Bas - Purge Lyrics

Caught up with the audience
Caught up with the audience
Cause you're out of view
Boom, like a tidal wave
I'm trying, but I cannot save you

I can't
City to city, a youg legend fulfilling my dreams shattering ceiling
It got me feeling myself
Look how I'm fitting the belt, they never give me a chance
I never give 'em a breath, keep a foot on they neck
I go deep to the depts, subeged in it
I'm the urge, nigga
I'm killing these niggas off, call me the purge
Layers of inner thoughts, you're playin' 'em in your car
But really you're in my head like Yamaka synagogeus
Bassy been a problem they probably could never solve
Lck me at the bottom, they probably got better odds than knockin' the rings off Saturn
Find it hard to settle, I want it all forever
The speech, it don't get me bother and the streets, you ain't get involved in
Ya'll sweet like some kindergarteners
I got heat and I'm feeling heartless, heartless
I been making all these songs just for you hear
Get these niggas outta here like a Uber here
Gang Dreamville run the game and we coming for anything, man
If we ask, they abide, pain from sacrafice
Had to leave my other half on the side
I just laugh when my stock on the rise
Stack all this cash, couldn've overdraft if I tried

I need to reset myself (without you)
I won't neglect myself (without you)
I had to test myself (without you)
I think I'm at my best (without you)
Boom, like a tidal wave
I'm trying but I cannot save (you)
I can't

These pups ain't war-ready
Getting lost in the city like Doc Gooden, Strawberry
When the block hot, tel Cosby I got puddin' already
In the drop top, bitch hop in it all ready
Yelling "fuck the cops," middle fingers to the opps
Stop with it already, our efforts get nothing but aftershock
Crampin' myself but I got hot iwth already
This for the phony in his sleep
Throwin' up goat emojis, niggas lookin' like some sheep
Presidential Rollie on me, bitch, 'm rollin' like a sheik
You ain't though, gettin' low, I coulda caught you on my sleeve
Took my girls to Japan, do some shopping' and, man
I could show you new options
Do what you want when you poppin'
Made a few loan to my partners to out a hole in your top
Just to pend a week in Colombia fuckin' hoes, eating tapas
Damn, if we ain't home they adopt us
I live round here, I live round here

I need to reset myself (without you)
I won't neglect myself (without you)
I had to test myself (without you)
I think I'm at my best (without you)
Boom, like a tidal wave
I'm trying but I cannot save (you)
I can't

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Bas Purge Comments

    This is not rap. Griselda better than dreamville

  2. Adrian Gamboa

    When bas say: I need to reset myself (without you)
    I won't neglect myself (without you)
    I had to test myself (without you)
    I think I'm at my best (without you)
    Boom, like a tidal wave
    I'm trying but I cannot save (you)
    I can't.
    Bro I really feel that 😔

  3. Josiah Carrier

    So little views....tisk..tisk..

  4. Paul Soroka

    Who's listenin in 2020?

  5. Opie Taylor

    Damn!!!!! Smoke shot!!!!! uhhhhhhhhhhh

  6. Pappy

    How yall listen to this and think "fire" this is pretty garbage tier shit right here. Yall got lazy ears or sm

    Ben Berry

    What music you like??? probably blueface n cardi b.......this is real music here dummy

  7. Luyanda Nika

    Bas sounds crazily like j Cole😍😍

  8. Caleb Rayner

    Everything about this beat to the lyrics to the visual effects are straight fire 🔥 don’t like the whole eye scene so much but other than that can’t complain

  9. Trent Wright

    Get these niggas outta here like the Uber here! 🔥🔥🔥

  10. De brizzy

    look at the strength CLASSIC whos a bomber

  11. Jeezy Chukwu

    Is it even possible for bas to make a bad song? 👌🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  12. Heidy Gonzalez

    Bas or Bos?

  13. jakkaz 1990

    Look at the strength!!!

  14. Whatcha Lyfelyke

    These pups ain't war ready...

  15. T SPOKEN

    Bas is the current best NY rapper


    Like si hablas español:

    No es obligacion dar like

    C da auto like *

    Tyler Bell

    Translation i think like yes speak spanish nobody is obligated to like

  17. Zack Hill

    Being born right in the middle of the regions TDE and Dreamville are based, I feel so happy seeing the newer class rockin like this tidal wave

  18. Noel Paillant

    Bas a whole gosh darn beast out here.

  19. shy87

    “Throwing up the goat emoji niggas lookin like some sheep”...he who has ears LISTEN 👁👂🏾

  20. rawaz kamal

    You got MAD flow Bas!
    Huge fan from Iraqi Kurdistan

  21. Vengeance Vengeance

    Listening to this at x2 speed, dont know why, so dont ask me... I'm high AF!

  22. Leonardo Copado

    bas really went in on this track.

  23. Luke Czarnomski

    This man is so underated, he is one of the best I have ever heard

  24. L'ukaz IV

    OCDing on "Boom like a tidal wave." cause it's too catchy

  25. Roshi Flaco

    This is such a beautiful piece.

  26. Young Blunt MR

    Who’s here cause Tommy craze ?🔥🔥

  27. Amal Sh

    That's shit is lit 🔥

  28. Jae

    2:49 Real ones know 😂

  29. Reece Marcelle

    them bars were FILTHY

  30. Positive Vibes

    Love this ❤️. Vibes are real

  31. Jari

    he need more views & subs than this!

  32. lexx corp

    Bas man...yall better wake up

  33. Michael Critchlow

    Who disliked this ?

  34. milad nasiri

    This is slept on fire asf bro!

  35. R-Tadax Music

    haha goood sound ...sound jus like cole..

  36. Perry Yeoman

    Best song on Milky Way besides tribe

  37. Saul Delgado

    This song literally saved me from a dark time in my life !! Shout out to real music !!

  38. Apollo Ailus

    Puttin Paris onna map 🇫🇷🔥🔥🔥

  39. Dante

    Bas > J cole

  40. Riley Mehok

    This makes me feel some type of way man. Bless up

  41. Juliana Marcelino Baus

    How could I slept in hin💔🤨



  43. Subscribe Right Now To Save A Kitten 420life

    I feel the chorus rn lol. God I love this guy

  44. Levin Long

    Madden 20 banger.

  45. zaxk .x.

    Lyrics pleaseee

  46. Im So N00b

    Quem daqui é Br prraáaaa 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  47. Serbaken Laken

    Music starts at 0:42

  48. Bandage!!!

    My dream song is with..............Bas, j cole, Kendrick Lamar, JID, and ski mask the slump god.

  49. Rob Sanders

    Yall just Now getting put on, BAS been killing it and I'm Happy hes finally gettin recognized 🔥🔥🔥😎

  50. yomommasophat _

    How do u sell your soul to the devil?


    *Aye waddup people, If you lookin for some smooth beats, you can find em on my сНаnnеl*
    Appreciate the love

  52. Terrell Barnes

    Was Bas on XXL already?🤔 if not wtf not str8 ryhmes and bars to understand with a good melody background

  53. Erin Ruhl

    I got heat and I’m feeling heartless, heartless

  54. SavageWarLordXIV

    Bas needs to change his name to The B.E.D cuz you raggedy ass niggas be sleeping on him😂😂😂

  55. Akira Kamisaru

    Lol!! Bas Taking That Photo.

  56. Arjun Bhasin

    will somebody PLEASE tell me what trip this guy is on??

    Dwyante Bates

    Arjun Bhasin he just smoking GAS gas

  57. Kenneth Badza

    They are not ready for this🔥🔥

  58. Austin Wigand

    Stop fucking me with. I got it dad

  59. RoyalTuxedo

    I discovered u a few weeks ago and I love your music. The lyrics are so good and I love the chill vibes

  60. Dante

    Someone make instrumental of this song

  61. Khaled Weda'a


  62. Tre'von

    Next level Bas 🔥🔥🔥

  63. Marv’s World

    man who is his stylist cuz he be swagin

  64. 5384

    Chill vibe

  65. Jocelyn Avila

    another underrated artist 😤💯

  66. Streamingmadman


  67. Tyler Iannucci

    Revisiting this after hearing Bas go toe-to-toe with J.I.D on Down Bad has been a lovely experience. This dude's insane. I can't believe how consistently good every Dreamville artist is. Cole's building a fucking army of the best out there. What an exciting time to be alive!

  68. Jamal Boqmasha

    can someone explain the music video ?

  69. dillion shropshire

    i feel this shit....period.

  70. Agape Grace

    This my jam ❤️

  71. MrLWGreen

    Not gonna lie I was expecting Pete and Bas...

  72. SlendyDie

    can't help but focus on the fact he rarely has white ppl in his vids XD

  73. Yazmin badillo

    .42 sec it looks like he has high heels on with the caption 😂😂😂

  74. ogholden


    joah walters

    ogholden 😂😂😂 so fucking catchy I relate

  75. O LA

    2091 anyone? this still fire

  76. TheHunterVEVO TheHunterVEVO

    Good song

  77. Tyler The Creator LOOK AT THE STRENGTH

  78. Rich Pleh

    "this for the phony in the sleep throwing up the goat emojis looking like some sheep" damn Bas

  79. vogaten 2

    Nice song

  80. Vincent Washington

    good song

  81. Ahmed Yahya

    Love this 🇸🇩🇸🇩

  82. HipHop LuVeRZ

    Bas is killin it this year!

  83. Moustafa Mahgoub

    el zol killed this track

  84. K Ken

    Your flow is sickkkkkkk🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥spitting bars

  85. kayumust

    chill bas

  86. Gurpreet Saluja

    I am the producer of this song. Thanks all for appreciating.

    Pierce K

    😂 you fr think you produced this or are you trynna feel good about yourself?

    Gurpreet Saluja

    @Pierce K actually neither bruh.. 😀 i just wanted to post something funny bruh...

  87. The Rain BowGirl

    why I just find this dude and already feel like we been chillin for life?

    K Ken

    Me too like his flow is so sick, he sounds like J. Cole

    Emmanuel Kasirivu Lugoloobi

    @K Ken I feel the industry is working extra hard to keep us dumb bet and trust

  88. Zoe L


  89. Dorian McCormick

    He so high bruh lol

  90. Ziyad Nasr

    Fun Fact: Bas is Sudanese

  91. Dangerous Jay

    TDE x DREAMVILLE - Bringing back lyrics, and real artists to the game.

  92. Kendrick Hall

    Songs my soul sing. Most definitely fly shyt.

  93. rohmell brown

    Anyone here the etika stream?