Bassnectar - Vava Voom Lyrics

Vava Voom, into the room
This the tune
Bada-bing bada-boom

[Hook x2]
Ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay
Vava Voom, into the room
This the tune
Bada-bing bada-boom

[Verse 1: Lupe Fiasco]
Live my life on fast forward
Feet up on that dashboard
Hands up off that steering wheel
Call that shit a crash course
I ain't takin' no class for it
Nickname used to be Fast Porsche
Why I gotta be so bad for
A hundred times on that blackboard
Reminisce on my school days
Mama like LL Cool J's
Drunk off all them punches
He gon' need like two A's
(Ay, ay) Wake 'em up in like two days
Tell him he can have his bike back
But I really really like my new chain

[Hook x2]
Ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay
Vava Voom, into the room
This the tune
Bada-bing bada-boom

[Verse 2: Lupe Fiasco]
Live my life like I do
Her high heels on my side views
My eyes peeled for the 5-0
My horse power match my IQ
Light speed engage
My wifey's called 'gettin' paid'
My old chick was called 'minimum wage'
And my side piece is called 'getting a raise'
My wrist watch be so hypnotizing
My starship be so enterprisin'
My transports be so energizing
We disappear when we next beside 'em
They love my verses, they memorize 'em
I don't even write 'em down, I improvise 'em
My ideas be IED's that West Side what I'm emphasizin' (let's go!)

[Hook x2]
Ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay
Vava Voom, into the room
This the tune
Bada-bing bada-boom

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Bassnectar Vava Voom Comments
  1. Hannah Gould

    2019. Still a fucking rage

  2. Erick Kyle

    Daummmmmm bruh highschool right here I remember when downloading was a thing on phones

  3. Chrysavgi Kounadini

    Αυτό το χαζοτραγουδο μου ξύνει τα άντερα +1 greeks

  4. Jemm A

    Drunk off all dem punishes

  5. Mango Kush

    vava vroom

  6. Spawny_95

    🦋👁🦋 BASSNECTAR 🦋👁🦋

  7. Nic Zanko

    Love this track...but how about some originality? The drop was hard, but...uhh..

  8. David Polyakov

    Who's hear in 2018?

  9. jesse duperron

    How can someone dislike this!?

  10. R.l.P.

    this song damn

  11. Backyard Bully

    This shit right here nigga?

  12. Drex Machine

    The bass drop ruined this.

  13. Little Kitten

    The melody and sounds in this make me feel like my brain is melting lmao


    subbed back!

  15. A. Cookie

    That bass after the drop tho...

  16. Xeno Foxx

    This shit makes me wanna skate.

  17. Marcos Alejandro

    1.25 play!!


    Here for 2:45

  19. Ariel L

    Ayeeee throwbackkk

  20. Alex Booth

    I like the bit with the cuckoo

  21. JahanDraws

    crap. I'm here from a sssniperwolf video.

  22. Code Fish

    God I listened to this when I was 12 haha

    Brian Haley

    So what now your 17?

  23. Mydick Inyouranus

    This will always get me grooving

  24. Mike

    hsxjsusu. aid zivdicvwi hejxdjbozbwiskfksjw

  25. Morgan Weazy

    Heard this at the strip club last night

    Exalted Nevaeh

    Good strip club then.

  26. pkicks12

    Do not play this song while driving lol

  27. Stephanie A

    oomf used to dance to this song, and it literally always set the mood for the night. #moneymakingsong

  28. Yatty Yat

    loud first thing in the morning because fuck them neighbors. had to listen to dueling white trash meth heads until 3 am...WAKE UP BITCHES> VA VA VOOM!!!


    Ending is the best part

    Exalted Nevaeh

    Well, if you like dubstep.

  30. Bryan Agostini

    Xgames commercial 😉

    Abbey Ulen

    Awesome i love this song!

  31. Seaner 69

    this is a great song for a Friday night party

  32. Bee Long

    yeah huh jigga

  33. Zakin

    Back in the days

  34. Heather Trapp


  35. Hannah Miller

    favorite song ❤

  36. DDG 28


  37. TheUnexpected6

    suddenly my woofer became a fan.

  38. TheGlovebox

    "my horse power match my IQ" sorry bro, but that just means your car sucks

    a pimp named slickback

    horsepower of a bicycle. with a motor


    Lol that's a funny interpretation I just figured it meant he had a 1100 iq (;

    Tyler Jay Ozment

    TheGlovebox can’t tell if you’re calling him stupid or you’re stupid

    Jon Ruiz

    I meann.....he did say "lightspeed" afterwards, so the other way around that would make him the smartest being alive lol

    Aidan Mandude

    Hyperbole is a frequent english language tool used in rap. You must be new here!

  39. Achromaniac

    If this song had another verse or ended @2:17 I'd be so much better.


    th ending is the best fucking part of the song lmao


    experience that shit live before you talk smack, it's a big beautiful wall of bass

    Jacob Nolan

    leave out the best part ?

  40. AlexanderMTG

    This the type of some song cool people would put on while their having a rave at a huge music venue, while eating psilocybin mushrooms on top of MDMA crystals and shit. . I dunno, it just has that kind of vibe for me...

    Garlic, Bacon, & Broccoli

    Well... yeah.


    A salute to Captain Obvious

  41. 13th Drop

    Shoah, this shit is FUCKING crazy!

  42. Bianca Gallegos



    im victor gallegos

    Bianca Gallegos

    +gokugohan9000 are we related?

    Exalted Nevaeh

    Hey, nice taste in music. 👍 (checked out your channel on a whim)

  43. Seth Bell

    the only dissappointment bassnectar made..

    Exalted Nevaeh

    Matter of opinion.

  44. Insanity Mindset

    Vava Voom inside my tits

  45. Frank Perry

    This the type of song some rich teen would put on while he's having a huge party at his mansion, while sniffing coke off the asscracks of hookers and shit. I dunno, it just has that kind of tune for me...

    Alec Trujillo

    cocaine is wack. we have hookers shoot heroin into our arms now. get with the times.

    Jonathan Moose

    Frank Perry thank u for when I have my next party sniffin' coke off hooker ass,this will be the recommended banger

    Robert Carver

    It sounds like it's a Seth Rogan Jay Baruchel drug scene

    Lucas Kroon

    More like boyracers.. and that's pretty much what it is actually about in the lyrics


    Alec Trujillo Heroin is lame. The high sucks and then you die

  46. XxPandaManxX 21

    true dat Squillium M

  47. Nick Chorbajian

    awesome song plzzzz send me a free copy

  48. NInnis

    El paco es bueno...

  49. m.c1arke_

    Alexander Gustafson highlights brought me here

  50. Patriarch Wolff

    punch me in the face.. please

    Vortex P&G

    Ok lets go boy :D

  51. ayeLynxZ `

    so cool

  52. Андрей Гайдук

    Bassnectar знает своё дело, красава!!!!!!!

  53. milk junior

    This is fucking lit

  54. KieranPlaysHD

    A$AP would of made this.

  55. Zext

    puppey - like a boss

  56. ozz motik

    for all the people discussing the genre classification, the liner notes of the vava voom album state that bassnectar in his opinion was just basically releasing a compilation of what was, in his opinion, "bass music". not any strict bass-oriented subgenre such as trap, or dubstep, or whatever. just good old fashioned bass.

    and feel that shit pump doe
    the melodic synths are fucking crazy chaotic and so mind warping, the drums are pumping like a brickwall limiter had output pumped up to 11, and the bass is fucking crisp, chunky, and gnarly af

    while there are certain compositional techs that are reminiscent of different dub-influenced subgenres, at the end of the day, it's just a dope bass track written in half time, which is probably the only similarity it shares with dubstep, other than a heavy modulated bassline

    and before someone says but wait there's a drop, drops exist in all fashions of music, serving different purposes; eg a metalcore breakdown serves similar structural purposes to the "dubstep drop", but really all it is is a build-up of musical tension that is suddenly and immediately released, and then a transition to a new musical phrase.

    anyways, all that aside, it's an epic song, and i feel so lucky i copped the album from a bargain bin for 50 cents. all the tracks are fucking ace, but this one really deserved to be the album opener, and album namer at that.

    that isn't even going into the witticisms that Lupe is capable of, and how effortlessly his performance energy vibes with the overall track, but that's a comment for another day

    this has been your lesson in musical interpretation, structure, and classification.

    now stfu and enjoy the god damn song for the work of beauty and art it is.

    <3, oz

    Ashlee Nicole

    very well said :)

  57. ButterflyBassHead

    Lorin is our Bass God. So amped for SSMF and Dancefestopia this year!

    Nine Inch Rails

    Summerset was dope!

  58. kaarle tuomi


  59. Shimo

    what ever this genre is it sux man titties


    too hard for ya, eh ?

    jack cornelius

    @Prydestalker lol


    +Forsty Eos you obviously dont have robot ears

  60. Survivor @PSN

    Any one else think this song belongs in BFH?

  61. Jimmy Amsden

    This is the SHIZNIT

  62. Manic saturn

    bruh.. these with skull candy crushers (bass all the way up) is like wow.. k more like da,mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeee

  63. Kronos Phaaze

    Bassnecter for president :D

    Jimmy Amsden

    @Kronos Phaaze Id vote for him.

    Wolf Gaming

    If bassnectar was president, then that would suck because the CIA wouldnt let him preform at concerts due to his security.

  64. Random Trainer X.

    love listening to Bassnectar whether it's cause i'm bored or playing games or what not

  65. Jake Bowness

    This is gonna be my lacrosse pump up song fuck yes

  66. Danny Hood

    Nectar's instrumentals are real  Splattered in space  whatever chill , this I don't feel.  Outside to make dope deal 

    Pablo Escalante

    Danny Hood do you fucking English

  67. Sawier

    my speakers test track :D

    Alva S.

    And Emalkay When I Look At You

  68. GokhanUltimate

    This is the SHIT!!!!!!!!

  69. stephaniebayne

    Aye aye aye!!

  70. Bianca Divito

    ello ppl

  71. Soul-De-La-Tech

    "drunk off all them punches he gon need like 2 eh's(nudges), wake him up in 2 days tell him he can have his bike back but i really like my new chain" damn lupe


    it means he beat him up ( "drunk off all them punches") and took his chain and his bike but returned the bike but he is going to keep the chain since he likes it


    Also, he says "he gon need like 2 A's" (A.A, alcoholic anonymous) dudes my favorite lyricist


    +Soul-De-La-Tech sound like he qouting the movie Friday, after deebo beats up red, steals his bike and his chain after getting knocked the F out

  72. Squillium M

    Ending sucks, the rest is gradeA shit

    Jon Jon

    +Trevor Houdek
    fo riiiiilllll


    +Squillium M If you think that then you are 3:12. haha its experimental, and i think its dope.

    Inspired by festival

    Guess you never heard it live

    Widgeon the Pigeon

    Don't knock it if you've never been to a live set

  73. Nick Brown

    Sick Bass!

  74. alex thompson

    basslights needs to hurry up omg

  75. xx Ana

    This song is the tits

    Viktor Vaughn

    @Gretchh So Fetch  fish tacos...

  76. AYST

    Ey ey va va voom... O.o ..deadzombie

  77. Rjdguymysteryxxx

    I heard this on a game or movie once...

  78. Lord Densel Michel

    Awsome SHIZZLE first time i heard this....and its already two years old!!

  79. diet

    this song is responsible for so many speeding tickets ;___;

    Amanda Wood

    I got in a car accident when i was listening to this song when i was blackout drunk...

    B-rad Gee

    And noise violations lol

  80. Kaylem Mann

    Bassnector deserved 2 Mil+ subscribers, and that's no shit

  81. Mistty Coats

    its the tone bata bang bata boom

  82. Austyn Brannan

    Man this is the real shit it's hella raw

  83. Kip Lutu

    dubstep suck as does this song


    Older than you. :)


    No thank you, since im 9 years younger than Bassnectar.


    Oh you hurt me so much.

    Trevor Houdek

    lol did you just pigeon hole Bassnectar as dubstep? you think this shit is just "sounds and beats on a computer?" that you never have to write a note or pick up an instrument?? BWHAHAHAHAHA! you ignorant slob!

    greg nubody

    throw the dog off then jump.

  84. icikle666

    Great song until the weird ass robot dubstep drops.

    Lord Leo

    You don't know the first thing about dubstep, do you?


    I know that the sound robots fucking each other shouldn't be a part of this song with the first part of it being awesome. Thanks for playing though.

    Kevin Hobbs

    Yeah bassnectar is better at trap and techno, his dubstep fucking sucks lmao.

  85. Necrow

    Anyone else go to Niki Minaj's video while trying to get here?

    Freddie Longshore-Neate

    F'n nicki minaj

  86. Adrianna Nelson

    I love playing this when I need to zoom through traffic

  87. Juan López

    This is a shit!!!

  88. Monique Revera

    Nice B)

  89. Nightneroun

    This shit need to be played in the clubs

    Stuart West

    @Caesar Ravines plays in my town all the time

    php storm

    +Nightneroun you don't get it bruh, ppl like drake are better at making music.


    @php storm im talking about beats man 

    php storm

    @Nightneroun Yea, I'm joking. Talking over music is not making music.


    php storm if that's the case then explain country music..

  90. Steve Private

    IT'S A TRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #thisnasty , #thisnasty , #allnight  

  91. Anderson M

    too raw

  92. 7Remedy

    Bass bass bass !!!!

  93. R X B

    This beat is too fucking raw. I'm adding it to my workout playlist.

    Komatose MKDOA

    Go Saints tho. <3

    Oscar Hernandez

    same bruh

  94. Jax The Ripper 115

    very sick song

    BASSNECTER ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!