Basement - Yoke Lyrics

Gasping for air, choking on my indecision.
Hide me in my room and forget me.
I'm sorry, if you want to know the truth.
This is me against the world.
Is my mother happy? is my father proud?
Hide me in my room, but forgive me.

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Basement Yoke Comments
  1. Stephanie Ornelas

    I listen to this when I'm sad...

  2. Run For Cover Records

    Check out the new Fiddlehead (members of Basement and Have Heart) song "Lay Low", off their album 'Springtime and Blind' out April 13th, 2018.

  3. Skeleton

    Song of my life,😋😋😋

  4. sdgfhsdfg fgsdfgsdfg

    hello anime opening

  5. Blake Noeske

    Friday, it's going down in Athens Ga

  6. Brandon Arnett

    anyone have tabs for the intro?

    Junior Islas

    there's a website that has the tabs for this song and some more by Basement my dude,

  7. Jorge Aguilar


  8. Marina Valladares

    Gay song, but i love it

    Gabby Gettel

    +Marina Valladares you are a troll. "Hide me in my closet" would be more questionable. but you are troll af. because there is nothing gay about being in bed with a girl then she leaves and you are hiding in your room missing her thinking about her. Maybe its gay with your interpretation and your life. Marina's comment for someone makes me legit laugh inside. But doesn't mean it's gay. Thats like saying everyone who listens to that terrible gangster rap is a gangster that runs through ppls houses and fuks every bitchh around. This to me is a chill straight song. funny troll tho. This is actually my gfs account. But i think of a girl when i listen to this song. Mostly acoustic version xD


    "Gay" lol.
    What is this, the 2009?

    Daniel Demian

    faz sentido... e o show é q cada historia leva a uma interpretaçao....
    a minha é de quando rebelei contra meus pais, já que trabalhava pra eles, montei um negocio e quebrei!!!
    a vergonha de ter quebrado e a revolta contra o mundo ( meus pais ) me fez ficar trancado na minha casa e suas consequencias... como amanha é dia das maes vim ouvir essa musica hj

    SmartWater09 56

    Marc Bianca
    It has three meanings tbh

    Joshua Rivers

    I'm BI and I'm still wondering what is everybody so in a uproar about?😂😂😂

  9. Angie Guadron

    Is my mother happy? is my father proud? Hide me in my room, but forgive me.

  10. victoriaoverboard

    Fuck! I wish they didn't break up :(

  11. Javier Martinez

    this is really good

  12. Amber Davis

    Fucking beautiful song. So emotional and intense.

  13. Natalia Obrochta

    i would they break up like wHAT

  14. Tiana O'Neal

    Best Basement Song.

  15. Calzum

    they announced the dates August 1st, which was before their american tour had even finished

  16. jsh020

    i was referring to their final show in america which at the time was their final show, they had no plans for any more shows and they were only going to release their final album then call it quits, that changed

  17. Calzum

    they played their final set yesterday in london and the final song they played was Crickets throw their voice what are you talking about?

  18. skepticskaterr

    serious and I just discovered this band

  19. Andrew Parkins

    Too soon.

  20. jsh020

    This was the final song they played live :(

    Ima go fuh dah bih

    Marcus Junius Brutus HA GOTTEM

  21. FKaJuSch75

    The vocals are live even more emotional ! Sounds great !