Bassey, Shirley - As Long As He Needs Me Lyrics

As long as he needs me
I know where I must be
I'll cling on steadfastly
As long as he needs me

As long as life is long
I'll love him, right or wrong
And somehow I'll be strong
As long as he needs me

If you are lonely then you will know
When someone needs you, you love them so
I won't betray his trust
Though people say I must
I've got to stay true just
As long as he needs me

If you are lonely then you will know
When someone needs you, you love them so
I won't betray his trust
Though people say I must
I've got to stay true just
As long as he needs me

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Bassey, Shirley As Long As He Needs Me Comments
  1. Paul Adams

    Kind of you to reply. Vibrant stage presence is undoubtedly an essential ingredient for any performer (especially solo) and Dame Shirley has that in spades. The purist in me sees past that though and I listen to the quality/appeal of the voice. The longevity of her career and much deserved Damehood is testament to her immaculate talent. I'm listening to this recording as I type and it never fails to tingle!

    Shirley Bassey Music and Vids

    Take a listen to Shirley's recording of 'What Now My Love' which was recorded around this same time. It also was a huge hit for Shirley, and like As Long as He Needs Me, it has been recorded and performed by some of the best! I uploaded it some time ago, and so the picture/show isn't the best. But, Shirley's vocals come shining through. Most singers can only dream of hitting that last note!

  2. Paul Adams

    This is a genuine show-stopper song that's been covered by many accomplished singers but this is the best version for me. Must say I always though SB a tad over-theatrical on stage but the natural clarity&phrasing in her voice is astonishing... and all the more impressive considering the recording is from 1960!

    Shirley Bassey Music and Vids

    Paul: Your music understanding is great, and others agree with you. When this song came out, it remained on the charts for 6+ Months! When Shirley first started the business back in 1953 the Vaudville era had come to a close, but entertainers from that era were still performing. After production owners discovered that Shirley could sing, she gave up her chorus girl dancing shoes and was moved to the front. But, with the influence of these Vaudville performers, Shirley learned to not just stand there like a tree and sing, but to move her arms, eyes, hands, etc. Shirley is thus one of, or maybe the only singer who sings this style of music to incorporate these movements into her songs; it is her way of giving life and emotion to every song she sings. To this day, Dame Shirley Bassey fans love her unique performing style, although her movements now are not quite as noticeable. Many of today's singers dance through their songs and/or have tons of backup performers.

  3. Ben Padron

    I never even knew she covered this!!!! I love it! Judy Garland's version is great too!

    Shirley Bassey Music and Vids

    Ben: Shirley Bassey's recording of this song was a top 5 hit, peaking at #2. What is more amazing is that it continued on the charts for half a year! I love Judy's version of this song as well. When Shirley was growing up her idol was Ms. Garland, and when Shirley became a great musical artist in her own right she and Judy became great friends. Judy gave Shirley great advice, which Shirley took to heart. In 2000, Shirley was inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records for record sales, and Shirley contributes some of her success to Judy's wonderful advice.

  4. john huffinley

    a tremendous voice the clarity mindboggling

  5. Priince Brvce

    Two and a half men

  6. Oakwood Pulaski

    I love how old songs have that orchestral music at the beginning before the singing starts. I’ve listened to a lot of older music growing up but never knew about Shirley Bassey, living in America, even though I grew up watching the bond films. Im 21 now , and throughout my teenage life , 80% of my music has been modern rap. After listening to her music, all I can listen to is her. The songs give such a feeling of emotion. Most of this modern rap is about killing each other instead of loving each other, while getting pumped. Literally dancing to music about death. Since I was a child I’ve always kept a hard outer shell and thought showing emotions was weak, and lost trust in humanity early. After one of my close friends died I felt like I didn’t even know how to cry anymore. From ages 13 til now, 21, All I wanted from females was sex and didn’t care about them at all. I thought love was all a farce and didn’t exist. I’ve only been listening to Shirley’s music for a week and I actually feel like I can love someone outside of my family. She’s so pretty (especially in the 50s and 60s)the lyrics are so true and she sings so beautifully with such emotion. I never thought love songs could make me cry, but this song did, and so did some of her other songs. Literally changing my life. I hope the world can come back around to music like this.

    philip norris

    Nice one, Oakwood.

  7. Rocket Groot

    Two and a half men

  8. james richards

    everybody who sings this song should finish in the same big lung busting way that shirley does; patricia janeckova is someone who could; see her singing on you tube.

  9. JackAShepherd

    Just read that Shirley Bassey was Carol Reed’s first choice to play Nancy in the 1968 film, but Hollywood said that, despite there being many black folks in Victorian London, it wouldn’t fly in the American South. Dunno this lass, but her voice is awesome. I am a Shani Wallis absolutist, however, so...

    Kristine H Atkinson

    Shani still gives me chills. This Bassey version just doesn't cut into the drama and tragedy of the song.

    rupert von trapp

    @Kristine H Atkinson Oh please!!! Bassey doesn't get the drama...take the ear muffs off!!!

    Kristine H Atkinson

    @rupert von trapp Perfect pitch: maybe you?

    rupert von trapp

    @Kristine H Atkinson As always, difficult to know what you're trying to say.

  10. Stephen Hill

    What was no 1 to beat that then?

    Shirley Bassey Music and Vids

    I'm not sure, but you can be sure that whatever song it was, it didn't remain on the charts for 6 months like this song did. This was a record in itself!

  11. Allan Osborne

    they are all good, but our Shirley is the best.

  12. Jonathan Daly

    She's amazing

  13. Shirley Bassey Music and Vids

    David Miller:
    Shirley Bassey Music and Vids
    12 minutes ago (edited)
    I don't know who you are referring to when using the word 'Fool', but this 1960 recording is by Shirley Bassey. She had a huge hit with this song, and it stayed on the charts for six months. In there younger years, these artists did sound alike. Shirley and Judy were also very good friends as the older Garland took the younger Bassey under her wing and gave her great career advice. It certainly worked as Bassey was inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records in 2001 as the largest selling female artist from the UK.

  14. David Miller

    This is sung by Julie Garland not Shirley Bassey....FOOL


    David Miller Errrr this ain’t Judy Garland, Bro. She does indeed sing this same song, but, like, not this time.

    roy hepper

    Who's the FOOL!

  15. Nick Riggio

    Featured on Facebook: Great Music

  16. Norman Smithers


  17. Xeria Santos

    awesome voice

  18. Celebrity Cooper

    absolutely beautiful

  19. Nick Riggio


  20. Alasdair Fraser

    The video just matches Shirley's pace, feeling. You got it exactly right. Nice Scot.

  21. Shirley Bassey Music and Vids

    Thank-you very much Alasdair! I much appreciate your comments!, Regards, Scot

  22. Alasdair Fraser

    Great video and great song, Scott

  23. George B Vieto

    Outstanding version sung by Shirley Bassey.

    Bill Pollock

    Probably the best version.

    George Long

    @Bill Pollock She's very good, but the best version was by Judy Garland.