Basement - Crickets Throw Their Voice Lyrics

If it all worked out we would live in a different house.
We would live in a different town.
This is a brand new start; clear body, broken heart.
I'll come visit you when I get the chance.
Breathing's not easy when you're underwater.
I am drowning and you're keeping me under.
Close your eyes, sleep outside. it's warmer than in here.
I'll be fine, I'll run and hide. I wish I could stay here.
You're still in my head. my mind's convinced that you never left.
I'm counting down till I see you next.
I still compare everything to your silhouette.
How can I forget what is perfect?

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Basement Crickets Throw Their Voice Comments
  1. anarchyamp

    These guys opened for Thursday in Phoenix, AZ at the Marquee a couple years ago? and they were great. Saw the show with my amazing gf, it was a great night.

  2. shinjifeels


  3. VegasDirtBiker95

    Oct 2018. Still going strong

  4. Benjamin Ranchwood

    This song.

  5. Run For Cover Records

    Check out the new Fiddlehead (members of Basement and Have Heart) song "Lay Low", off their album 'Springtime and Blind' out April 13th, 2018.

  6. Nop Grop

    The first lines of this song hurts so bad

  7. Josh Grisham

    Who hurt u dawg

  8. TheBhadBerti9000

    I learned to make a cricket sound from YouTube tutorials 4 years ago and now I'm here. Life is funny sometimes.

  9. Joel Burton

    At 2:33 the drummer plays the same drum beat that Aaron Gillespie wrote for Underoath's Song, "To Whom it May Concern"

  10. I like music



    What is wrong with that? Did they changed?


    tf? basement is better now than they’ve ever been lmao

    Ryan Fry

    OrangeJuliusSucks man you can't say that 2016 pile is better than Colourmeinkindness.

    Air Raid

    People also age and mature. Maybe Andrew isn't as mad anymore.

  11. Kaysey Guerrero

    Those 34 dislikes can suck it

  12. Andrew Roman

    just discovered from my best bud, and this band/genre is fucken great. Its exactly what's been satisfying my music craving. I'm sticking with these guys for a long while.

  13. Sage Young

    basement sucks!


    and you swallow

    Sage Young

    +Angela Bartini that my friend is a legit comeback

  14. lala vasquez

    They played this last night at Echoplex in LA and I almost cried

  15. Zack Mccomb


  16. emtssf

    ive been though so many music phases and yet I never grow out of basement. love this band!!

  17. Nick Vannatta

    i thought i was listening to an Emery song at first during the beginning of the song... anyone else?

  18. Contrariwise37

    This makes me want to eat pizza and drink bottled soda and go cry in my friend's basement

    mike lodeon

    +Contrariwise37 ikr mate!!

    Titus Hartsfield

    +Contrariwise37 Or you could say that you hate this town and go skate until you hurt yourself everyday. Then pizza. If you were trying to pop punk reference xD

    Alen Ortiz

    Like a real Pop-Punk Kid haha xD

    Conan Potts


  19. Qrowley

    I stll compare everything to your siluete
    How can I forget what is perfect

  20. melodicmarc

    Former states, northern, citizen, heart to heart, coldfront

  21. melodicmarc

    If you like these dudes check out title fight, daylight/Superheaven, balance and composure, wester, Forrest, hindsights, Ivy League, absent youth, collision, forever losing sleep. These are my favorite bands and they all have gruffy voices and that emo sound like this. Also check out flawless, featherweight, and free throw. These bands are really hard to find so I thought I'd share with you all the really good ones I've found in the last couple years. I will say daylight takes the cake though. It doesn't get any better than daylight.

    Maxi Jaramillo

    "boom boom kid" and "Fun People"

    Mich Ael

    Even though it has been mentioned: HOW COULD YOU FORGET CITIZEN? Thanks for the recommendations regardless


    idk how you aint throw Title Fight in there

    Mich Ael

    no1lieksu he did

    Mikaelo P

    Do you still listen to those bands?

  22. Pagan Baby


  23. Dubois Kenty

    I just wanted to be the first one to write it on Youtube : Basement are back together :)

  24. Adrian Cardenas




    Duncan Nee

    OGM that would require me to have friends :/

  25. John Ochoa



    Oh my god I'm so happy. Thank you! @John Ochoa 

    Michael Brown

    They just released a new EP!!

    Roman Villareal

    it's 2016

    Roman Villareal

    its been two years since you commented this


    That's so crazy. Time truly does fly by. Thank you for telling me!

  26. Tiana O'Neal

    "Hi, we're Basement from Ipswitch, UK" 
    This on their live from London set was so brilliant, so many bodies flopping everywhere!!!!!!

  27. Jack Guccione

    such a great song !!

  28. techdeathology

    If I were to describe them it would be "post-hipster-pretentious-core".


    Pretentious?! :o i wonder what you meant by that

  29. Senor Egbertino

    Sounds like you just described La Dispute

    kody huck

    Senor Egbertino i fuckin love la dispute

  30. Jackson McIntyre

    Jease dude. Pissy much?

  31. Val Apollonio


  32. JamisonPomeroyOfficialChannel

    The vocalist and one of the guitar players are.

  33. Paper

    Well put.

  34. Baron42797

    Cool. Colourmeinkindness is like my favorite album ever except for anything by the beatles, and the straight edge thing wouldnt change that, i was just curious.

  35. Baron42797

    Just wondering, its not like it would make or break the music for me

  36. Michaela

    I mean this song is pretty amazing.

  37. Adrian Cardenas

    I mean Basement is as popular to tumblr kids.

  38. Baron42797

    these guys straight edge?

  39. Codi Wooton

    I wish Basement could've stayed here..

  40. GUTS

    Holy fuck that fucking ending rips me apartttttttttttttttttttt this stuff is better than any drug....I WISH I COULD STAY HERE. Come back guys...I need you.

  41. Ken Guzman

    Kids these days are trying so had

  42. Jonathan Trevino

    Why because Title Fight got bigger? Their music is still good... Stop making music a competition. Support all bands that rule and fuck the rest. I'm tired of kids like you.

  43. René Ke

    Best album ever.

  44. Jowey Testone

    The lyrics of this song , beautiful !

  45. Yaar Hosseini

    lol this shit is funny ^^

  46. BadCrowd503o3

    your statement equels "I swallow scrotum for a living"

  47. techdeathology

    post-post-post-indie-punk-core. good stuff.

  48. Sara Benavides

    I miss these dudes

  49. Chelsea Graf

    Omg stop talking like you know what constitutes a certain band or song for a certain genre. Get real, this is YouTube.

  50. Dominic Morelli

    For everyone arguing just shut the Fuck up and listen goddamn you are all little bitches basement roolz

  51. HxC

    haha crabby love

  52. DeadReanimation

    It's flagged because people get too defensive over scene bands and over all comparing a band in a underground music scene to a bigger band. XXOAPTRAGEDY is proof it's only okay to compare other underground bands. For some disappointingly sad reason.

  53. Alex Eileen

    Too soon...

  54. newthrash1221

    ha it's funny you should say that...i just started listening to basement, and i can't help but love them and be reminded of lifetime. dude has a great voice.

  55. Thomas Cross


  56. ReprogrammedToHate

    In my opinion, this is grunge-influenced emo/punk rock. Their lyrics and their tone is very sad and depressive. That's why i think they're unique

  57. Little Plant

    The music they play is not hardcore. Sure they're within the scene and all individually as people, live the hardcore lifestyle, but they do not play hardcore music.

  58. 2gnarkill

    yea definitely man, has to be the realest music out there

  59. Little Plant

    It doesn't have to sound the same. They're both generally apart of the revival of screamo/emo sounding music that died after the 90's. Even if they don't sound identical, they still have a common genre.

  60. G Rezz

    Couldn't agree with this guy more. Stumbled on them a few days ago, best stuff ever. No lie.

  61. GJ Mulhall

    First few lines hit me so hard.

  62. Joe Smith

    That's there last album you fucktard, then there breaking up. Fuck you

  63. Calzum

    10 months old but fuck it, Balance and Composure

  64. WafflesandCookie

    @dannycast210 infact if you listen to their first demo, they sound just like title fight haha

  65. Daniel Castillo

    People please quit referring this band to Title Fight they sound nothing alike. Please.

  66. aaron robinson

    Cant believe these guys are spilting up :( their music ment so much to me and will allways do hope the reform in the furture

  67. 2gnarkill

    you guys should check out Citizen and Turnover if you haven't already. like Basement they have that whole indie-punk/emo kinda deal

  68. colleenisacat

    This is the best song i've ever heard in my entire life

  69. EmericaskateFTP

    So, here's the story of my life.
    My girlfriend of a year and two months is moving away to college. It sucks because I feel like I'm purposely trying to make her stay. Even though I should probably encourage her to get out of this shitty town. Either way I feel like I'm "keeping [her] under." Realizing that I'm that person, kills me.

  70. hearandnowrecordings

    These guys were fucking amazing in Australia, saw them a week ago and was not slightly devoed.

  71. virginmouth

    I love this song ♥

  72. Milos Kalezic

    Haha, true. I was meant to reply to the other guys comment btw, haha, sorry.

  73. Little Plant

    Oh yeah, I know. I was just recommending Defeater because that was the first to come into my mind.

  74. Milos Kalezic

    Villa Rise, Touche Amore, Perspectives, there's fucking heaps man just keep eyes out 0.0

  75. MVPmilA

    Lee (Y)

  76. guy cassidy

    great band.

  77. Liam Wood

    i saw these last night with your demise, they were easily the best band of the night

  78. viletones

    can't fault this band, get to see them in 2 days

  79. Charles Drake

    I think I would like this significantly more if the vox were more prominent in the mix.

  80. H00ZAY

    Lifetime - Jersey's Best Dancers (1997)
    Saves The Day - Can't Slow Down (1998)
    Give these album's a listen if you like Basement.

  81. ColombianCoke Sniffer

    Soooooooooooooo good! english title fight!

  82. Charles Angell

    Man, I don't see how this band is at all similar to Defeater....I would say Balance and Composure or Title Fight

  83. Jake Burgess

    @MrAndroid30 tigers jaw, polar bear club.

  84. Little Plant

    @H00ZAY The Red, White, and Blues; Cowardice. A lot of their older stuff. It's not like identical, but similar to an extent.

  85. H00ZAY

    @XXOAPTRAGEDY Defeater? Which songs? o.O

  86. JoysOfLeaving

    @MrAndroid30 Daylight

  87. Little Plant

    @DeadReanimation Just go home. We Are The Ocean is so shitty. I agree with the guy below you on Title Fight. Also, some of Defeater's stuff is like this.

  88. DeadReanimation

    @MrAndroid30 Reminds me a bit of We are the Ocean and lighter post-hardcore bands.

  89. LightspeedJack

    @MrAndroid30 Title Fight?

  90. Drew Horn

    Great song! No any other bands like this?