Bas - Mook In New Mexico Lyrics

Fuck a penny for your thoughts nigga any how
I just called my nigga Rahim brought the Henny out
Got them things in the Kool-Aid in this mo'fucker
Like a gang of Gorillas in this mo'fucker

[Hook x2:]
That's a closed book
When she with me got your bitch open
And she gone give more when she with me got yo bitch smoking
Be alert be alert, be alert be alert be alert be alert be alert
Be alert be alert, be alert be alert be alert be alert be alert

[Verse 1:]
No tats but my passport got plenty
I board flights and I ask do you got Henny
And she say, courvoisier
I say fuck it I would like plenty
How many of these nights do I got in me
Couldn't really tell blind everyday same time
Picture every face drawn on got on a for sale sign
Me I gotta stay sharp, can't afford a stale mind
See I'm bout my bread mother fucker and I can't afford a stale mind
My city grimy that rollie shiny, well you can't afford to tell time
And they gotta take squats on the jail time
Cause nobody got guap for the bail bonds
And they had to get street cause college ain't cheap
And mamma gon' eat, if we gotta pop heat so be it
Puttin in work so be it
And that shit work you see it
Put your latest work in a hearse and I send it to the dirt
Little nigga that's where your CD is, CC em
Oh, put em on alert, me I make art cause it's from the heart
Love me til I'm gone when I die you gonna have to hear the fuckin museum to see it, Bas


[Verse 2:]
Yeah you know the models on the coupe
But you don't even know what's in your food
Nigga Google it, be alert be alert
Be alert be alert be alert be alert
Put your young ass in debt
Now they got hands on your handsome cheque
You in check nigga, be alert
Be alert be alert be alert be alert
Cheap cash in VD's and passing em off like TD's and you knee deep
Be alert be alert be alert be alert
Yeah, whole country at war
You ain't even know what for cause we only want more
Be alert be alert, be alert be alert be alert

(Be alert be alert be alert be alert)
(Be alert be alert be alert be alert)
(Be alert be alert be alert be alert)

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Bas Mook In New Mexico Comments
  1. Forest

    Yeah you know the models on the coupe, but you dont even know what's in ya food, Google it. That line changed my life, Bas. More power to you.

  2. Chef Carl Casper

    "CC em". Crowd control? WOW anyone?

  3. HipHop LuVeRZ

    The most underrated playa inda game, stay on yo toes for some Basy BAS this summer, I gotta make it to BROOKLYN this JULY 13th my mane, holla #ColeWorld #FIENDS 🥛🥛🥛 we saw JID in SAN Antonio, Cole in Vegas and Dam, now it's time for sume Brooklyn Bas action🍚🍚🍚

  4. Bojie Dios

    This song reminds me how you have to be alert if you driving around ABQ. Be alert. Lol.

  5. Fritz Cobin

    Bas on this one is some celestial candy....

  6. Matt Dunster

    Love me some BAS. All this new shit is wack , this dude the only one keeping it 💯

  7. Markcut 23

    i play this in the shower

  8. KrisisHD

    schoolboy would be wild in this song

  9. Dizzy kodone

    Who filmed the music video i need work done and need prices

  10. MrRJMaker

    This song is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  11. Rahib Mohammed

    At the start according to genius he says ‘I just called my nigga Ron’ but it sounds like he said ‘I just called my nigga Rahi’. I’m wondering if that’s just me that can hear that. It’s been bugging me ever since I first listened to the song years ago. And I finally decided to check the lyrics

  12. T.O.H

    dreamville is a movement

  13. Joseph Mirabal

    Yo being from New Mexico I love the title and I also love the beat, but can someone please explain to me how this song is about New Mexico? lol I also love that he shot the vid in NM, but the lyrics don't mention anything about NM. The lyrics can really apply to any State or place so can someone please explain how this is about being a Mook in NM? I'm not trying to be mean or shit talk I promise, I just really want to know how this is related to the title of the song basically lol

    Rockie The Dog

    I want to know too especially bc im from NM.

  14. Jorge Coss


  15. KOWE

    this shit was stolen from sc lol

  16. jannisar keef

    This go hard asf I ain't even gonna lie 🔥💯😎

  17. Jonas Tremmel

    Friendiana Jones😂😂

  18. Henry P

    Wow Bas is really ahead of his time

  19. Ccarma Indigo

    Where's yo new mex shiii? Lol

  20. TheDirtyBird_ 11


  21. Joe Gonzalez

    Me I make art cause it from the heart🔥💯

  22. Izayuh raps

    Imagine if Schoolboy was on this w/ Bas

  23. Gahd Dammn

    Fiendiana jones lol

  24. Gahd Dammn

    Do you got henny!?

  25. Ccarma Indigo

    Penny for your thoughts, nickel for your dreams. Smoking gun....

  26. u tu

    This vid is Lit.

  27. hubert ivy

    Why am I only discovering Bas now?

  28. thomas urias

    It's a crime that bas is slept on, while everyone listens to these lil whatevers, kodak trash, 21, and xxxtentacion ? It's sad because all these guys make no sense with half of what they say .

  29. GilgameshEthics

    Be alert.

  30. Pearle M.C.

    This mans tryna play indiana jones and is wearing timbs 😂 bas too obvious that hes from ny

  31. Nathan Oates

    Don't sleep

  32. Jay B

    be alert be alert be alert aleeert

  33. Jonathan A.

    play at 1.25 speed

    Krista Valdez

    Immortal John AMAZING 😏😏😏😏😏

  34. Juan H

    I remember seeing him open for ab-soul in Ventura ca

  35. XxxxvahdahaarrrXxxmlg 420noscopes

    Thats in farmington ohhhhhhhhhhh

  36. steez

    weird ass vibe

  37. Nathan West

    been sleepin on bas, he's becoming one of my favorites

  38. jacob Sanchez

    norte 14 new mex

  39. Dereck Lee

    The ones who thumb down wasn't alert and caught a VD 😂😂

  40. Aldomiro da costa


    dre dog

    i hope he poops i 2017 i cant imagine a whole year without a shit

    Aldomiro da costa

    Trust me! he gonna poop! Yeah wtf im a big fan !

  41. lucascb

    he look like a heavy big krit

  42. Lucas Herron

    yea show new mexico some love. yeah most city's think there Krazy but don't know what really go on in this state
    o wait I bet new mexico got more deaths then a hospital remember them prostitutes man remember when William H Bonnie killed those sheriff's I do kuz I do my history. new mexico was the krazest but my state will always be my favortest

  43. Kyle Kuzma

    Does anybody know more good songs by him, so far I love this guy 👍

    Edwin Ramirez

    my nihga just made bail its pretty dope as well

    Know Nawa

    Juice Fiji water in my iron

    Sho Case

    Juice "Housewives"

  44. Jesse Sticky P's

    How did WE know he touched down nd filmed in our state?!? (; We Alert

    Lucas Herron

    Real G he did

  45. Caleb Talk

    First time New Mexico ever got some recognition

    Jackson Thomas

    You ever heard a breaking bad

    Bojie Dios

    Or has a rapper repping the city that is actually good.

    Jefe Garcia

    Tru on a major level

  46. Andrew Roybal

    finally someone gives my home state some recognition!!

    pauzey greaux

    It's because your home state really sucks

    Loony Fumez

    pauzey greaux green chilies are the shit don't hate what chu dont know

    New Mexico

    The Phonegamer New Mexico is the best come visit before you talk trash


    Quwali me to!

  47. LoversLoc'd

    "dat part" has smilier production.. this beat is just dope though. Bas is def a underrated artist.

  48. P H

    my city grimey, that rolley Shiney where you can't afford to tell time! Buuuurrrrquuueee! Uptown baby!!!

  49. patrick joja

    bassey super mook

  50. McBIG

    This guy is heavily slept on.

    Equal O

    Agree 100%
    Consistently excellent beats and smooth flow, but not enough people know about him.


    McBIG he should change his name to hammock cuz he stay gettin slept on

    Real Jonez

    McBIG I swear💯 man this new gen rap shit is trash bas the truth

    Naz _Deante

    McBIG ikr

  51. Simon Geng

    Put your latest work in a hearse and I send it to the dirt🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  52. Aaron Chavez

    Duke city 505

  53. Andres Perea

    look like rick ross

  54. IBeLowkey

    My young ass is in debt and they got a hand on every one of my checks damn I'm fucked 😔

  55. Heriberto Morales

    tHat Part brought me here ): im so dissapointed

    Heriberto Morales

    +Theodore Brosevelt trueee, eitherway im happy i found this guy he has really good music, i was sleeping hard

    Theodore Brosevelt

    +Kool-Aid DaThugg yeah dude! Check out his newest album called "Too High To Riot" it's flames

    Heriberto Morales

    +Theodore Brosevelt I did already lmao, two songs i really liked are ricochet, and black business man

    Theodore Brosevelt

    +Kool-Aid DaThugg yeah ricochet is definitely my favorite. Clouds never get old is another really good one

    Heriberto Morales

    +Theodore Brosevelt Yeahh bro, overall I'm happy I found this guy.. like he's part of Dreamville how did I never find him?! lol

  56. Isaiah Simmons

    You a check nigga? BE ALERT!!

    Heriberto Morales

    i didn't get that part lmao


    +Kool-Aid DaThugg he basically saying that the government owns you.. His lyrics have a deeper meaning


    you in check*


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  57. Rory Keogh

    killing it......

    Larping Lionfish

    I know😩

  58. isaac ordonaz

    Sounds like THat Part by Schoolboy Q....

    Theodore Brosevelt

    The production does have a similar feel, yeah

  59. My Vices

    be alert be alert be alert

  60. cool asb

    Bas is so hot😍

  61. Moises Alviar

    Whole country at war and yall dont even know what for, Cause we only want more. BE ALERT!

  62. W W

    The thumbnail looks like bas got slicked back frosted tips


    lmfao it does

  63. Steven Sinclair

    When she with me got your bitch smokin'

  64. Drew Stoll

    Wow i slept on bas. just found this cuz of THTR

  65. C. Perks

    My friend and I did a cover of this, please check it out! Subscribe to my soundcloud if you like what you see, much love, bas is a beast!

  66. Jim bo

    this is really fucking good

  67. Howardo Brown

    hillary should be in prison be alert!

    ZinoPost Videos

    Trump could be assassinated, Be alert

    Sh3h8m3 L8ly

    We all in 4it...b alert b alert

  68. Jordan Mcclelland

    Ayyeee that's my state

  69. Kelvin Mendie


  70. Israel Cardena

    Shofu Squad

  71. Eduardo Aguilar

    should have been alert in downtown,warzone,stix,or Shit westgate lol

    P H

    wz all day. uptown baby

  72. blacktorphil2

    Skinny Rick Ross

  73. fran cisco

    He says NOTHING about New Mexico, smh but good lookin out for ABQ Bas.. We ain't even in your video

    Ray Wayne

    That all you got from the song?

    Tehseen Khan

    I take it he was probably in New Mexico touring while he wrote the song. Atleast he shouted out the 505. Amirite?

    Jesse Sticky P's

    He filmed that video in NM

  74. Ericson Roman

    my first time

  75. Paul Sweeny

    No joke I knew Bas when he ate Papa's Pizza

  76. One_dunk_ Man

    Im starting to feel this dude all his songs i rock with dang he rhymes

  77. Clay G.

    dope video for a dope track - this is hip hop :)

  78. Cheyenne Honaker

    his lyrics aredope

    Rockie The Dog

    Tell me you live in abq. Youre gorgeous... Coffee????

  79. 93RubixCube

    So happy Bas is signed to Dreamville you know Coles gonna let him do his own thing

    Rachid Azmigh

    f Chu


    connor ivie

    you'll believe anything bas tells you

  80. Howardo Brown

    bas keep doing ya thing #vibing

  81. CoCoCrispy

    Looks like a skinny rick ross. This is good tho


    or a bigger cole

    Austin Kreis

    +collin cone why would you even compare them

    Black Lyfe

    +Austin Kreis they look alike

  82. Chase Clark

    listen to the lyrics..hes sending a mesaage. hes telling us to be alert and watch whats going on in this country .

    Lucas Herron

    Chase Clark I here it mist people don't. did u here that he say "you don't know what they put n your food"

    Denzale Jones

    Kool-Aid DaThugg I'm doing a art piece on GMOS, pesticides, and other chemicals in our food. I feel ya B. They're silent murderers.


    Chase Clark I live I New Mexico


    R3MIX me to in Belen nm

    Ccarma Indigo

    Chase Clark being alert for your your life... it's worth it

  83. GangGang

    damn this guy is good

  84. Mike Z

    I love this song 😀

  85. Chase Stewart

    Bas a real artist. Last Winter deserves a cover to cover play with endless Js

  86. Margreat Idi


  87. Jamel Johnson

    be alert

  88. Elvin Fodjo Foko

    that shit f-f-f-fire nigga

  89. Jake Jake

    505!! Reppin that burque

  90. German G

    them beats kill #dreamville !

  91. A.R Shad

    that sample is from my man Kyle Justice. He made the original beat. I know because he produced my E.P. And he did Coles a dollar and a dream 3.


    young rick ross

  93. Darian Perry

    Fuck YouTube & their commercials

  94. Ace Aguilar

    Bas is that dude! he a genius and still slept on smh

  95. Mikkel Madsen

    you dont know what in ur food nigga goooogle it

  96. Ari Lennox

    one of my fav albums!! last winter is lifee

    Shaq Preston

    This comment just made me tear up, congrats Ari! #dreamville


    congrats luv #DreamVille


    Still bumping it


    i was the 100 to like it , wish soon will be signed to Dreamville Records from chennai ,INDIA

    Michael Fosko

    Yoooo you an bas been vibin for 3 years?!?!