Bassey, Shirley - As I Love You Lyrics

I will love you, as I love you, all my life
Every moment spent with you
Makes me more content with you
Just as you are, you are all I could pray for
All that you are, that's what I wake up each day for

Every single touch and tingle I adore
Every kiss from you to me
Always seems so new to me
Each one warmer than the one before
As I love you more and more and more

Every single touch and tingle I adore
Every kiss from you to me
Always seems so new to me
Each one warmer than the one before
As I love you more and more and more

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Bassey, Shirley As I Love You Comments
  1. Sylvia Brunger

    A beautiful, elegant lady with a wonderful voice!

  2. Lonnie Stevens

    Incredible, love this lady. Real class.

  3. Jane Roderickson

    My mum adored Shirley Bassey at My Mums funeral. One of our song choices were you will You will never know.

  4. Marilyn Wisbey


  5. Nauclides Faria Lima


  6. claudio coppola

    What a wonderful incarnation of art of what is real divine level!!! Love you Shirley

  7. JoAnn Lamonica


  8. shoepmr

    The most incredible one compares!!!
    BRAVO ...BRAVO...BRAVO...Dame Shirley Bassey! ❤️❤️🙏🏽

  9. bridget haslam

    40 years on that's incedible

  10. Tower of Power

    AS I LOVE YOU hit SHIRLEY BASSEY, ktorý pred 58 rokmi dňa 20. februara 1959 ako 81. hit vystriedal na vrchole rebríčka v UK pieseň One Night/ O Got Stung od Elvisa Presleyho. na vrchole zotrval 4 týždne, autormi hitu boli Jay Livingston a Ray Evans, bola to coververzia piesne ktorú v roku 1955 naspievala Jo Stafford a Carmen McRae ju zaspievala v roku 1957 v rock and roll filme The Big Beat, na b strane singlu bola pieseň Hamds Across The Seal, bol to prvý hit Shirley Bassey nar. 8. januara 1937 v Cardiffe, tým druhým bol v roku 1961 Reach For The Stars v TOP 10 mala 12 hitov, za predaj albumov získala jednu platinovúpäť zlatých a päť strieborných platní

  11. TerryComo2010

    No one can tough a candle to this great artist!

    Milton Moore

    The expression is "hold a candle to."
    I hold her also in high esteem, but she has
    rivals that are her equal, but I would not put her beneath anyone. Peace

  12. Conrad Smith Lacsina

    My favorite song.

  13. Bob Fox

    It Really Was Love @ First Sight.....
    I looked into Your Eyes and Saw the Soul of an Angel....
    I Touched Your Cheek & Gently Kissed Your Lips...
    I Was All Yours from that point in time till now, 29 Years later.....
    All My Love Eternally,,
    Your Darlin' Bob

  14. Tom Will Kev

    Are there 33 steps to the pyramid behind her?, we have to wonder. Masons love to crack jokes at the expense of YOU the gullible. Read Harry Potter? It was written by the Masons. Who do you think the Muggles are? They love to joke..,.like The "CRIMINAL" Court of Justice" etc. Or, the assassination of Michael Jackson.

  15. Shirley Bassey Music and Vids

    ATTENTION: Dame Shirley Bassey will be appearing at the 2013 Academy Awards Show In Hollywood on February 24th. She will perform for the 50th James Bond anniversary celebration! Wonderful News! Bassey is herself celebrating 60 (Diamond) years in Show Business, starting back in 1953.

  16. Warren James

    I love this song too! I'm actually recording it in April. All inspired to do so by DSB herself. OXOX