Bas - Vacation Lyrics

[Verse 1 - Bas:]
She fuck 'with the team cause she love her some ballers
Opportunity rings and I'm finna call her
Got a backpack cause I don't know where I'll be tomorrow
I'm blowin' up spots bitch I got heat, I used to have quaps
That's a quarter on the block, fuck the cops
That's the order from a boss, march on the court
House donors on the lawn, tell 'em that we miss Trayvon
Mean it sincerely, vision not 20/20 but I see through ya shit clearly
TV couldn't really impair me, fear tactics don't scare me
Don't need no designer clothes but I'll take them designer drugs
Need a different kind of love, Aladdin love Jasmine
Me I'd rather fly the rug

I just wanna smoke in peace, ride through the open streets
I love my city and will do court but beefs claim lives like the open sea, I still love my city, if I die, I couldn't find a better location
I don't go on vacation, I don't go on vacation

[Verse 2 - Bas:]
Unofficial, off the record, it's impressive, what you done to me
Mr. Hilton, Mr. Westend, but I fuck her like the DoubleTree
Lord, I am just a 2 legged dog, everything I do for my dawgs
Take another step and we will teach a lesson
Paramedics do get involved
Everybody in ya crew is a fraud, everybody in my crew is a boss
Cause everyone agree you ain't gettin' shit for free
Boy you gotta pay ya dues to the cause
All them hoes choosin' and hawkin'
It's my house take ya shoes when you walk in
And these hoes make appointments now
Me and my city like Christopher Walken


[Irvin Washington:]
Vacation, my vision is so clear, my vision is so clear

[Verse 3 - Bas:]
Nigga so off couldn't hit a tee-ball
And you a grown nigga like 6 feet tall
Walked the line and he got chalked, ball so hard that he got lost
Look at that lead on the wall, all of my team gonna ball
We gon' leave 3hun of y'all, lookin' Neanderthals
That look like y'all 'fore a nigga evolved

Hope not, hit her with the dope dick and my crib's the dope spot
I ain't got time for appointments that don't flock
And bitches that come back to my crib and don't pop
And niggas that smoke all my shit and don't cop
I see you muthafuckas

[Irvin Washington:]
My vision is so clear, I see you motherfuckers
My vision is so clear [x4]

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Bas Vacation Comments
  1. Shipreckd

    I'm still out here bumping this. Bas is 2020 vision

  2. Karl Max

    These white girls are ridiculous lmaoooo 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Peacies

    basqiyacht is dead!

  4. Seminole Space Force

    He love him some snow bunnies.

  5. MrRJMaker

    We need more real shit like this to save hip hop

  6. T.O.H

    bas with the bars

  7. da french yggdrasil

    i rather fly the rug

  8. sourthakidd official

    Why is this barly coming in my suggestions now??!

  9. Nashouu

    Does anyone know the model with shorter hairs name?

  10. Lim Koh Yoong

    People on the likes of Kendrick,Cole and Bas,real rap now thats what im talking 'bout.

  11. da french yggdrasil

    smoke in peace I can live with that

  12. Raul Moreno

    Best rapper alive fa sho

  13. Tu_Rela Turèla

    I love this shit dammm Nigga making dreamville proud

  14. Javier Duran

    I liked his bonecrusher look better. Nevertheless he's way too dope for the cred he gets.

  15. eastnewyorka22

    Twin Towers should be there still...

  16. Awesome Guy

    Just found me ah New ringtone.

  17. DeLond Blunt

    Feel in love with this artist

  18. Ace Aguilar

    brings back dope memories

  19. MrTrell1407

    see you muthafuckuzz

  20. JD thegemini


  21. BLKiLLs

    bas! bas! bas!

  22. Innate

    Tell 'em that we miss Trayvon

  23. J Steez

    Whole album was wavy af even Too High To Riot. I just wanna know why he didn't make a vid the song Last Winter he killed that sample.

    Didier Registre

    yeaahh dude

  24. jaquane buckley

    Check out the newest track on my page and tell me how you feel about it.

  25. Ti Nicole Official

    What city is this shot in?


    New York.

  26. Acanthus Fairley

    I don't understand why he hasn't blown up yet.. all his music is amazing.

    Abraham Cortez

    Because people with talent dont get famous only trash does


    Acanthus Fairley he's not mainstream he's underground that's the real hip hop music


    Acanthus Fairley he's still underground and you can understand his lyrics

  27. Payback

    HOW does this song not have more popularity

    everyone needs to share this shit

  28. Nolimit Chris

    I need that hoodiee

  29. The Last Black Saiyan

    when did schoolboy Q and rick ross do the fusion dance?

    Jeremiah Lopez


    Cactus GuyMan

    The Last Black Saiyan lmfol

  30. William Johnson

    Im in the coast guard and we boarded him while shooting this in NY... He shoulda put us in the vid man!

    Andrew Nisinson

    +William Johnson I remember, we were losing light and I was freaking out haha. You guys shoulda suggested that tho, I woulda done it!

  31. Eddie Rivera

    That friend clothing is so fresh


    It's Fiend

  32. Turfy Jungle

    He looks like Rick Ross

  33. Desi Tha Dude

    I want the chick with the long hair lol.

  34. Desmontra Johnson

    Favorite song on the album

  35. Supervillain

    why does he always have a bunch of white girls in his videos?


    +ArrghhMatey Because everyone loves white girls. Who ever said there's "Too many white girls."?

    Alexis Hofschneider

    +ArrghhMatey Maybe more of a testament to the influence of his experiences in Europe. The girls he uses in this video are not the typical video girls... They're not thick and they can't dance. But they could probably rock Balenciaga on a runway.


    +ArrghhMatey He grew up in France, maybe that's what he's accustomed to?

    Myron Daniels

    Cause he's a fuckin baller


    +ArrghhMatey Because hes fucking European chicks for every African nation they colonized #TooHighToRiot

  36. Giraldo arias

    Bas is the skinnier rick ross but the fatter kam chancellor.


    I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks he looks like Kam

    josue montejano

    Skinnier Rick Ross chubby big krit

    ColeWorld andFreshHeirs

    +Giraldo arias Kam?? Must be something with the eyes

  37. Shaila Agha

    where can I get the prism looking sunglasses from??

  38. Kwaku Soul

    Bas is dope, last winter's so hot. cool album debut.

  39. Mr. Three Letters

    I've been listening to Bas for a while lately...this guy has great stuff to offer....if he doesn't blow up, I don't know who else should......#Dreamville

  40. Noah Williams

    Using classy women instead of trashy bitches. Thumbs,!

  41. Justin Harmon

    So slept on

  42. Justin Harmon

    So slept on

  43. Quinton Malone

    this guy is good af. Cant wait for him to get big because he deserves it.

  44. AJ Kings

    wow i love how he did this video in his hometown but with a vacation vibe and theme. HE DONT NEEDA GO ON VACATION! Bas is the man

  45. FishKhart

    Sudan Rules! Sudanese success stories all over the world .. Bas - whose parents are Sudanese (Dr Al-Fatih and Mrs Iqbal Abbas) - was named after his maternal grandfather Abbas Bashir Nasr from Halfayat Al-Mulook in Khartoum, Sudan. Bas takes a lot of pride in what he calls his "international background". Indeed he's a French Sudanese African American .. Stay Tops Bro

  46. Michael Turner

    This video is completely unnecessary. Song is cool though.

  47. Kabirah Cameron

    This beat is crazy!!

  48. Thomas Juvinall

    def becoming a Bas fan more and more each day.... thank u for helping show that hip hop isn't dead COLE WORLD!!!!! Dreamville let's go

  49. Gustavo Medrano

    Bruh Bas, you been snapping i just got put on to your music. I must say, I'm very impressed my g.

  50. conrod hall

    Album was fire all around

  51. Zanny Grape

    314 Grape real tlk

  52. Chaz Willock

    I see u kid keep grinding! FIENDS!

  53. Chaz Willock

    I see u kid keep grinding! FIENDS!

  54. Soothsayer

    Anthem ..

  55. AkimboSlap

    Remix need to have travis Scott and partynextdoor on the hook

  56. Samuel Gonzalez

    Bas lost weight 

  57. Santos Martinez

    The one in the white dress at 1:12 😍😍

  58. Duke Togo

    Bas Smooth As Shit

  59. Duff Sinatra

    Good to see Bas growth been a day one fan! #Queens

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    need a video for Fiji Water in My Iron 

    Acrylic HD

    @jonsofresh101 It's out!


    @jonsofresh101 Need 1 more, for NWO.


    +jonsofresh101 Now about a year later, it's out! Illuminati D:

  61. Lona.

    I go by Lona, just a kid Houston trying to touch people with music. I'm always working to get better, I'm doing performances now and really trying to just master my craft. I just try to put out honest songs that people can relate to, learn from, or just something you can feel. I promise to stop spamming once I get enough subscribers. Check me out, comment, subscribe, tell a friend! Help me grow my fan base! I've finally dropped a full-length mixtape, the link is on my channel. Check it out, leave feedback in the comments if you like and if you're feeling it just pass it on. I'm not really good about being on here cause I don't really have a following on here yet so follow me on Twitter to stay updated @LonaTheDon

  62. BoiBoi

    I dont go on vacation.....I dont go on vacation!

  63. Deiyjuan Christie

    Man, Last Winter is the shit! They should make a video for N.W.O

    Lewis Wray

    As good as Kid Inks 'My Own Lane'

    Patricia Banno

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    love this dude

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    Que musica foda 
    Very emocionante 

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    2:30 how you look at a nigga who smoke all your shit but don't cop

    CoRon Brown

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  72. hipsterkidtv

    Ayeeee i'm feeling this video tho