Bassey, Shirley - New York State Of Mind Lyrics

Some folks like to get away
Take a holiday from the neighborhood
Hop a flight to Miami Beach
Or to Hollywood
But I'm taking a Greyhound
On the Hudson River Line
I'm in a New York State of Mind
I've seen all the movie stars

In their fancy cars and their limousines
Been high in the Rockies
Under the evergreens
But I know what I'm needing
And I don't want to waste more time
I'm i na New York State of Mind
It was so easy living day by day
Out of touch with the rhythm and blues
And now I need a little give and take
The New York Times

The Daily News
It comes down to reality

And that's fine with me 'cause I've let it slide
Don't care if it's Chinatown
or on the Riverside
I don't have any reasons
I've left them all behind
I'm in a New York State of Mind
I don't have any reasons

I've left them all behind
I'm in a New York State of Mind
I'm taking a Greyhound

On the Hudson River Line
I'm in a New York...
I'm in a New York...

State of mind
New York State of Mind

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Bassey, Shirley New York State Of Mind Comments
  1. Mike Rubinate

    This makes me so proud of being from New York

  2. Donna Bates

    your videoes really are great, keep it up :). I was wondering do you happen to know dame shirley's vocal range? You seem to be very familiar with her songs and performances and might be able to point me where she hits particular notes and such. The highest chest note i've heard is and e5 in big spender but i've not even nearly listened to all of her songs. Thanks and i hope you can help.

    Donna Bates

    Thankyou, i've been wondering for a while as there is no videoes etc and her career has lasted for a very long time meaning she has quite the discography for a fairly recent fan to have gotten through yet. E2 is unreal for somone who famously has a massive belting voice... she really is amazing. Thanks again and i'll be sure to check out those performances. Does she use head voice in any songs? I heard in 'the making of hello like before' that she had started using it.

    Shirley Bassey Music and Vids

    @Donna Bates I put together a 60 Year Tribute clip for Dame Shirley:  Check Out:                                                             Shirley Bassey Tribute - 60 Year Anniversary - This Is My Life / My Way / The Performance of My Life

    Shirley Bassey Music and Vids

    @Donna Bates - Yes, Example:  Shirley Bassey - He Was Beautiful...(I believe in 1990's in RED Dress - Appearance on Des O'Connor Show).   There are several clips out there, but I would stick with the (Shirley Bassey Music and Vids) clips.  Yes, I know, I'm the owner, but with a few exceptions, I believe that my clips are of the best quality.  Shirley's Head Voice is amazing...

    Donna Bates

    @Shirley Bassey Music and Vids indeed it is that was the ONLY time i've ever heard it, aswell as a video i just discovered that you uploaded not long ago of her singing TRA LA LA where she uses a little head voice. I just really wish she would make more use of it, i now live 'he was beautiful', mainly because her voice was beautiful. Even though she seldom uses it, she does have amazing tone and control, more so than other singers who like to think they can use it. Well... i guess she's not the best for nothing :).

    Shirley Bassey Music and Vids

    @Donna Bates - I've uploaded a ton of Shirley's earlier recordings, and she actually used Head voice a lot more, of course based on the song.  For Example, The Nearness Of You is beautiful.  The song, One Day I'll Fly Away is a newer Shirley recording where she mixes Head Voice with full out belts 

  3. Claudia Scott

    Thank you Scot.  This is excellent.

    Shirley Bassey Music and Vids

    @Claudia Scott - Thank you Claudia for your comment.  As always, it is much appreciated, Regards, Scot

  4. Marina Marinetti

    Классная она!!!  Very? very!!!  Из России с любовью!

  5. Shirley Bassey Music and Vids

    Thank you Vic for your kind feedback...It's much appreciated,  Regards, Scot


    ɷɷɷ I Havee Watched Thiss Movieeee Leakeddd Versionn Hereeee : -

  6. Vic Glazer

    You're video editing if second to NONE on YouTube or any place else. Just watching the videos is now more important, to me now, than just the audio. Keep it up!

    Иван Николов

    I totally agree with your opinion. Great video edit :)

  7. Harriet Pruette

    Very nice!