B.B. King - Midnight Believer Lyrics

You're about to believe in love again
I'll take you there and bring you back again
The night is short
Tomorrows are long
Come go with me
While the feeling is strong

Midnight believer
The night believes in you
Midnight believer
The night believes in you

I believe that the night tells us everything
The moves to make with the feel that we bring
You've got the love locked up inside
I've got the touch so there's nothing to hide

Midnight believer
The night believes in you
Midnight believer
The night believes in you

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B.B. King Midnight Believer Comments
  1. Lewesley Acklin

    my daddy use to play this all the time when i was a little 5 yr old boy 1978 , hang in there pops, you've had a rough life 👍👍😇💯

  2. Paul Sadler

    It was the year i started kindergarten when my mom got this album. Everyday she would play this every note of this album has been with me my whole life.

  3. Tashawna Tashawnaa

    Mama playing this now her hips moving like a washing machine she jamming

  4. Donald Albershardt

    Mr. Blues !! R.I.P. Mr. BB KING....

  5. The DJ Booth UK


  6. Crane MP

    Cool whole album.

  7. MarshTube82

    Jesse ed Davis

  8. Liezl-Mari van Rensburg

    >> purrrre Yeeeeeaaaaaahrealgoldjoyay :) :) !
    Smooth & Sweet & oh so Sound :) FeeeelZ

  9. tuxguys

    Hearing Joe Sample comp behind the King of the Blues is, for me, a Religious Experience.
    B. B. King and the Crusaders...
    I now have to change my personal linen.

  10. ron covington

    My favorite BB King album. A great collaboration between the King and Joe Sample and the Crusaders. I wish they would have done more records. This is sophisticated, simple, funky, and raw all at the same time! Groove is right in the pocket! Would be cool if Robert Cray and Keb'Mo did this as a duet.

  11. Grooveskin

    Jazz Crusaders Produced This Album, They Put A Jazz Funk Tinge Over The Whole Project, Great Stuff

  12. Daniel Tyler

    Just when I thought I had heard everything this great man has done, the ocean gets a little deeper.


    Listened to this album cruising across the northern mid-western states late at night, headed out to South Dakota to see the Black hills. It was a beautiful ride.

    Mary Wagner

    Good album

    Stephen Blacks

    I trust that you heard "into the night"?

  13. Saulo464

    Simplesmente demais!!

  14. Harold Bacon

    Two words says it all a classic ,!

  15. Len Bryant


  16. Surveillance

    RIP Maestro ! The people will never forget you !

    Stephen Blacks

    Who is Maestro!

  17. leilani dupree


    Donald Albershardt


  18. 名無権兵衛

    "京都 円山公園音楽堂で、初めてあなたを見たときのことを思い出します。若かった頃から沢山の夢と思い出を与えていただきました。ありがとうございました。そして、きっと僕の夢を実現させてみます。ご冥福をお祈りします。"

  19. Bruce Hawkins

    I feel his entire life through his voice and his guitar. Job extremely well done. Love you B.B.!


    +Bruce Hawkins Very well said, Bruce.

    Donald Smith


    Donald Albershardt

    Not a job...His whole SOUL..🙏✌

  20. SoulBrotha003

    Rip Blues Boy King, you were awesome

  21. Max Denver

    Magnifique !

  22. den o

    I just love this.  Thanks for uploading.

  23. silent sky


  24. taildragger53

    BB King backed by ''The Crusaders'' ...fabulous sound.

  25. Torsten Ruben Hansen

    You can buy it as a double-cd, works just fine :-).

  26. Keen Green Aaron

    Funky little number. Like! Thanks for posting it.

  27. JaShell Bingham

    how can i/ where can i buy this cd. reach me at [email protected]

    Rockin Rollin n Trollin

    DID you find a sorce to buy it ?

  28. kneelbefore ZOD

    FINALLY....Thank You for the upload.

  29. MrBaldwig

    BB does funk. Awesome.