B.B. King - Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out Lyrics

Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out No Lyrics. Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out If you know the lyrics you can send us.

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B.B. King Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out Comments
  1. Alessandro Bellucci

    My god..he was the best

  2. free willy

    Zato mej rad... novo leto je... brez igric, zlo na stran.... in svet bo ze lepsi.... verjemi❤️

  3. Nikolas Marinos

    god of blues !

  4. KelseyBoyTv

    1st song to make me cry

  5. Michael Kylow

    I have listened to all the cover made by the great singers: this is the best one hands down.

  6. agus jaya

    it's sad... but true

  7. Rick Roche

    Stupid AD first! Some clown with a processed guitar sound touting "pickups". I've been playing over 50 years now and I know how to tell if a guitar sounds good without the hype.

  8. john e. Kondonelis


  9. Pirjo Vanhatalo

    These words are so true!!

  10. Rowan Ford


  11. Gord Merritt

    nobody sings the blues like B.B anymore... the blues ain't supposed to make you smile... and no truer words were ever spoken as these... nobody knows you when you are down and out... this much I know.

    Farmer James

    The blues help you smile, not make you. You make you. Maybe just knowing you're not alone when nobody knows you helps.

  12. Visionary

    That's got to be Dr John on piano, not many sound so good.

  13. John Doe

    so true...

  14. MisterTMH

    Nina  Simone also   did  a good  version  of this  old  time  blues classic.

    Michael Cody

    +MisterTMH Ruth Brown's version is also worth listening to.

  15. Cora Visser

    Very good thank you so much for everything.

  16. The Amazing Zone

    Thank-you, I found this youtube channel incredibly pleasing to watch. Keep up the great effort.

  17. Frederick Nickens

    RIP, The Paradise Blues band just got Better. The Creator is surely pleased.

  18. Kahari Smith

    RIP Legend

  19. Judy Bou

    RIP B.B. There will never be another quite like you.

  20. fwyion jlock

    Great words..

  21. RetroHabit82

    RIP BB King

  22. Machu Picchu PvP

    R.I.P my friend.

  23. jean-marie Basset

    Otis Redding est meilleur sur cette chanson

    Tomasz Popielicki

    No. Alberta Hunter is.


    Et Sam Cooke ( enrt public au Copa) meilleur que Redding comme d'ab.....A noter Nina Simone pas mal non plus.


    mais non mes amis vous vous trompez !!! la meilleur version est celle de Bobby Womack , rien a voir avec les autres version , la version de Bobby est tres rythmé la meilleur comme Bobby Womack


    @riadinio13 J'ai simplement dit que Cooke était meilleur que Redding....... 


    @tigreadroit je suis du même avis , Sam Cooke est le père de la Soul musique , c'est lui qui a lancé le grand Bobby Womack (my best artiste !!! )

  24. Bo Soegaard

    Bless B.B.- for being around. 

  25. anarkisti alkuasukas

    Awesome song, my father used to play the guitar and sing it by himself.

    He died last sunday.

    Gracie Golden

    Bless you anarkisi.


    my Dad used to play this song as well. He also warned me about people and their way of choosing friends....

    He passed away year ago, bless His soul, bless your father soul as well... 

  26. janet stoner

    mmmmm peeps done know ahat they are missing!

  27. Slaunyeh71

    Yes .. this music contain so much trues... Janis version is also awesome.

  28. David Gardiner

    Pure genius. Nobody could do this song better.

  29. Jan Hanuko

    omg this is something amaznggg :) i can listen forever ,this song is the reason why i dont want to sleep now :))

  30. comucoyu

    is a song written by American songwriter Jimmy Cox

  31. Edison Costa

    I heard this wonder sung by the one and the only one Mr BB King, when I was trucking from New York to Los Angelis, since then I've been trying so hard to find it, now I got it again. I'm a Brazilian bluesman who can't find anybody to share this unique piece. Thanks BB King!!! thank you very much!!!

  32. Ima Aven

    My favs for this song - Bessie Smith, Alberta Hunter, and BB King!!!

  33. panvigocsc

    Oh, wtf! I only knew the Clapton's version and this gets me on my knees even more!

  34. *Єlι

    Great song blues of the '20s of Bessie Smith, interpreted very well by B.B.King, but also by Eric Clapton, two different versions of two important artists that deserve great respect! :D

  35. n15M0

    @songsterman eric claptons one is better in my opinion:)

  36. John Holovach

    Claptons version, while technically well done, still has his "sweet" voice ..I am under the opinion that this song should be sung with a bit more feeling, soul and gutter-
    blues than Erics' voice can attain..

  37. Francesco Rossi

    he's just the king.

  38. Simon Hojsak

    so true sad but true...i find out on the hard way ^^ cheers

  39. Rodney Hayes

    My brother in law once told me something about people. He said, "you know I used to be a hellraiser, stayed drunk, got to know the inside of the town jail cell pretty good. There was one thing I found out. My so-called "Christian" friends never came down to see if I needed anything, never offered to bail me out, treated me like dirt. The ones I could count on were my true friends, my drinking buddies." I never forgot that. Don't know why, but this song reminded me of that.

  40. Greg Lake

    @Shaun17170 Made popular by Bessie Smith / Written by Jimmy Cox in 1922

  41. Greg Lake

    @Shaun17170 Made popular by bessie Smith / Written by Jimmy Cox in 1922

  42. Thiago Chaim

    I like to work listening his musics

  43. Gad Yariv

    @autte there is a otis redding version???
    i gota find it
    lord this would be awesome

  44. songsterman

    @ macaframa12; so your opinion differs from mine - and? There's no 'objective' 'truth' to 'prove' here. You obviously think verrrry hhhighly of your own opinion, but it's neither objective nor universal. C'est la vie. Have a nice day.

  45. macaframa12

    @songsterman Is that a joke? Claptons version is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better

  46. Hippety Hop

    Hey I been singin it in the Clapton style, but I'm gonna change to this.
    I'm 65. Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

    Pablo Pérez

    both versions are amazing !

  47. Soulshine59


    Clapton ain't no slouch! his versions are quite good!

  48. operalament

    @elmosmidlap hey elmo, best of luck to you. I moved to costa rica almost 9 years ago. Im a lot older than you, but i could not live in the U S anymore, though there are things i miss there. good luck.

  49. elmosmidlap

    So it goes.....i am there now and digging myself out....life is weird, weird, weird....moving out of the country just to get some piece of paradise on the cheap while i am young enough to enjoy it. (48)
    Long live the USA..Viva Costa Rica, Viva Nicaragua, Via Panama...

  50. Mike Max

    Amazing vocal performance as usual. Nice one B B King.

  51. Vincent Belford

    Amen Bro !!!

  52. Marguerite Randall

    Great song.

  53. songsterman

    Best version since Bessie Smith.

    Michael Kylow

    definitely! haha