Bautista, Christian - I Can Love You Easy Lyrics

We've been connected all this time
By an invisible string attached
From your heart to mine
We circle the obvious like
Satellites that roam around the earth
No. I'm never gonna let you go.

I can love you easy
If you give me the chance
Suddenly we feel so close
And it happens so fast
Let's take tonight
This heart can't lie believe me
Baby I can love you easy.

I hear you speak
And it's like a song
The funny thing is
I think we both knew it all along
We circle each other just like
Children on a crowded carousel
Oh, it's a story we have to tell.

[Repeat chorus]

We got so used to thinking
That one is always far
Love has a way of knowing
Exactly where you are.

[Repeat chorus]

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Bautista, Christian I Can Love You Easy Comments
  1. Charles Paul

    Minus one please

  2. Kenneth Santua

    it reminds me of my ex-gf before when i hear this song..

  3. Wilfredo Aninipot

    I was looking for a minus one or karaoke version too but I can't find one. :(

  4. Leonard Angeles

    Sana my minus 1 nito! ang ganda kase ng melody at ng lyrics nakabagbag damdamin!