B.B. King - Guess Who Lyrics

Someone really loves you
Guess who
Someone really cares
Guess who
S'open your heart,
Oh, then surely you'll see,
Oh, that the someone who really cares is me

Someone will wait eternally
Someone who'll want your love,
Oh so desp'rately
Open your heart,
Oh, then surely you'll see,
Oh, that the someone who really cares,
Who really cares is me

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B.B. King Guess Who Comments
  1. KruNosLaV Lucky Star

    752 my sweet Angel,
    My darling,Guess who ....

  2. Mário César Santos

    Someone really loves you. Guess who? JESUS CHRIST!!!!

  3. Lucas


  4. DuckTalesWooHoo1987

    Vibrato. Phrasing. Note selection. Feeling. B.B. King. That is all.

  5. Anne Whyte

    I met BB King at BB Kings restaurant NY a long time ago x He completely understood me and wat I was going through, God bless

  6. Marcia Corbin

    She fades when she's forgotten but she's always within sight....

  7. Steve Buck

    Da+m that was @#%/-$* beautiful!

  8. Edtna Jauregui

    The best!!!

  9. Katie Kutny

    I love this song so much xoxo

  10. Bree Bree

    I lost my mother 1/25/2018. She loved B.B. King. I’m sitting here listening to him sing to my heart and soul. Dorothy Mae Knight you will forever be missed and loved Guess Who?? Loves you forever

  11. Kelly Christina

    Nice song to have a beer with. R.I.P B.B <3

  12. Dee Brown

    guess who
    its the one and only BB KING

  13. Ben

    Absolutely beautiful

  14. Ali IBRAHIM

    He once was, the king of the blues, the king of thee guitar, R.I.P my King, Rest In peace B.B. King

  15. Barbara

    Someone that will never forget you, W. C. Lamey.

  16. TM Serena


  17. TheJofrica

    Anyone else remember that game "Guess Who" with the pictures of faces? Such a great game. Ahh, good times

    Zachary Jones

    still have it


    @Zachary Jones Nice


    are you a boy or a girl?


  18. Frank Garcia

    To Sonia I am that someone guess who

  19. Despina Luigini

    great !!!

  20. Kevin Kerr

    A song for that lost love, who doesn't understand how love crosses time and distance.


    Well  said!

  21. crud625

    Always liked it when he would close a show with this one.

  22. Youssef EL AOMARIYINE

    My favorite BB King song :)

  23. María Angélica Bravo Gómez

    único, inapreciable, maravilloso, sigue desde el cielo cantando. gracias por tu música por los bellos momentos con tus canciones....EL CIELO TIENE UNA ESTRELA ESPECIAL PARA TI Y DESDE YOU TUBE SEGUIRÁS VIVO!!!!!!!!

  24. Jason Dean

    RIP KING!!!

  25. Davidmcfarlaneblues.

    Class!!...King of the Blues.

  26. N Bake

    Oh bother...

  27. dj m

    great musician