Bassey, Shirley - Show Must Go On Lyrics

This one I'll never sell, they'll never understand
I don't even sing it well, I try but I just can't
But I sing it every night and I fight to keep it in
Cause this one's for you, this one's for you

I've done a hundred songs from fantasies to lies
But this one's so real for me that I'm that one who cries
And I sing it every night and I fight to hide the tears
Cause this one's for you, this one's for you

This one's for you wherever you are
To say that nothings been the same since we've been apart
This one's for all the love we once knew
Like everything else I have, this one's for you. Oh-uh-oh

I've got it all, it seems, for all it means to me
But I sing of things I miss and things that used to be
And I wonder every night, if you might just miss me too
And I sing for you, I sing for you

This one's for you wherever I go
To say the things I should have said, things that you should know
This one's to say that all I can do
Is hope that you will hear me sing 'cause this one's for you. Oh-uh-oh

This one's for you wherever you are
To say that nothings been the same since we've been apart. Oh
This one's for all the love we once knew

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Bassey, Shirley Show Must Go On Comments
  1. Mohamad Bali

    One of the best in music

  2. Victoria Salvan

    Yes the show must go on.

  3. Valentino Perra

    sarà contento freddie di sentirti ,bravissima

  4. Hossaen Zarei

    Queen laft the best song for everyone

  5. JoAnn Lamonica


  6. Mustafa Taslim

    Justice done to Queen.

  7. Jose Marcos Alves De Lima

    Voz intacta. Perfeita. Animadíssima. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  8. Doreen Fawcett

    Great stuff Shirley just amazing 😉

  9. Zach R

    much better the celine's version. the Dame's still got it! The very best!

  10. Levi Macdonald

    Was the thumbnail at Wembley arena tour 2006... just beautiful dame shirley bassey..🌷🌷❤❤❤😍😍😍💋💋🎤🎤🎤🎤🍸..I need to see you in 2018 been a fan last few years know since BBC electric proms you captured me since that night....

    Brendan Pilkington

    Levi Macdonald I think the thumbnail photo was actually at the Monte Carlo Sporting Club for the Fashion Cares Concert. She wore the same yellow gown that she wore on the tour. Just type into YouTube Shirley Bassey Fashion Cares 💜

  11. Francisco Ferrer Galiana

    Maravillosa canción..¡

  12. chbj121

    What a voice. What a woman. Stunning as always. This girl knows how to do it all .

  13. AgileWrath67964

    Amazing, outstanding voice

  14. teslas mercury

    pedazo de mujer y de voz.



  16. nestor elio Garcia


  17. shaban helal

    so So Exceptional

  18. Jolene8

    This woman's gift lifts me up to the heavens! A-amazing!!!!

  19. SpaceRuler

    Truly is a great singer Shirley Bassy’s「The show must go on.」


    This is beautiful. It certainly does Queen justice ))

  21. Daniel da Silva

    Que interpretação!

  22. Hans Rotwang

    Diese Dame kann einfach alles. Wunderbar!

  23. demonaboll ABOLLA

    Ah!Quei pon-pon rossi di Atene...di Mr.Freddy....

  24. Ostone

    when such a legend like shirley bassey sings freddie mercury, well there can be only one, freddie queen legend of all


    Bassey magic  

    Terry Zarikian

    amazing- magical- driving

  26. Ruby Munro

    You really cant get any better xxxx

  27. Mario Lauro Granato

    The best among the best!!!... Shirley Bassey, Sarah Brightman, Barbra Streisand; Celine Dion; Dionne Warwick... All of them ... Divas!!!

    World Weary

    All of them +Ms. Whitney! :)

    Billy Ellis

    How areyou

  28. pat boonprom

    Yes! This Song is Me

  29. Hélène Hélène Segara13

    Une voix qui reflète la vie

  30. Ana Silva

    Uma intepretação muito poderosa,,,,,,,,,,excelente!!!!!

  31. Luca Blasi

    Freddie era un'altra cosa, nessuno come lui, nessuno.

  32. phillip la'ulu


  33. donkiddick08

    patti russo does a great version of this too.

  34. KazgarothUsher

    Brilliant :D

  35. lala777

    A great tribute a truly amazing person.

  36. sophie1040

    Moulin Rouge anyone???

  37. rupert von trapp

    Why do people get so parochial about songs? Nothing should ever be described as 'definitive'. Otherwise we might say that Laurence Olivier was a definitive Hamlet, so no one else need bother. Shirley has taken a song the legendary Freddie made famous and has added something new and haunting to it. I hope that people will go on recording this song for decades to come because that is the greatest compliment anyone could ever pay May and Mercury. There's room for everyone.

  38. edengirl17

    This song was recorded in 2009?:O

  39. Ana Silva

    Uma homenagem linda para uma voz quente,maravilhosa que aquece os nossos corações.
    De um profissionalismo ímpar deve ser ouvida sempre e divulgada ás novas gerações.

  40. edengirl17

    She is not Freddie and I don't expect her to be. She is herself and that is fantastic. She did a great job and is to be admired. Not everybody sings after 60. We still have her and I thank God for that. Stop comparing, just admire.

  41. Kenny Wood

    get a pair or ears my freind shirley cant match freddie there is no key change in second verse and she doesent go up on last verse an i love shirley with all my heart but she's simply not freddie

    Rafael Correia

    I don't think she wanted to Freddie, my friend. She just wanted to do the song on her own way.

  42. yokelam007

    Beautiful song and wonderful video. Dame Shirley's musical talent is beyond this world. Just a living legend!!!

  43. karelatsea

    she is a one of a kind !!

  44. Peter Platz

    Very nice video, thanks!!

  45. Luis Gomez

    increibles las fotos buenisimas, el tema le queda super bien , y esa voz es unica, felicidades bien por el video me super gusto.

  46. megafantasy


    Il est tout bonnement impossible de faire mieux que l'Originale, c'est criminel de dire ça ! :)

  47. Isilda Paulo

    Dame Shirley Bassey why is it that you have the voice that belongs to my soul !?!

  48. MooseyFate

    I think this is actually in a lower key than the Queen one. Imagine that XD

  49. Jonas Zehringer

    A long time since i've seen and heard that, great song and video!

  50. TINACHER1 the video too.

  51. donkiddick08

    good version but, i prefer the one by patti russo with queen.

  52. Alin Tiberiu Petrovics

    No way...Queen were the least in my opinion.

  53. yngfunqc

    quelle voix!quelle émotion! exceptionnel,depuis plus de 50ans