get to see him live once in Kansas thought he was sweet. An he know he could sing man oh man no one else can stand up to him he is and always my hero superman


    Same he was the king of the music

  77. Ken Marshall

    This is by far B B King at his best!!

    Johnny Evans

    Bb kings still the best

  78. Nick B1978

    splendide, il va vraiment nous manquer! Paix à son âme.

  79. Dany Meyer


  80. Coco Mordillat

    génial !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Cloche Pied

    RIP... <3

  82. Jocelyne Lefebvre

    You left to the paradise of the big Sirs of the music! We will miss you! Consolation it is because we shall continue to listen to you, our generation and many of the others after us, you are this way, immortal !!! My heart bleeds and cries! But B.B. will be eternal by its music !!!! au revoir B.B

    Marwen B.R.C

    these are some beautiful words from a good heart as it seems @Jocelyne Lefebvre !
    since humans got problems in life, the Blues will never die, and B.B King indeed !

  83. Allain Jules

    RIP The real King ! http://allainjules.com/2015/05/15/alerte-info-b-b-king-la-legende-du-blues-et-virtuose-de-la-guitare-est-decedee/


    Oh yeahhhhhhhh!

  85. Elke Pluntke

    c'mon ... rock me baby ... live in Montreux in 1993 ?


    yes, this is a live at  Montreux 93

    rareviewmirror Official



    The Best <3 

  87. Roderick McIntosh

    I am. From. Alabama. Living. In. Detroit. For. Many..years. now. Your tube. Is. The. Bomb. Take. Me. Home