B.B. King - My Reward Lyrics

If this is my reward
For being in love with you
A heart that's full of pain
And disappointment too
If this is what I get
Because my love was true
I know I'll never love again

Am I supposed to cry
And always be alone?
Am I supposed to suffer
'Cause my love was strong?
Well if this is my reward
Then something must be wrong
And I know that I'll never love again

How can I look forward tomorrow?
My tomorrow is just in vain
Yes, if I don't win your love, baby
I'll get my heart back
Then I'll always
Always have to stay this way

I remember when you said your love was mine
You said it would be safe to love you all the time
But the joke is on me sweetheart
'Cause you were only lyin'
And I know that I'll never love again
I'll never love again

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