B.B. King - Night Life Lyrics

When that ev'nin' sun goes down,
Yeah, you'll find me hangin' around
Because the night life,
It ain't no good life but it's my life

Yeah, yeah, yeah listen to the blues,
Listen to what they're sayin'
Oh, please listen to the blues,
Listen to the blues they're playin'

Ah, ah, all of the people just like you and me,
They're all dreamin' about their old used to be
Because the night life,
It ain't no good life but it's my life

They tell me life's an empty scene,
An avenue of broken dreams
Because the night life,
It ain't no good life but it's my life

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B.B. King Night Life Comments
  1. Rene Perea Aguilar

    This songs represents every musician’s life!!! Every time i listen to this i remember why I am a musician and live so happy nightlife ain’t no Good life but it’a my life!!!!

  2. black jack1171

    33 justin bieber fans detected.... This is real music.... I'm 17 and I love blues and soul.... RIP all of the blues and soul legends who has passed away....

  3. mattiepearl77

    happy 94 birthday blue boy king

  4. VJP

    The audio is fantastic!

  5. bbb kkk

    2019 :))))))))) I hate like this comments but I want know - "musical feelings" are die?

  6. Roberto Sozio

    Thanks Great Bluesman thanks for your great music,

  7. Stephen Poe

    Was listening to a Terry Gross interview with Willie Nelson in which he talked about writing three pretty good songs in one week when he was working as a DJ in LA, Night Life, Funny How Time Slips Away, and. Crazy. Not a bad weeks work. And BB took it to amazing places. I miss him

  8. CompleteCretin

    We are watching and listening to someone who changed the world.

  9. Warren Doris

    Cant stop reliving that old used to be when its still better than all we have now! RIP !

  10. Tommy Wade

    love bb my man ,my bro

  11. bbb kkk

    I don't know why, but everyone who is listening bb I love u all (seriously). I know that bb have his own, special audition... And anyone can explain why is bb is like this? I dont mean his guitar techniques. I'm interested in, how he can look into my soul and understand what I need, what I hate or what will be likable for me... (sorry for my english) ❤️ ❤️

  12. Pamela Knowles

    Pure brilliant

  13. Casa de Brujas

    Te amamos por siempre BB.

  14. Rodolfo Pérez

    does somebody know who is the trumpet guy??

  15. Alessio Di giosia

    This man....

  16. Steven Johnston

    29 people who are dislikes this such a beautiful performance must be fan of DJ and others crap song nowadays.

  17. fyom

    No wonder I couldn't find the toilet plunger!

  18. Alton Chenier

    James Boogaloo Bolton on Trumpet from Houston Texas .

  19. Jerry Tubb


  20. Al Morgante

    Written by Willie Nelson,sang by B.B.King, two legends !!

  21. brady093093

    love his faces lmao

  22. miked765

    Just...Wow. i did a mid-size club stage security gig for him one night in the mid 80's and drank beers with the man and his band afterwards. One of the highlights of my life. He was a total yeoman all class, who liked Heineken and had the biggest softest hands i ever saw.

  23. Andreas Setiadi

    Aren't you love this ❤

  24. Stephen Averbuck

    Spectacular rendition, the trumpet player is phenomenal and so, as usual, is The King . RIP.

  25. Lenny C

    I love bb and this song but did anyone notice how hot they got his mic? He’s like a mile away from the thing.

  26. Paul oneill

    at 2.17 who says in Sweden?

  27. Lenny C

    To the people who disliked: What were you expecting exactly?

  28. daniel Fhee sabino

    Não tem como não se emocionar com essa musica

  29. Black Dog

    Ahhh eargasm fkn masterpiece! 😘

  30. Héctor Manrique Rivera

    Lucille is the best singer I've ever heard
    Lucille es la mejor cantante que he escuchado

  31. Chico Leitao

    The grimece he made

  32. sinbad20001

    Anybody else notice the plunger head for a trumpet mute?

  33. Adriano Macau


  34. Brian O Connor

    The King of the blues! Always has been, always will be 😊

  35. DH Thomas

    A masterful performance from, well, the Master.

  36. John Adams

    How blue can he get? PLENTY!

  37. le bailli des savoies


  38. sean cochran

    This is just good got blam music. I mean yes Lordt!!

  39. 1ezzy

    god bless BB and all who live to serve...

  40. isisip

    Who is the pianist? So so so amazing!!!


    isisip Eugene carrier

  41. Richard B. Davis

    BB never sang and played at the same time.He said he couldn't do it.


    Richard B. Davis oh, he could - in his radio days as the PepTiCon King he had to as there were no other musicians in the studio - but he didnt have the feel for rhythm guitar that others had and chose not to let it interfere with his soloing. If you study his chord technique you'll find it's much like his leads - if it sounded good to him he played it, and rhythm guitar is more structured.

    Richard B. Davis

    JRNelsonSr No

    Clout Lord

    Richard B. Davis he uses his two voices at different times

  42. KEN BJ

    I love the song played in "Blues is King". that is the best.

  43. Geraldo Rezende


  44. Geraldo Rezende

    O MESTRE ETERNO DO BLUES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Geraldo Rezende


  46. John V

    I saw him in the sixties (in Bristol, I think). He sounded and looked the same.

  47. Jacob Viana

    Pqp! Que perfeição! Esse solo de trompete <3

  48. Tommie Olislagers

    That trompet player was magnificent!

    Rodolfo Pérez

    do you know his name???

    Derek Singleton

    James Bolden

    Derek Singleton

    Check out the trumpet solo by his long-time band director Calvin (Pop) Owens: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQfDT-PCjyI

    Rodolfo Pérez

    @Derek Singleton thank you

  49. OutOfTheirSkulls

    As a professional musician this is the best rehearsed band live; I've ever seen or heard.

    Costinha Filho

    Agreed, so let me suggest the nicks concert for you. Just type "BB King nicks" at search engine here in youtube.
    You'll love the Sax on "Never make your move too soon" and also the bass on "Better not look down".

  50. Grue

    Oct 25, 1986

  51. Peter Nilsson

    Is the drummer Bernard Purdie?

    Lenny C

    Does not appear to be

  52. tinirop

    I will never hear another Blues guitarist like this man.I met him back stage in Hamilton NZ.He sighned my one dollar bill.Kia pai Rawa tou haerere ana  ki to Tipuna He Rangatira.Mauri Ora Kotou.

  53. Woody R.

    If this doesn't move you in some way...man I just don't know.

  54. CHADSTER954

    In all things holy can someone tell me where i can at least find tabs or any learning resource to learn that solo??

    Lenny C

    play a few seconds, figure out the lick, repeat

  55. Max Mustermann

    Great perfomance. Love it. ♡

  56. Fabio Rodrigues

    Que show de arranjo

  57. Nando Miranda

    4:14 <3

  58. Iris Roberts

    Boogaloo, was awesome on the horn.

  59. Mimi1434


  60. Iris Roberts

    Best guitar face ever.


    joe pass tho

  61. Iris Roberts


  62. ouncy

    Toilet plunger trumpet.


    One of his best solos imo

  64. candleman

    best.. best..!!!!

  65. Jim Gurney


  66. sandro cantini

    so long re del blues we love you always

    Ron Zenor

    I hear ya

  67. Lourival Amorim

    The Best!!!

  68. Diarmaid Finnerty

    Jesus, when I hear that I don't know if I feel elated or if I wanna cry. 


  69. Twinhit

    Listen to the blues they're playin' listen to what the blues are sayin'
    RIP BB

  70. W.T. Pfefferle

    Never a better singer...

  71. Paula Hoyos

    Vá em paz, velho guerreiro.

  72. Ivo Mussendijk

    Great artist! RIP BB King

  73. DeTomaso Pantera

    RIP, Mr. King. You've earned it for a lifetime of tirelessly playing the blues.

  74. Jeff Boxing

    RIP BB King, dont know what id be doing today if i never heard this song

  75. Denis Desfontaines

    Thank you Mister KING

    Matthew Jenkins


  76. madhousemortuary sith

    forever will always be my favorite bb king track...nightlife...Rest In Peace BB King

  77. Josh Royle

    James Bolden on that trumpet.......damn.

  78. The Toonacular Store

    There exist, for certain, seven persons in this world that I do not want to be friends with as they are emotionally dead, I speak of the 7 negatives above.

  79. CaptKaboom

    Good Willie Nelson cover.


    Sorry, just noticed this is a case where the cover is better than the original.  

  80. art now and here

    Love you Mr. BB and band. You should be on Mt. Rushmore.  :)

  81. Frederic Mercier

    WONDERFU!L !!!!

  82. Johnnyc drums

    WOW! How good was that?

    Stonewall Jackson

    Great blues,I enjoyed it very much.

    André Gussekloo

    @***** I didn't know that about Montreal. Guess I'll have to add it to my music cities roadtrip itinerary! What's the scene like these days?

  83. Brian

    bb will always be my fav above all the others..

    Bernice walker

    mine also

  84. Antonio Filho


  85. Denis Desfontaines

    I love this cover by BB

  86. Tim Stevens

    Even by BB's standards, this is absolutely phenomenal.

    West Woodworth

    agreed, and its the last parrt of his career that was jazzy

  87. Stuart Keir

    Stunning !!

  88. Richard B. Davis

    Amazing guitar solo work here. How can 4 people not love this song ???

    X Ray

    so true my friend sooooo fucking true

    Andreas Setiadi

    They're bieber fans 😂

  89. lightcaesar

    The greatest performer...........ever.

  90. mady sach

    BEAUTYFUL  !!!!!

  91. teff

    i really enjoyed this!

  92. Nishal Ratanji

    I really wish that I had the chance to see BB play in his prime. He is a blues treasure!

  93. TomStevens06

    Does anyone know if this was ever part of a live album? This could be the best bb has ever played, whilst the copy of night life I do have is his singing at its best (blues is king album)