B.B. King - Eyesight To The Blind Lyrics

Yes your talkin' about your woman
Wish to god, man, you could see mine
Your talkin'about your woman
Wish to god, man, you could see mine
When she start lovin'
She brings eyesight to the blind

Her daddy must have been a millionaire
I can tell by the way she walks
My baby's daddy must have been a millionaire
I can tell by the way she walks
When she start walkin'
The deaf and dumb begin to talk

I remember one Friday morning
We were layin' down across the bed
Man was in the next room dyin'
Knelt down and raised up his head
And said ain't she pretty
The world know she's fine
She start lovin'
She brings eyesight to the blind

Hey, I declare my baby's pretty
The whole state knows she's fine
Oh, I declare my baby's pretty
The whole state knows she's fine
Oh, when she starts lovin'
She brings eyesight to the blind

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B.B. King Eyesight To The Blind Comments
  1. Erli Martins

    Dois mestres da guitarra,

  2. Jeffrey Harper

    That a kick ass band. Horn section is out sight, brilliant performances by Mr King and Mr Gilmore. This is Blues on steroids.

  3. Rock Wool

    BB King to David Gilmour...."You sure you ain't from Southern Mississippi?....., cause...damn boy!"

  4. Epikourios

    Sir David trying his best not to sound like the Pink Floyd

  5. Felix Norman

    David Gilmore is a very under ratted guitar playing man

  6. Chilly Willy

    36 tone deaf people gave this video a thumbs down.

  7. Chris Creaser

    Wot a Genuinely NICE/humble man/guitarist BB King was... :( I've not heard 1 woman moan about he drugged her & tried to fuck her/sexually assault her,etc,etc,since he died... :)

  8. TheStratplayer76

    Sweet 👍🏻

  9. andreas schneider

    David Gilmours guitar playing works better in that context than I would dream it.
    Yes, he is truly a blues man!

  10. Andrey linov

    there is just One king ..oh yeah David Gilmour...

  11. Suvarna Chauhan

    R.I.P BB king

  12. Mike Yeary

    Man, could you imagine getting to play on that stage, with those giants?

  13. Brooklyn Ann

    2:34 BB mouths "Damn" at Gilmours solo. Awwwww!

  14. Stefano


  15. Jeffrey Harper

    This is the most magnificent band ever. I would love to have band like this behind me.

  16. swingonthespiral

    I think BB was afraid david was gonna steal his thunder. Not that many people could do that, but you have to watch out, david might just have more soul.

  17. Derryl James

    Fantastic legends, love it! BB K has soul in his finger tips.

  18. Owen Gardiner

    Gilmour is my favourite guitarist but he should of went for a dirty sound on this not a floyd sound

    Mike Yeary

    Owen Gardiner You don't invite David to play something that he's not. You invite him, because you want him to add "his sound".

  19. Flacid House

    Gilmour shouldn't invite this comparison.

  20. Kitty Vaughn

    Great video!

  21. Mark O'Cain

    As weird as it sounds, I prefer the "Tommy" treatment


    Not weird in the least. That was an iconic scene (and Clapton's solo was superb).

  22. amorosso

    lets give some love to the band too and the drummer , solid and groovy fat and tasteful sound

  23. Lucia Perez

    Grandes músicos una delicia escucharlos geniales

  24. jeff furlong

    I almost want to say no one makes it look easier than BB

  25. jeff furlong

    With BB and DG someone is going to have to lay back. Respect your elders. Now let me listen to these jams.....

  26. Jeff Stewart

    Sweet BB and Honey Gilmore. I never knew of this collaboration. Thank You for the upload.......

  27. Vinicius Braçale

    muito foda hahaha.. bom d+

  28. getulio Pacau

    cara isso é Bom demais!!!!!!!

  29. Hanni Bal

    sir davide

  30. silvio lovato

    very Good!

  31. Anderson Nunes

    só faltou o Hendrix para os meus guitarristas favoritos👏

  32. Dave V

    Great stuff. But B.B. said that Peter Green was the only white guitarist who made him sweat.

    Donna Rawiri

    Peter Green is a great guitarist and singer...nice of B. B. to say that about him

  33. gabriel fernandez

    los dos unos genios ya se sabe, pero la banda suena de la puta madre. perfecta

  34. Carlos Eugenio

    2 gênios!Descanse em paz,B.B King

  35. Francisco Daniel Quesada Melian

    David Gilmour, the master

  36. Kanek toltecatl

    David the best guitar

  37. Francois Froge

    Great !!!

  38. Giuseppe Piccirillo

    Dave the best of Guitar!!.

    Tom Coffin

    Giuseppe Piccirillo every video

    Giuseppe Piccirillo

    @Tom Coffin
     No few times change ...

    Tom Coffin

    Giuseppe Piccirillo What other bands do you like? We seem to see each other on a few vids

    Giuseppe Piccirillo

    @Tom Coffin
     Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Queen, Dare Straits, Quiet Riot "but only with Randy Rhoads," Dokken, Deep Purple, ecc.ecc.all with valid Groups Guitarists, but body hair Who makes me straighten is just Gilmour! .

    Flacid House

    He's like third best on that stage.

  39. Gretchen Souza


  40. Vin Cinquetti


  41. Rick Willoz

    Will be a classic

  42. Kristen Smith

    Two of my favourite guitarists of all time! Legends.


    Kristen Smith I never meet a woman that said what you just said .. I been married with the wrong woman for 20 years lol.. Its an honor to see your post beautiful lady ..I wish you the best..

    Pellegrino Fuzz

    add me on IG @fu77y

  43. Google Music Channel

    bb king & david gilmour - eyesight to the blind (later 01-01-98) video

  44. Diego Vera

    everybody is forgetting to Jools Holland.

  45. D Bone

    Big Thanks to Jools Holland for making it all possible!!!!!

  46. mefff

    The 3rd guitarrist has the happiest face ever 2:23

    Will Morris

    He's playing with two of the greatest guitarists of all time.

    Ryan Heifferon

    +ResPaWn1911 haha i'd be the same way!


    He is living a dream.

  47. Hereforagood Solo

    What a classy man BB King was. Always dressed like a true bluesman, never the lazy t-shirt and jeans. People of this kind are slowly dying out.

  48. Milo Ventimiglia

    Duas lendas do rock/blues

  49. TheARB1982

    David Gilmour detona!

  50. alex GONÇALVES

    Quarteto Fantastico Steve Ray+ B.B + Eric Clapton + Joe Bonamassa     Já PENSOU

  51. Aaron Sokolowski

    One of these men started the book on truly playing the electric guitar, the other one finished it.


    Gilmour is one great among many greats, so... nah.

  52. Dion Grimes

    R.I.P. B.B. King.   Your legend will live on.

  53. J Leon 723

    RIP Mr BB King.

  54. Dean Rutter

    No pressure Dave, no pressure....

  55. Arthur Donna


  56. emrah ovacık

    bbking'in  eline fena veriyor burda..armut gibi kaldı herif..

    Umut Yeşil

    Yok be abi öyle deme david en iyisidir ama bb king'in de bi klası vardır :D

  57. Giuseppe Piccirillo

    That Entertainment!!.

  58. M.J. F.C.

    Puro espectaculo de dos maestros de la guitarra 

  59. Urua Campos

    BB King and David Gilmour, uma mistura mais que perfeita


    Great perform! Wow!

  61. Iuri Schillaci


    Sara Sampaio


  62. jebacini1

    he is king

  63. Ellen Diane

    wonderful- thanks;)

  64. cielo azul

    ooohhh yessssss  let's do it now ,,, swinging !!!!!

  65. Rob Dan

    two kings together!

  66. cer garcia

    gilmour the justin  bieber of blues lol!

    cer garcia

    guitar player (aka ) 1992

    Jordan Hunsberger

    +cer garcia Cer Garcia; The epitome of current music critics.


    I wish your parents slept that night.....

    Tanchok Dewan

    David is rocker he is blues..........David has unforgettable music so does bbk

    Nicolas G.

    Gilmour and the one who shall not be named must not be put in the same sentence.

  67. dema mdq

    DB AND BBKING!!!!!!! 
    Just enjoy..... !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Betty Wilmott

    Awesome vid - a guy as amazing as David Gilmour dwarfed by the nuance of the king on Lucille - this is when you see what it really takes to be a great blues man - total humility, skill and above all heart - love you BB - love you DG… would have been humbling experience I'm sure.

    Oliver Harket

    Apparently bb king once said to gilmour whilst he was jamming some blues "you sure you ain't from Memphis?" Its something like that I'm kind of paraphrasing

  69. Terry Quesenberry

    SHESUS! Can't you See?TQ

  70. Diego Andrés Díaz Aguilar


  71. Miguel Angel Prieto

    different styles ,,, can´t compare Robert Fripp to Page or Clapton or Hendrix ... They are so good in their styles. and it´s not depending of the colour of the skin.

  72. Piggy-218

    5 Bieber and Swift fans...dont get THE BLUES

  73. heyjoe1963

    Gilmour not only can play what a tone!! I am sick of BB King talking the light strings are the way to go, Well BB just get a few of the Stevie Ray V. CD's and listen what 13 heavy string will do to your tone...Pretty incredible is it....Billy Gibbons stop listen to BB also and go back to the Marshall SLP amp with 10 or 11's thru your Les Paul...What does BB know about tone...Is a respectable Blues Player but tone was never is strength...I LOVE YOU BB you are still the KING of the blues.

  74. osummuso

    12 Bar ain't Gilmour's thang!

  75. osummuso

    Somebody tell Holland he can't play worth a duck and should shut up?

  76. Michelle Rose

    I went to a Gibson Guitars clinic in 1979, when they released their new active-electronics line. B.B. was the chief demo guy and three Gibson executives were in the back-up band. (Really) They jammed and it was pretty good, but the best part was when we lined up to get a autograph from B.B. I didn't want his autograph. Instead, when it was my turn, I asked him: "Can I see your hands?" He grinned ear to ear, held them out, and I held them in mine. I was holding history in my hands. Unforgettable.

  77. donangry

    Sure I have, they're not in the "best" catagory and certainly not better than Gilmour.

  78. Leandro Arruda

    david guilmor modesto como sempre!

  79. BackRowRacing98

    2:40, screw it I don't feel like playing!

  80. Akira

    epic blues with two legends !!!

  81. Cora Visser

    is as usual amazing wonderfull.

  82. MrWolfieplum

    In the best versions of the best Blues tracks... There's Jools Holland.

  83. Britt Wadley

    Nobody has better guitar tone than David Gilmour!

  84. donangry

    All the best guitarists are white. He was probably admiring how much better Gilmour is.

  85. gallagherii

    Well yeah probably I'm not quite respectful with the blues history by saying that. But I have heard that lick hundreds of times in hands of David Gilmour and every time I hear the first thing that pops into my mind is "GILMOUR", although I was practically sure he did not invent that hah. Thanks for the info.

  86. godosh

    it's actually very texas bluesish.
    way before him. but he does justice and makes it his own everytime he uses it.

  87. theMstanglover

    I don't think there is a guitarist who doesn't have a face. I never even notice it.

  88. gallagherii

    That lick @ 2:16-2:21 is gilmourish.

  89. Jeff Ball

    David Gilmour & BB King covering Sonny Boy Williamson II! Pete & Eric & many, many others covered him too.

  90. Paul Boughton

    Unbelievable. The stars aligned for you that day.

  91. Francis Burns

    Bad ass David Guilmour! his version of blues sounds pure space rock!

  92. AnToZ1213

    David Gilmore and BB King covering Pete Townsend and Eric Clapton??? God damn I am in a bluesy paradise!!!

  93. TheJulie720

    LMAO Good Point!!! I haven't, actually, but I get what you're saying :o)

  94. Eric Curry

    Ever have a mirror while aking love, You would laugh.

  95. gorillazhead

    It's called a wheel chair bro.

    You don't need legs to play guitar.