Bas - New World Order (N.W.O) Lyrics

I swear it feel like a quarter to midnight
Riding in Dis 5
Bumping my own shit, bumping my own shit
Pedal to the floor, I ain't braking no more

And we get paid, that's off words
And I been made, ho, that's my word
Ho, that's my word
This shit is for life, N-W-O
I ain't hitting you back, I'm done with you hoes

[Verse 1:]
Money growing farms, gotta get your figures up
Gotta grow an arm 'fore you pull your niggas up
Spend it on a bond money, you was savin' up
And all they could respond is you never gave enough
Everything gratuitous
You don't want a pot to piss, you want a pool to piss
Never taking it for granted like I'm new to this
Keep my waitress heavy handed, fuck my stewardess
Who is this sick nigga? Jealousy a trait saved for you bitch niggas
So wait bitch, hold up, get a hold of this nigga
Just got out the meeting and they talking big figures
But I'm a need more money than these drop a brick niggas
Convos and commas, convos and K's
If that's what you talking, ho, convos for days
Sky so big, got condos in space
Let's save the world, all in good taste


[Verse 2:]
I got us, a worth, that's the truest of it
A bird lose itself worth, that's the Louie of it
Why so materialistic, life will pass you, egotistic
It's how the universe work, that's the beauty of it
Seen you from the first twerk, that's the booty of it
Lately been so hedonistic, give me ass, don't need no friendship
Living life, all my tickets copped one way
And these bitches all in my runway
As of late, I drink and smoke everyday
Hesitate, just another shot you never take
Riding down the block in the Rari
Tryna' squeeze two hoes besides me
Six at the club, turned twelve at the hotel
You would think these hoes Saimese
And they got hommies, bodies
And they roll l's if I let them ride shotty
Cause that's all it would take
Let's save the world, all in good taste


Me? I'm too fly, y'all sweet, y'all niggas fruit flies
Y'all speak, y'all niggas hoopla, y'all weak, y'all [?]
I must be the coldest, walk up in the room (vroom)
And ya bitch old, I'm looking for some new's

I must be the coldest, walk up in the room (vroom)
And ya bitch old, I'm looking for some new's

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Bas New World Order (N.W.O) Comments
  1. TherealNtokozo

    We are getting ready for the N.W.O anyways

  2. Samson Chukwuemeka

    Love this song

  3. Guillermo Romero

    Bruh this is too good to have 0 comments 20 likes and only 2K views. Show this genius some love plz

    Kid Lee // Ta mére la merguez

    You're not alone,don't worries

    Lebogang George