Basement Jaxx - What A Difference Your Love Makes Lyrics

Like a kiss of sunshine on my face
You woke me up from this sorrow place
You switch me off, turn me on
You rescued me when you came along

No one ever knows which way is going to go-o
Who would ever know
We'd been here last September
Oh, lets make this something to remember

Oh, what A Difference Your Love Makes
Oh, what A Difference Your Love Makes

Your spirit so fresh and free
Like an albatross
You glide on me (Yes, you do!)
You make me happy
Make me come alive
My running reason to survive

No one ever knows which way is going to go-o
Who would ever know
We'd been here last September
Oh, lets make this something to remember

Oh, what A Difference Your Love Makes
Oh, what A Difference Your Love Makes

Wanna take you in my house
Take you in my arms
Its a beautiful life
Its a beautiful love
It all makes sense
With you it all makes sense

Oh, what A Difference Your Love Makes
(Stay with me tonight)
Oh, what A Difference Your Love Makes
(Stay with me tonight,dont let me go)
Oh, what A Difference Your Love Makes
It's making all this!

Oh, what A Difference Your Love Makes
Oh, what A Difference Your Love Makes
Oh, what A Difference Your Love Makes
Oh, what A Difference Your Love Makes

What A Difference Your Love Makes
This world is whole
What A Difference Your Love Makes
It's whole again

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Basement Jaxx What A Difference Your Love Makes Comments
  1. Richard Price Elliott

    Still uplifting.

  2. DongKyun Kim

    How cool their dances are!

  3. Eddie Merc

    What a difference your song makes Basement Jaxx....hell yeah!

  4. Lie Das

    I wanted to buy this song but they don't have it for sell

  5. Bevis Johnson

    Just love this video. It warms my heart.

  6. barnabas ndou

    AMAPANTSULA ajabulile i love the dance and the music is wow

  7. Пестов владимир

    Классный клип да и песня с музыкой хороши.Молодец..

  8. Borjan Cugalj

    Powerfull song and incredibel dance,

  9. Sevet123

    Awsome song and video

  10. gurrojos

    nothing like a momma's love

  11. 意味でいい


  12. Weston Rodriguez

    wondering why i cant download this song on google play...

  13. Wendy V.V.

    thumbs up if this song brings tears to your eyes

  14. Antonio H. Vargas


  15. nina miranda- smoke city - zeep - shrift

    stunning video, for warm lyrics.

  16. Marc Armenta

    Basement Jaxx r the best! :)

  17. Nahum Perez Estrada

    This vid honestly deserves so much more than 2million views, its awesome!

  18. Chris Simpson

    The vocalist sounds like a male Shakira

  19. Whispering Waters

    beautiful... niyibulele braz

  20. live Alive

    South African dancers.. Nice One

  21. Mel Tulip

    Great video and great song 💃 ♥

  22. Akshita

    so shimmy😍😘

  23. JFK5* Kennedy

    Cool dancing



  25. C Ervelaat

    Video reminds me of Fatboy Slim's Ya Mama

  26. maciverandy1

    super positive!!! love does make a difference!

  27. Richard Price Elliott

    'ya broke 2 million peeps!

  28. 29Dj

    who wakes up so happy? Good music tho

  29. G.P.E.

    What country is this?

    Tata Klaas

    south africa

  30. Zac9123

    I cant stop listening and watching this song keep up the awesome work basementJaxx

  31. Chris Hansen

    African help foundation sent me here

  32. TUNA

    The moment I saw the guy's smiley face, I can't stop smiling. Such a happy vibe!

  33. David Knight

    What country in Africa was this filmed in? Anyone know?

    Angelique Oliver

    +David Knight South Africa. Alexandria Township.

    David Knight

    Nice, thans so much.

  34. Dan Lou


  35. Nana Perez

    Excelente canción, y hermoso video <3

  36. koffiegast

    My favorite part 2:05 - 2:20


    I wish I could wake up that happy every morning. it looks like they've got nothing and they are still happy

    Kraken Games

    Money isnt everything man

    lickmyballs youwannagethigh

    U can't miss what u don't have.

    A. S.

    'never had'? I can definitely miss what I don't have anymore.


    that's one happy african boy

  39. Betty Et jean marc morandini julien lepers

    Youtube julien lepers

  40. da12ius

    If Sagan lived today, this video would travel with voyager into the cosmos for other life to find..

  41. Loide Sirongo

    haha, kwaito dance 🔥🔥

  42. Ra Wan

    Amazing song and video, thank u nam 💘💘

  43. meilannifa situmorang

    nam have good taste of the music

  44. meilannifa situmorang

    nam have good taste of the music


    +meilannifa situmorang He really does!


    +meilannifa situmorang <33

  45. jihoon’s maid


  46. youngmi i

    Nam thank you!! <3 i'm loving this song!

  47. Maria Belen Guaranda

    I know some incles will watch this vid thanks to taehyun hehehehe hi there :) thanks nam for sharing great music

  48. Lydia Leung

    Thanks Nammie❄🎅🎁✨

  49. JeonSloth

    Nam Diva Brought me here✌️

  50. Kawther Awami

    Wow that moves so cool 😳❤️❤️❤️👍🏼 i love everything about this the video and the song 😍

    Azzam Hassan

    +korea fan it's PANTSULA DANCE originally from South Africa! 😤 ✌

    Loide Sirongo

    also known as Kwaito.

  51. Nam Cat

    IG post brought me here... Thank you Nam.


    +Nam Cat I know Right Nammie brought me here too when I saw the post from his IG and I was curious to listen to it and Nammie sure has some sense of listening to music.

    Nam Cat

    @Linda Her ^ Where is the lie... like every time he posts a song... my iTunes gets a bit diverse. lol I'm thankful. <3


    Kekeke Nammie is the best maybe he is trying to make our iTunes get a bit diverse before their comeback because he wants his fans to listen to the same music as him.


    +Nam Cat is @souththth really his IG??? Please tell me it's true D':

    Nam Cat

    @WolfPriestess Yeah thats his ig... u can find the other members too... :)

  52. Alex McCoy

    they look poor but happy...

  53. Mario Sebastian Arevalo

    excelente video la verdad no hace falta poner culos para ver un video de musica tan bueno

  54. Hikurangi Allison-Tuhura

    This song is awesome - and I love the meaning of it too! Been listening to these guys since I was a kid !!!

  55. Traci Fritz, MD

    I'm working on dance moves and I srsly pick up a new move every time I watch this.

  56. Mesoudi Khalid

    jolie image

  57. rocheuro

    great video! :) love it

  58. Myk McGrane

    HEY EVERYONE! Listen to this completely different band from their early stuff that made them totally famous in the music scene!

  59. Sergio Tarazona


  60. David Thomas Crawley

    A good tune for a Tuesday morning Dancing in Liverpool as loved the performance at #LIMF2015 and in #Notts at a secret venue.

  61. lolita panchi carrasco

    de estas personas aprendió michael jackson a bailar los reyes del pop!!!!! m.j lo amoooo!!

  62. Diana Dimov

    this music video makes the song even better

    Luke Reader

    +Diana D love the dance steps and so do my ids :)

    onsese joo

    +Diana D Precisely, this is song one can imagine played on different instruments backing the decent melody, unlike many other "beats" out there.


    +Diana D YEEEES!

  63. Roger Darnell

    Truly inspiring...

  64. Take a hike Banbury

    Very creative, Showing another part of the world. Miles better tham showing a pair of legs in a lab

  65. CrystalFissure

    Loving these classic House chords.

  66. Russel Niño Angelo Rocha

    Thumbs Up for the Goat that actually sang!

  67. Ilyass gary

    musical plot twist

  68. Vương Hoàng Quốc

    Fuck you Ebola

  69. jafar copeland

    2:22 farts on the track

  70. Lucid Dreamz

    I love this song so much !!!!!

  71. David McIntosh

    What a happy music video. Good vibes through and through. Those boys sure can dance. Cheers!

  72. jean christophe Mallet

    i like , i love , j'aime cette musique ...mais qui sont ces deux gars génial qui dance comme des dieux...Super clip!!

  73. Richard Price Elliott

    300k in a month.  Nice. I am sure there will be more. 


    Good Song  AWSOME Move GREAT ! Move .

  75. heba taher

    Which country the song been filmed

    kill me please

    South Africa

  76. Richard Price Elliott

    Over a million.  @Basement Jaxx it is still a comer.  Deservedly.    

    Darién Elena

    ;  ) Me gusto.......  :  )

    Richard Price Elliott

    @Darién Elena you always have good taste.

  77. rafaelbastos brandão

    esse video mostra como pessoas pobres podem se felizes apenas com amor  , diferente de pessoas que tem que ter  tudo para ser feliz

  78. Rock Wood

    r u fucking serious right now?

  79. Jourdan Bordes


  80. Terrell

    Some of the best dancing ever  in that video and Basement Jaxx are AWESOME!!

  81. Sterling Archer

    My favorite part is the Kenyan photography studio.

  82. redevilshain

    This is HOUSE, not EDM shits

  83. Yo Muddahh

    Id like to know who these dancers are.

  84. Filip Razvan

    You can see the joy on their faces! Pure joy when they dance!

  85. Eddy

    los había visto en otros videos pero este ya me ha dejado loco!!!!

  86. phanjazm j

    Good music!!!

  87. Kinni Jones

    So FLAME! I Love It!

  88. Edwin Aviles

    this song is soooo damnn goooddd!! makes me want to get up and just dance!!

  89. Max

    so racist, no white people in the video


    That was white country:)

    Terra Jayde

    Good one haha!


    @Vidya Spook pfffb ahahahahahahaha
    Oh fuck, that was a good one.

    Meme Crusader

    @Vidya Spook not sure if tumblerina or troll

    Lie Das

    Just like the man always trying to suck up ALL the spot light.

  90. Krisztián Nyilas

    színes fém tánc

  91. kopitikop

    Amazing video and song Basement Jaxx they've been one of the greatest DJ's of all times and still so underrated. Whatever, I'm just gonna keep listening :)

  92. diego rocha

    Good music at alll.....

  93. Chris Warden

    there is a difference between being popular and being a lot in the media, I guess that's a big mistake a lot of people make these days. You can become big without being topic of discussing every week on the news like Justin or Miley Cyrus