B.B. King - Please Accept My Love Lyrics

I don't even know your name
But I love you just the same
If you let me hold your hand
Then I think maybe I can make you understand

If you only, only knew
Just how much I love you
Loving you the way I do
Then you'd take the night to love me too

I'd like the picture on the wall
So please don't let me fall
It's my heart I'm thinkin of
So please, please accept my love

If you let me be your slave
Your love I'll cherish to my grave
And if you should die before I do
I'll, I said I'll, I'll end my life to be with you

Yes I will!

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B.B. King Please Accept My Love Comments
  1. cleenlivin

    I really like this version. The pure vocals of BB King and the cool perfectly placed background guitar riffs.

  2. Donald Morrow

    Written by Clarence Garlow, who had a swamp R&B hit with "Bon Ton Roula."  First recorded by Jimmy Wilson on the Goldband label in 1958.  The thing that first struck me about this version is that it shows just how masterful a vocalist B. B. was.  The backing music is superb, combining swamp R&B with Doo-Wop and no nonsense blues flawlessly.  Small wonder that it spawned so many live versions.  This is a simply great recorded performance.