Bautista, Christian - Tell Me Your Name Lyrics

Tell me your name you're lovely
Please tell me your name
Just when I thought
This would be one of those boring games

You walked into these feelings
You looked at me and smiled
My heart unfroze and started going wild

Can you imagine this
The confusion of first loves kiss
A return to wondering
If the magic of love was this
You merely said hello
And my mind did a stop and go
Can it possibly be
The future for me is you...
Tell me your name
I must know
Won't you tell me your name
I'm not insane
Just frightened that you might go
Don't go please stay beside me...
Wait until I can tell you all my schemes
Chasing rainbows, spinning dreams
Finding someone to love like you...

I'm not insane
Just frightened that you might go
Don't go please stay beside me
Just wait until
I can tell you all my schemes
Chasing rainbows, spinning dreams
Tell me please your name...
Tell me...

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Bautista, Christian Tell Me Your Name Comments
  1. SLmindset

    December 2019

  2. dee maglente

    Please tell me your name? 😁

  3. Leo Paoulo Corpus

    Putangina mo Christian ang alam mo lang magrevived ng kanta gumawa ka ng sarili mong kanta Gago

  4. Marky Bayona

    Gusto ko yung version ni Christian Bautista gusto ko din kay Jose Mari Chan version.

    Ang galing.

  5. Yuuki Yamamoto

    who is the girl? wasnt she famous in EatBulaga long time ago?

  6. iXon

    Ano po name ng girl ?

  7. Arkham Mahara

    Jose Mari Chan.. brought me here🤣

  8. Loidalyn Quindara

    I love all the songs of Christian Bautista

  9. strawberry smiggles

    Shet. I remember when I was like Grade 1 or 2, the first time i watched this was on tv. The only line I kept singing was “tell me your name.” Gosh, I had such a big crush on Christian.

  10. Gerard Christian Campo

    Wtf, I feel so old. 9 yrs ago

  11. Joshua Catangay

    So relaxing music

  12. Oracle T.Lourince

    i love this music .
    i sing this if im sad

  13. Lets See

    They call me Hell
    They call me Stacey
    They call me her
    They call me Jane
    That's not my name
    That's not my name
    That's not my name
    That's not my name
    They call me 'quiet' girl
    But I'm a riot
    Always the same
    That's not my name
    That's not my name
    That's not my name
    That's not my name

  14. catcha getcha

    Paula Taylor who is well known actress in Thailand.I like her smile.Cute.

  15. Chelle Masilang

    I luv this song very much and also christian bautista

  16. LEA WG-NG

    Hello, asian Erique! Are you still singing heartbreaking songs now? Shall you cover some "speed" songs too like Enrique Inglesias? ^^

  17. Lim Lim

    My name is Rain.😊😍

  18. Anely Guadalupe

    My name is Anely Guadalupe,,for short Ann naughty and spoiled daughter

  19. Jeremy Kirbz

    2018 anyone?

  20. Elmar Jake Gecale. EJAY. LOVEl


  21. Jhake Zen Sto.Tomas

    I love this song...and I don't know what to do when ever she near to me..When I ask her name..then she answer me..her name is Jennelyn..but we're just sad...more than friends is all want to her

  22. Michelle Torres

    Tell me your name 2009-2018?

  23. Jose Edwin Bagac Jr.


  24. Miikrean

    Paula so beautiful♡♡

  25. Norma Braza

    Wow! I am proud of you my former student . GOD bless you more!!!

  26. Marvin Marmolejo

    Nice video & good sweet voice.

  27. Frank Chen

    my namez jeff

  28. จุ๋มจิ๋ม ที่ริมบึง

    พอลล่า สวยมาก

  29. Lighthouse Pictures

    Asian girls like smart guys while white girls like stupid muscle guys

  30. Bea Dacut

    Favorite song since then. Until now. <3

    Jerwin Recla

    Nice all music

  31. Debbie Maron

    im not interested haha...

  32. Riah Zeah

    Paula Taylor brought me here ❤😍 never thought she'd been in PH 😰 i was so young then huhu

  33. starlight star bright

    great one

  34. Sany Margareta

    realy realy like this song....

  35. Susi Susi

    dedicated this song for my beloved man LEO


    Rosalyn joy mondido ❤❤❤

  37. Jaime Gasendo

    this,,,song,,,,im,,,dedicated,,,to,,my crush,,,my,,idol,,,idol,,,,frm,,cyril,,,nobis,,,sophia,,,,,,,

  38. Cyril Nobis

    the best song,,, to my crush,,,,,,,ds song is fr you,,, charity,,,alonso,,,

  39. Vivid asalamu alaikum hamdan thap Arashi

    So handsome so beautiful are u so fantastis music video i love it good looking yo i love u so handsome singer thank u so beautiful voice u have i like listen it ehmm so cool yes cool i am


    I love this Song

  41. Marieta Alicante

    @sMarietacueMencato recordarla otravezgbyo.

  42. cherry ann tagalicud

    ka inlove!

  43. Jaime Gasendo


  44. Jonas Salapar


  45. mujer hombres

    he has a great voice 😍😍😍😍... flawless😚

  46. Mikeru Saiyan

    i like this song version soft cool

  47. amy amy

    you are one of my male singer idol...

  48. Ayalyn Enoc

    hi,Christian your song is my favorite

  49. johnpatrick Estuita

    tell me your name you lovely.. you look at me and smile.. my heart melt.. im not insane.. plz tell me you're name.. bcuz im afraid that you might go.. plz tell me your name.. hahahaha

  50. gorgeous tan

    tell me your name crush ko😍

  51. Mitch Magno

    my name is mitch ....

  52. nitiya prihatina

    cristian my name is tia, congratulation you find me 😊😊

  53. epiphany

    What the... How did I get here?


    +epiphany lmao same here

    Arrow OX

    Ikr lol


    super going tlga ng voice ni Christian.. one of my fave singers..God bless☺🎤🎶👏👏👏

  55. mary D

    hi cristian bautista..i like ur aĺl song!

  56. Pamela Tadoy


  57. Mehk ilyas

    He's got a calm voice and it's smooth unlike other singers 👍🌹

  58. Mindy C

    Her name is Paula Taylor

  59. Nicle Reyes

    He is not Gay! You are gay b*tch

  60. Travis Yap

    Her name is ..... Jeff

  61. MC Kaze

    MY NAME'S JEFF!!!!!

  62. tia티아

    My name's Jeff!

  63. Blessed 94

    My name is jeff

  64. PabloPilar TVHD

    My name is Jeff

  65. Nate Mate

    like if "my name is jeff" brought you here

    sachin pawar

    Perfect :D

    Lei Men

    Im curious, Is that telenovela,movie or story in a book?

    josh sorevitnac

    @Lei Men hereXD

  66. Sally Roberto

    Beautiful song tell me,

  67. Ronie Velasquez

    Bills payment just tell me your name..

  68. john hermie Campana

     napaka gwapo ko talaga ^_^

    galeleo galelei

    hindi ka nanaman nkainom ng gamot mo. yan tuloy kung anu ano nanaman sinasabi mo...papasok ulit kita sa mental.

  69. Macel Amamio

    tell me his Name... ^ ^

    galeleo galelei

    bogart po..

    Macel Amamio

    hahaha :D

    galeleo galelei

    @Macel Amamio
    ano number mo macel?

    Nicle Reyes



    @Macel Amamio Jeff

  70. Cady Styles

    i really really love your voice Christian Bautista  ❤ ❤

  71. Anne Ludlow


  72. Miraj QT

    pretty voice i love this song . also pretty girl and a handsome singer .

  73. Pastor Baltonado

    The voice so cool to listen.... Just relaxing all day... Love to play again & again

  74. Anne leighme RM

    such a sweet sweet voice... i knew it from the start, that Christian will be A BIG Artist!!!!   from the moment he joined a singing contest he is so amazing!!! more revivals and songs for U Idol!!!!

  75. Noah Rivas Pilapil

    wow such a sweet voice, it reallymade me feel in love wit christian

  76. anthony sanson

    i love this song...super...idol...


    Sweet & Romantic, the kind of music always needed, "come rain or come shine"....

  78. HollywoodFan21 ( Luis Villavicencio )

    It is a cool performance of: Christian Bautista.

  79. momarbanguih

    I LOVE IT...

  80. Sincere

    It is amazing... He is so real, so sincere in every song he sings... :)
    That what a songs should be: kind, sweet, and full of love...

  81. osmel abdul

    wow., like me christian bautista sure got a lot of dates. the only difference is waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy more prettier than mine :D

  82. Amonalia Poonoo

    I just know her acting this music video
    I love your smile Paula ...

  83. Amonalia Poonoo

    Her is Thai actress
    Paula she's so beautiful

  84. Phạm Hào

    I really like his voice..

  85. Christian Job

    me too. team from thailand

  86. Sahara Corvera Abdullah

    so far, the music video was great.. Christian looks so handsome..

  87. Grace Mares


  88. bryan misterkyut

    surmanyag suhin

  89. jason lozada

    ganda talga ilang olit kuna pinanood eto

  90. fulashet

    Great remake from the Jose Mari Chan version.

  91. Bakalakala b

    paula taylor is really beauiful . First saw her on the "amazing race asia"