Bassey, Shirley - Something Lyrics

Ooooohhhhhh, uhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhh

Something in the way he moves
Attracts me like no other lover
Something in the way he woos me

I don't want to leave him now
You know I believe him how

Somewhere in his smile, he knows
That I don't need no other lover
Something in his style that shows me

I don't want to leave him now
You know I believe him how

You're asking me will my love grow
I don't know, I don't know
You stick around now, it may show
I don't know, I don't know

Something in the way he knows
And all I have to do is think of him
Something in the things he shows me

Don't want to leave him now
You know I believe him how

You're asking me will my love grow
I don't know, I don't know
You stick around now, it may show
I don't know, I don't know

Something in the way he moves
Something in the way he knows
Something in the way he smiles

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Bassey, Shirley Something Comments
  1. William Ruy

    The best version all time .................................

  2. Rex Freeman

    This sounds like it should be the original.

  3. Teresa Hope Miller

    classy Lady ! My husband has taste.

  4. Angel Montelava Diaz

    Tawag ng tanghalan nanay violeta brings me here... grabe perfect pagkakanta ni nanay violeta at the age of 70.. buset na gary v to ehhh...

  5. Johan Lebbing

    I adore all the versions, but Shirley nailed this song.

  6. Allan Osborne

    there is nobody like our shirl

  7. lior paz


  8. Lucia Sellek

    No Body like Shirley...

  9. Debra Mermouti

    Stunning ❤️

  10. Ian Kenrick

    think this is one the examples where the cover version is better than the original prefer this jazzed up version too the original beatles version

  11. saintstephensoundwel

    Only Shirley could even have attempted to cover George's true masterpiece of a song - that and The Carpenters versions of a few of the Beatles songs and 'Cocker' of course whose outrageous version of 'the bathtoom window' was mesmerising!

  12. Debbie Williamson

    Was dads fave song, didnt use to like it. I do now love the lyrics and SB amazing voice

  13. Mookie Spindlehurst

    Frank Sinatra said that this gem penned by George Harrison was the greatest love song ever written, and often featured it in his live act.
    It is the second most recorded Beatles song, after "Yesterday." Others recorded "Something"; Dame Shirley Bassey NAILED IT!
    Milton Moore

    Raymond Kitchen

    Sinatra said his favorite Lennon/McCartney song was 'Something'. lmao

  14. MrSleepyoc

    Powerful rendition by a powerful singer....Shirley Bassey is a great of the 20th Century.

  15. William Ruy

    The Queen

  16. comicmania2008

    Nobody can sing this as good as Shirley did! Fantastic song and orchestral arrangement!

  17. Ian Kenrick

    think this is a better cover version than compared too the beatles original

  18. mick dempsey

    Yes, SB is phenomenal - but what about the musical arrangement. Absolutely transcendent.


    Couldn't agree more.


    It's unbelievable.

  19. willdakabanana

    Eu amo esta mulher e suas canções.

  20. willdakabanana

    Sou apaixonado, me remete a uma nostalgia inigualável. Linda linda linda...

  21. Be Free

    Sie is singing about the black sun and the sun

  22. lorraine smith

    There are great singers....and then there is Shirley....she is in a class of her own....absolutely brilliant.

  23. hallam gittens

    YouTube it's time to get a love button

  24. lisa renshall

    The finest version of a beautiful song by far .html

  25. Shaun Bailey

    Dame Shirley Bassey did it better than the Beatles

    Fredrik Jelkefors

    Indeeed.. She is my favorite

  26. John Stevens

    I remember listening to this great cover of the Beatles song on KOY AM 55 a legendary MOR station many, many years ago. Thanks for posting it.

  27. samir samir

    you knew i am a 50 years old male , first time i heard her song i was 23 and no girlfriend but she made me feel like thirst lover in a fictional world i never forget oh my god

  28. samir samir

    so poetics and sensitive always dream of you

  29. jchopra

    You have to search hard through the pages of music to find anyone who sing like her.

  30. Timolucas

    there are voices and there are Voices

  31. Cristian Varon

    Love it!

  32. Miss Clark

    Never disappoints

  33. sirKEVIN John DAVIES. KT.


  34. Rob Paukovits

    Fantastic version of this song it sends shivers through your body . Dai iawn Shirley

  35. Iam UrieL

    ***** GOD is *SOMETHING*  ,,, Oh Heavens upon Earth,  YES indeed >  GOD is *SOMETHING*  ...  So what actually "is"  *SOMETHING* ? ? ? .... Well , with Pure Child-like innocence I can Surely say that  *SOMETHING*  used to be just (a thing )  , a tiny, tiny , tiny ,  teeny , teeny , teeny , weeny , weeny , weeny wee ( thing ) *  ... Then it started FEELING and THINKING ,,,  and when that tiny , teeny , weeny wee (thing )*  started FEELING and THINKING ,  it then started growing and evolving,  and GROWING AND EVOLVING ,  and as it did,  it thought to itself ( I *LOVE* EVOLVING MYSELF )   ... So then it found *LOVE*  of CREATION in itself ... So then *LOVE*  was born and realised in itself ,,, so the GROWING , EVOLVING , CREATIVE LOVE ( thing ) kept expanding and expanding and expanding itself ,  Until the Moment it became ( *SOMETHING*  )  , and not just ( a thing ) anymore  ....  Because Most People can Pin ( a thing ) down ,  or Neutrilize it , or throw it away  ... But you CANT EVER do that with ( *SOMETHING* )  ....  For instance ,  MANY will say that "THE SKY is SOMETHING ",  or "THE SUN is SOMETHING" ,  or "THE OCEAN is SOMETHING" ,  or "THE UNIVERSE is SOMETHING",,, or more Accurately "GOD is SOMETHING"  ,,, oh Heavens upon Earth YES indeed ,,, GOD is ( *SOMETHING* )  , and so it can Only be TRUE that  >  ( *SOMETHING* )  is the GREATEST CREATION that ( a thing ) can Ever Become ,,,,  being so through its FEELING and KNOWING of its *LOVE* of self Growth towards utter *PERFECTION*   :-) G777 :-)  *****


    dude go back on the meds for heavens sake,

    René Meinhardt

    you can spread your stupid god shit elsewhere

  36. יואב בושרי

    זמרת גדולה!!

  37. Samantha Cardoso


  38. Silvia Passe

    Impresionante versión de una de las mejores canciones creada en la historia de la música.


    +Daniela Passe Totalmente de fuera de serie, maravillosa!!!

  39. angelo angelo

    Pure magic!

  40. Ronaldo Chagas

    Excelente.Perfeito.NOTA 10.

  41. Cuervo Luminoso

    A wonderful friend from Suriname has just spotlighted this BEAUTIFUL version!  I thank him and Shirley SO MUCH - And as it is said: "If music be the food of love, PLAY ON!"

  42. Kelvin Klink

    divine version! simply di-vi-ne

  43. Martin juan jose Amadeo y Videla

    que lástima que pasan los años y no tiene hoy nada de aquella mujer que ví y conocí en el Opera


    +Martin juan jose Amadeo y Videla Sigue siendo la misma, cojones.

  44. tony tanner

    Amazing how Shirely Bassey was able to take one of the most iconic Beatles songs and make it her own.  Her emotional delivery and tasteful phrasing is sheer perfection.

    Rich in 212

    May I also add that Frank Sinatra recorded this wonderful song not just once, but twice. Seek out his second recording of it, with the lush Quincy Jones arrangement. It's one of Sinatra's most beautiful, emotional recordings. In other words, great songs will sound great by ANYONE!


    you know I will be very sad when SB dies one day....bur her amazing songs will continue to live on...

    Maldwyn Lindley

    George harrison wrote this one,still a great song after all these years

    Jairinho Mattos

    tony tanner I agree

    Michael Myhill

    Tony Bennett ???

  45. Bumblebert

    HQ recording but taken off a crackling vinyl record

    davyboy smith

    still far superior to cd

    Ashley O'Neill

    How it should be.

    Hywel James

    quality is much of a muchness when listening from Youtube, then via bluetooth or some dodgey docking station

  46. Richard Sharpe

    A family favorite my Grandad always called her Birley Shassey

    Benoit Vanhees

    @Richard Sharpe So you were Sichard Rharpe then ?

    Richard Sharpe

    Nope Benoit always been Richard Sharpe or Dick which I perfer

  47. HackneyShark

    Grew up listening to this. Thanks Mum!

    Nobantu Nobadula

    +HackneyShark You're welcome! lol

  48. 195bishop

    if you like this song listen to sam bailey x factor week 6

  49. susjoh60866

    Always send shivers up my beautiful...

  50. kim sung il

    l know

  51. ERachel P

    So beautiful and sexy, yet heavenly.

  52. sherissa go

    I want to sing along but at the same time i just want to listen to her incredible voice x)

  53. lorret90

    one of the greatest love songs ever writen...and a great version by the one and only shirley bassey...

  54. homer151

    TOP DRAWER ALWAYS 5 star one of greatest voice ever no one comes near
    Happy birthday Dame Shirley 76 you don't look aday of 30

  55. Juan J Marte


  56. 195bishop

    greattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt sorry beatles but shes better than you

    Zapple Yesitsme

    you may be ABSOLUTELY RIGHT with that comment.... i've never seen anyone say that before about THIS song.. and i,m a HUGE BEATLES FAN !!

  57. Ana Silva

    A melhor interpretação de Dame de músicas dos Beattles.
    Incrivel esta versão.

  58. Tarec Palad

    very nice!!!i love shirley bassey!!

  59. Jules Love

    Quite possibly the best version ever recorded. No one beats Bassey when it comes to singing. No one.

    Shaun Bailey

    Jules Love agreed

  60. Dee Sales

    Something in the waay she sings this song, makes me think about my love-er_ _ _

  61. Merv Clarsberg

    Normally I hate beatle covers by other people but this is nice.
    Thumbs up if you agree

  62. MsSarjen

    @Biggl1 This is one of the few songs where I love both versions equally. George always was my favorite song writer of the Beatles, and this is the best imo. So I got to love the way he sings it, but this version is perfect.

  63. jose manuel puga

    solo escuchen , sin comentarios

  64. Derpy Fletch

    YES. A Beatles song covered properly. I love it. <3

  65. shmuli9

    In this pic, Shirley looks rather like Edyie Gorme...

  66. Yrrats

    One example that a cover definitely can add something to an original (which is beautiful too, in a totally different way).

  67. superdavico

    fantastic voice, great song, thank for your upload

  68. CharGuitarGirl

    I love The Beatles & Shirley Bassey's version definitely does it justice, she has a phenomenal voice <3

  69. AL W

    Thx A. I despise judgemental ppl.

    @Frank - PLUS recorded @ Abbey Road. They didn't pick her to record the "007" opening credits for nothing! Totally agree with you.

  70. AL W

    Thx A. I despise judgemental ppl.

  71. S nazeer


  72. AL W

    @TheImpressionable -
    1. My dad played this on his turn table since before I was a teen!
    2. I'm a GIRL!!!
    3. The word is "f.a.g.g.o.t", you non- spelling, illiterate, bigoted, ignorant SOB!

  73. Stefan Epler - Snow

    @tweet0626 faggit

  74. gibbs kr

    mary justs souts the class

  75. pins1952

    She sings this magnificently..........just wonderful

  76. Its a far far better thing

    Takes me back to another place,another time,playing this on an old turn table magic times

  77. mark1968

    Absolutely unique!!!!


    Such a fantastic voice, great

  79. frank d

    @minib1964 love this version of the song written by George Harrison. Also Tony Bennett, Ray Conniff, Robert Goulet, Ed Ames, Johnny Mathis, Steve Lawrence did this song

  80. frank bonini

    is it just me...or does she look a bit like gladys knight in that photo?

  81. Sophia Burrell

    I love shirley bassey songs always

  82. AL W

    I've loved this song by Bassey since I was too little to reach the record player in the 70s. I had to beg family members to play it for me & what do you know; they love it too!!!

  83. Michelle Noil

    I love this song. Especially live.