Basement - Canada Square Lyrics

Last night I fell asleep with my clothes on.
In the middle of summer.
I woke up shaking from the cold.
Beneath these empty covers.
I started sleeping on my back.
Because you used to... and I miss you.
I found your note when I came to.
It was a heartfelt thank you that broke my heart in two.
So pack up and leave this place behind.
Your eyes are so much brighter now.
That I'm too scared to look at you.
In a room so full of people.
I have never felt so alone.

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Basement Canada Square Comments
  1. ByronicWings

    I still listen to this.

  2. Usual March


  3. • Nisidizo •

    Will forever be in love with this song

  4. Run For Cover Records

    Check out the new Fiddlehead (members of Basement and Have Heart) song "Lay Low", off their album 'Springtime and Blind' out April 13th, 2018.

  5. hahasimp

    The cha-chunk gets me everytime.

  6. Skeleton

    Still great..that ending defines the tempo of my soul

  7. The first zhefi

    unas chelas

  8. Belbthm

    come to ARGENTINA <3 <3<3

  9. Sally Cortez


  10. Thomas Parsons

    This song is fun to play acoustic

    max lambie

    What's the tab/chords for it?

    Johnny Silverhand

    Thomas Parsons tab?

  11. Erin P.

    I couldn't go to their concert. Broke my heart

    Usual March

    Erin P. In two

  12. tyler martens

    fuck this bitch in the [email protected]

    moka robinson

    fuck your attuitude

  13. emtssf

    Saw them last week and they're even better live. :)

  14. Shoegaze Emopunk

    saw them last night.. one of the best I've seen live

  15. notabassplayer

    Love this band now. Thanks friend!

  16. rodrigo cerqueira lima

    Brasil love's you

  17. Summer Mendoza

    This is my favorite of all time songs by Basement wish I could have seen them live :/

  18. Samantha Montalbano

    Damn. These guys are amazing

  19. Abraham Harris

    Emo radiohead basically.


    Whered you get radiohead from? lmao

  20. Angus Smith

    I started sleeping on my back, because you use to...and I miss you

    Jonny Browno


    Angus Smith


  21. James Hack

    The Canadian version of Title Fight 

    Jonny Browno


    Abel Sharma

    @Jonny Browno Salddy

    Eamon Manning

    This is the best comment on this video

    Paiden Fee

    Dead 😂

    Kelsey Murray

    soo true 😱💯

  22. pikatwatt

    Am I the only one who hears a Billy Joe Armstrong (Green Day, lead singer) resemblance in his voice, especially when he first starts singing in the beginning? Or is it just me?

    sam watson

    Yeah, but not really newer green day more older green day.

    Edward Wray

    @sam watson No one ever means new green day. They are shit now, we try and ignore them

    Kevin Burleigh

    +pikatwatt Yeah definitely, I feel like it sticks out on Pine

    Jake Nough

    +Edward Wray they aren't that bad, everyone talks about them like they're Firefox

    Sebastian A.


  23. andrew crickard

    where do u get this album 

    Jonny Browno

    itunes u fucking dickhole

    andrew crickard

    lol thanx bro 

    Harry Soiland


    Mike Lee

    The white letters at the bottom of the video says "check out this record and more at"
    I highly recommend you follow those instructions! Many great bands and records.
    MIXED SIGNALS is probably one of the most solid (and pretty damn good) compilations ever.
    Check it.

  24. Adriano Alves

    Comeback now!

    jordan bartell

    they are back..

    the friendly ghost

    Your comment worked!

  25. Adriano Alves

    Voltem a tocar!

  26. Tay Flowers


  27. Drmambo60


  28. fac3tat

    A year ago today, they broke up for good. R.I.P.

    Dan Cusati

    For good you say? They say otherwise

    H Bass

    Ya bro their back


    That was in November, when they weren't.

  29. Sarah Pifer

    Love this :)

  30. dougthealligator

    henry rollins was known for that

  31. MultiKippy

    it was fairly common in older hardcore bands for the audience and band to beat the shit out of each other. i tell ya man those older punk bands got some violent ass shows

  32. LaSpaghettini


  33. Sadie DeCoite

    Can't wait until my sweater comes in ❤️

  34. peterpanfan010

    what does that even mean? lol.

  35. wolfnsheepzcloth

    you tell lil lady before I lock em down in the basement with rotten meat and sour grapes :)

  36. Kelly Budge

    i demand a reunion tour

  37. yourfavoriteweapon92

    Youre eyes are so much brighter now that im too scared to look at you

  38. Julian Zamora

    I'm sad I never got to see them v.v

  39. Gates Edwards

    Can people please stop arguing and just like.. Enjoy the fucking music?

  40. A weed

    i love this band

  41. Brant Toulouse

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  42. Clara O'Kay

    I'm pretty sure that's sarcasm but are you being sarcastic too? I really cant tell lol.

  43. AshWright93

    Everything wrong with the scene in one comment. Well done man. I'm sure your band is awesome.

  44. Chris Gnarlambos

    This is the raddest comment ive seen today

  45. diannahreid

    love this

  46. XlebenverbotenX

    sounds not very tasty :D

  47. Shelby Carrico

    This reminds me of my ex. Le sigh.

  48. Artists for Art Gallery

    not really new at all (ex title fight) but still awesome. Maybe even better than tf

  49. Mark Leukhardt

    The use of foul language, but I suppose that's very common now days right?

  50. Mark Leukhardt

    Sure, someone said something about smoking a cigarette to this, slowly. So since I don't smoke or anything of the nature, I decided to comment with my own experience with this album. Which was what I commented. Really not important.

  51. Mark Leukhardt

    I wasn't trying to offend, she threw the first punch and I simply defended my position. You insinuating that I'm a douche is pretty much the pot calling the kettle black. I wasn't directing the comment to anyone except for one specific person that would understand it. However, I do apologize for being a sarcastic prick. I have a bad habit of that.

  52. Charlotte x

    What makes you think I'm offended

  53. Mark Leukhardt

    Do you have trouble reading? Sorry then, next time I'll make a video and physically say it so you'll have an easier time grasping the concept of words.
    People get so offended for silly things, it's a response a comment earlier, crazy lady.

  54. UBiK

    Vi ascoltiamo anche in Italia. Peccato vi siate sciolti. Stronzi eravate bravi.

  55. Summer Mendoza

    Awesome song

  56. ReprogrammedToHate

    forever i will love this band, in their short 3 years of existence they brought something new to the table.

  57. Charlotte x

    what the fuck are you even saying

  58. Mark Leukhardt

    Walk 5 miles to I Wish I Could Stay Here, while drinking a mix of Coke and Earl Grey in 30 degree weather. Slowly.

  59. Mark Leukhardt

    Killmeinkindness now please. I'm so sad.

  60. Jordy Kuster

    i'm really having fun reading those comments

  61. Kaleb Elmore

    That is no excuse.

  62. itsmemichael13

    Wasn't trying to be, it's just very enjoyable.

  63. itsmemichael13

    Lie down on your back and smoke a cigarette to this song. Slowly.

  64. djw232

    If American Football used electric guitars this would be them. Hardcore meets Tim Kasher.

  65. asipaleadeci

    such a melancholic sound, it makes me so sad

  66. eloyjacksonlol

    This band makes me need a cigarette, and I don't even smoke.

  67. Oldshoesss

    In the middle of Summer*

  68. ReprogrammedToHate

    You're spot on. Althought they sound heavier and more depressive and have a stronger grunge influence.

  69. ReprogrammedToHate

    agreed, The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza is doing that too

  70. TheJoshW09

    Im pretty sure there releasing a new album, don't think they've broken up just yet

  71. skepticskaterr

    many bands have done it before , most of the time because of differences/moving on with life or just doesn't have enough money to support them selves for awhie

  72. Wendy Aleman

    i don't understand why they would break up after releasing an album.

  73. Sam Farris

    If they break up, I will cry.

  74. mike hunt

    Basement. What are you doing? Basement. Stahp.

    dont break upp

  75. v1nc3xx

    danke :)

  76. Reiner Größenwahn

    Hast nen guten Musikgeschmack ganz ehrlich!! :)

  77. Jennifer Armocida

    I see a lot of comparisons on here of title fight to them, and I see that, but they remind me more of balance and composure.

  78. Jesus _Unit

    why do they have to split ?!?!

  79. GUTS

    Sounds like a mix of title fight and polar bear club. I liked their first album, but this is just dope

  80. Jimmy Peters

    listen to the song and stop bitching, i feel like i'm on facebook.

  81. Marshall Bliss

    yes, thank you for insulting me on an error i already corrected myself with. i meant last show in my local scene. no need to act 12.

  82. jsh020

    It was one of their last songs, they have called it quits sadly.

  83. Marshall Bliss


  84. Marshall Bliss

    well damn, someone takes jokes too seriously. calm it.

  85. Anthony Scelza

    i doubt anyone would be jealous of you, anyway. I'm going to the last U.S date up in Allentown but I'm not going to fucking brag about it. You're an idiot.

  86. Anthony Scelza

    that's not their actual last show dumbass. their last show is in england.

  87. Marshall Bliss

    i got to see their last show tonight with daylight, soul search, and dead end path. not to brag or anything but if i were you id be jealous as poop.

  88. Bryce Lynn

    Why are you breaking up =[

  89. Dylan David

    Thought i would have a listen before YD tonight, these guys are insane.

  90. Martin Augustynowicz

    Saw them live yesterday. Amazing atmosphere! :)

  91. v1nc3xx


  92. v1nc3xx

    aewsome band..greetz from germany!