Bas - Penthouse Lyrics

I can't see love
I can't see love lately
I can't see love
I can't see love lately
I can't see love
I can't see love lately
I can't see love
I can't see love lately

[Verse 1:]
Lately I got this feeling
My niggas is meant to get it
It's written up in the stars
Made it from slimmer odds when only God was with us
Fuck it nigga we did it, been picking the game apart
My response for critics is spitting it from the heart
Ain't no frontin' involved
They feel it, I'm 'bout to make niggas fold
Something in the water got me floating like the work across the boat
Girl I wonder how we making it home?
I'm no angel, I got an angle
Back to the crib, bitch I'm tryna get you naked and bone
She's no angel, but with the blow she's a snow angel
The dangers of taking her home
She said, "You caught my eye and my ears
You speak sincere, write precise
Cross your t's and dot your I's
See my fears and read my mind
If lawyers steal and doctors lie
What's really left for you and I?
(What's really left for you and I?) "
Trust, shit I don't know too much about it
We can take this leap of faith

But I don't wanna feel the bottom, no
I don't wanna feel the bottom, no
Girl I don't wanna feel the bottom, no
I don't wanna feel the bottom, no
Girl I don't wanna feel the bottom

[Verse 2:]
And I just called up my mama, she missing her son
I've been pulling all-nighters and missing the sun
I heard it gets addicted to some
The bigger the light, the quicker they come
They exit your life, just as quick as they come
I'm numb to it like a brick to the gums
I get to it, just as quick as it comes
As quick as it comes now
I wish niggas wasn't so addicted to power
I wish heaven had visiting hours
I wish we could hit the Ave like we used to
Dime, nickel, 20 bag like we used to
Ride with my dawgs, moving cross the States
Die by my word, that's an author's fate
So how your shoulders holding up fine, great?
I got the weight of the world on mine, I'm straight
Now pay your dues til your dues paid
Play your role til your role change, nigga rotate
'Rari or Jaguar, switching forth lanes
Call me for NASCAR, Bassy a track star
Gassin' the track like I'm running propane
Lapping these niggas and jealousy's a bitch
Made it out the city, look around
I brought all my niggas with me
And I gotta thank God for the felonies we missed
Gotta thanks mom dukes, gotta thanks pops too
They say anything possible
My squad like apostles, believe in me
Don't know how to quit, that's a fiend to me
Yeah, my niggas flood proof
Pray for the rain, gotta deal with mud too
Gotta deal with slugs who
Lay six feet, try to get above you
My niggas flood proof
Pray for the rain, gotta deal with mud too
Gotta deal with slugs who
Lay six feet, try to get above you
They love you
And hug you, they sing your praises
They wear their faces backwards
Still I see 'em acting
Just the walking reenactment
Ain't nothin' real about 'em
Niggas talk about us
Spill they're heart up out us
They spill they're hearts
But what's her name again?
We talking 'bout lames again
Won't pretend I'm entertained
I'm staying sane
I'm going through the changes
I'm still the same
Everybody feel you, don't feel your pain
Go on, go on, steal out, hold on to you
Go on, go on, steal out, hold on

Cause I don't wanna feel the bottom, no
I don't wanna feel the bottom
Said I don't wanna feel the bottom, no
I don't wanna feel the bottom

I can't see love
I can't see love lately

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Bas Penthouse Comments
  1. Cassandra G-K

    Idk why everytime my husband watches this video he cries....i guess the art if it all always gets him.

  2. hellkeeper123

    Bas is so Underated! He’s the god

  3. Raymond Ezell

    GET OUTTA THERE BAS!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. Axyturk

    baslar birazda içten tok gelse daha güzel olur.

  5. braca


  6. Zelgaro

    He let the beat build

  7. Anthony Segundo

    Still listening, even in 2020

  8. QuietBoy Productions

    Great album

  9. TheArtofLivingHisDream

    Was it "write precise?" or "right precise?"

  10. Zaid Khandiya

    who's here 2 years later tho?

    Sanjay Bradford

    Zaid Khandiya aye 🙌🏽🙌🏽

  11. Ololade Idowu

    November 2019

  12. PAZ -Z

    This shit hit different listening to it at 0.75 playback speed

  13. Mel Collins

    So so underrated smh its like being a bills fan #Mafia fire tho 🔥🔥

  14. Akira Kamisaru

    Bassy Can Get That Mic!?

  15. Harold

    I really had a better vision for this songs music video. The current one is cool but it lacks the link between the song and video. Idk if I'm crazy or not. What do yall think?

  16. Simba Phiri

    Top 5 rap songs for me

  17. Michael Angelo Tinoco

    This song still goes hard

  18. Movvo Bird


  19. mcarthur albert

    I notice BAS spends a lot of time in Tokyo. I don't blame him at all, I can't wait to go back.

  20. Darian Munoz

    Classic. When that piano drops tho a whole vibe illuminates🔥🔥
    2019 still bangin this wavy joint🎶

  21. Lor Caam

    “I can’t see love” 💯

  22. Michael Opoku

    My jam in 2019🔥

  23. 237 Gang

    Still one of the greatest songs I’ve heard


    Oh lord, ive come to you as a sinner. Ive been sleeping on bas. Please give us forgiveness

  25. Ari A



    damn shit takes me back :(


    Yea man

  27. Broderick Daniel

    Bas is top 3 for Dreamville artists 🔥.

  28. S Quo

    Everybody feel you, don't feel your pain

  29. Way2Dylagent

    I like to restart it at 4:16

  30. Tajai Meeks


  31. Ian Henry

    Damn.....I'm glad he's finally getting the recognition. It's been awhile since I listened to Too High To Riot. What a great album

  32. 5384

    Dont reach the bottom but get closer possible

  33. Richard V

    Honestly one of the best...
    vibe x 💯

  34. C-Note89

    "Go on, go on, still I hold on to you"...damn that hit hard

  35. Chris White

    Man this was my favorite album of that year! Inspires me to go to Japan one day! DREAMVILLE FOREVER!

  36. Akira Kamisaru

    Bas, Where Can I Get One of Those Jackets!?

  37. Akira Kamisaru

    Bas, Brother You And Dreamville Are Absolutely Legendary!!!

  38. Muzi Msweli

    pray for the rain gotta deal with mud

  39. Kendrick Hall

    Talk that real shit dog....

  40. Akira Kamisaru

    I Like How It Trades Off With The Various Bas’

  41. Judge Harrell

    "we can take this leap of faith..but I don't wanna feel the bottom, no"

    that shit gives me chills still

    Judge Harrell

    everybody feel yah, don't feel yah pain..

  42. Randall Smith

    Bas is fuckin dope!

  43. Guillermo Romero

    The lyrics for this song are genuinely amazing

  44. Wise One

    It's been 2 years already yet this is still deep...

  45. Zeke

    Lived In Japan for almost 4 years, this brings back so many memories

  46. Rick Brood

    Bruh, i was just in Tokyo.

  47. Tim Martin

    This song is a love song about my life

  48. Akira Kamisaru

    “I Can’t See Love, I Can’t See Love Lately.”

  49. Maxx The Marshan

    Poetry 🤕🤕✊🏾

  50. Geovanni Findley

    For me, by far the best song he's ever recorded

    Sanjay Bradford

    Geovanni Findley facts

  51. Lalo Vidal

    Can’t wait for the next LA show

  52. MugsyBrews


  53. Damian Cooper

    Why is he underrated?????!!!

  54. Todd Goforth

    Bro is the most underrated artist in. Dreambville.

  55. RG Celso


  56. Eelangelo

    fly to Japan, seen a panda like Desiigner

  57. khomanhana ngv

    3:07 this nigga knows to do the things

  58. MugsyBrews

    This should of been performed on COLORS.. Bas your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper right now.

  59. Tim Martin

    This song is really a love song IDC IDC....

  60. Lehlogonolo Maanaso

    wtf 1 million views yall do not reAl music

  61. Julien Tx

    This album is a classic undeniable

  62. El Alien 52

    One of the most slept on artists

  63. Truth

    Thank you Bas I hope to one day be in a position to be able to collab with you.

  64. Leppo18

    2018 and still on repeat 🔥🔥🔥 the whole album is 🔥🔥🔥

  65. Yung Ruck

    Still Fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  66. boni ames

    video didnt match the song. kinda disappointed to be honest. one of my fav songs on the album

    Dominic Meersseman

    boni ames It matched his vision

  67. MiloThaMute X


  68. Romain Kidimbu

    Best clip for Bas

  69. Karlo Mendoza

    Paper Boi

  70. Mike Mordan

    trust? nah I don't know too much about it.

  71. Rad Recess

    I don’t wanna feel the bottom

  72. Romain Kidimbu

    La qualité du clip...

  73. D- Dub


  74. BurgerTheBlack

    He just rap my hold life

  75. Corey Greenleaf

    "...the dangers of takin' her home..."

  76. Trygan Music

    Y'all sleeping on Bas for real thou. A true poet

  77. marcoopoloo

    brings me to tears. Hit's home.


    Song is changing my emotions for the better,that part he's talking about his people believing in him resonates because that's what I always wish I had. I still got the Lord though. Love y'all stay blessed

  79. YUGO

    looks like fat james harden

  80. iAminhuman 93

    One of the dopest beats I've ever heard

  81. Prince Amu


  82. J. NIO

    If there was a song that really fit my personality and the way I see the world this would be it. Thank you bas for the great music always. Also thank you for inspiring me to go for the things I want out of life. Much love always!

  83. Ahmed Hamed

    That part from 2:41 til 3:04 Damn !

  84. Eloi Pinheiro

    One of the best artists I had the pleasure to listen. This cd is on my "revisiting" playlist. Always come back to listen. I are a true artist, Bas. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

  85. Ihsan Patterson

    Love this videos I wish I would of saw this when this came out

  86. turnup water

    That cross walk scene was epic

  87. turnup water

    Dope vibe

  88. Warren Phasha

    Need visuals for live for

  89. Warren Phasha

    i need a visual to live cor

  90. sisa libala

    he is underrrated asf and its disgusting

  91. brightthefrightroblox

    Too High To Riot is the ultimate vibe album

    Dominic Meersseman

    brightthefrightroblox There’s a few. Throw the waters and acid rap in there too 🔥

  92. echo

    found this randomly. *stayed*

  93. Luis Ojeda


  94. Coup de Foudre

    awesome song gets better every time

  95. Elitegoods llc

    an ups! on the Filming just in general : Amazing Video .,.& ... if you downed this , you have no life in you and or etc of any & everything Negative