Bas - Icarus Lyrics

Since I've let go of you and I
Lately I've been feeling too alive
Flying too close to the sun, yeah
Flying too close to the sun, yeah

[Ari Lennox:]
Oh yeah
Trees that grew between us
Tears that drip between us
Years have blew between us just to throw away
Might've lost our glory, but I love our story
Yeah I lock the door just to store it away

They say love don't cost a thing
Yeah right that's a underbid
They say love don't cost a thing
Oh yeah right that's a underbid
That's a underbid
That's a underbid
They say love don't cost a thing

And you know they be lying like Kellyanne Conway
I just get my thoughts off, I just take the top off
When the cauldron bubble, we come from the back block
So they call us trouble, we can never slouch nor stop off
Weekend on the couch with the socks off
Nah, we can make it count, run the clock off
We can count lives on the block lost
Cautionary tape, that we can never block off
All I see is hate, how many memories can a million make?
Opinionated, young nigga seen the whole world with my own two
What they gon' do with this young nigga?
Whole squad workin' on the same page like we one nigga
Like we one
I can't get jiggy with you clowns
I'm busy I've been giving New York City a whole new sound
Who really gon' hold this down? Who? Me, funny
I catch niggas gettin' sore when I do me
I still wish them niggas more than they do me
Gotta live up to the blessings of my Umi
Bring myself, couple steps closer to my God above
Never read the "Art of War" but it's hard to love
Never know when you go rollercoaster
All your highs got a low, rollercoaster
Bring myself, couple steps closer to my God above
Never read the "Art of War" but I could write the Art of Love

[Ari Lennox:]
Oh yeah
Trees that grew between us
Tears that drip between us
Years have blew between us just throw away
Might've lost our glory, but I love our story
Yeah I lock the door just to store it away

The inner me is tellin' me, "I gotta pace it"
The winner in me is tellin', "I got a bottle of Ace"
Cole gave me at the Garden from the case, hold
Stand up, looked 'em in the face
Told 'em I can't pop it til sell it on my own occassion, bold claim
Told my momma I'd be back and I make it, both came true
Thought I was escapin', just to find myself right back in the Matrix, both pills blue
I thought I'd be fulfilled
I came from not a dollar in my momma basement
I came from baggin' product in my momma basement
Almost lost some shells tryna bust a couple sales
They went and caught a collar in my momma basement
I've been tryna keep her proud since, nigga way back
Got some niggas, keep me grounded, that's some way back
But I gotta take flights sometimes
These are fightin' times, I'm my only opponent
Somedays I'm betrayin' my holiest moments
I don't know who could control 'em
I don't know who could control 'em
I ain't living for me, I'm the youngest of five
And if I don't survive, I don't know who could console 'em
I don't know who could console 'em

Since I've let go of you and I
Lately I've been feeling too alive

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Bas Icarus Comments
  1. TJMcFly

    1:15 my favorite part of the song

  2. アトマYxng

    I remember when I first found this hidden gem, I faded into another dimension. Especially when that bass dropped.

  3. Gustavo Fring

    This instrumental is so unique. Anyone know if it was sampled? Dont know how producers make music like this

  4. Big Leader

    Even tho I'm broke as fck, imma start buying artists music, cause all I do is convert songs off youtube... I need this and earth gang new joint

  5. Dezi

    Spiritual Alignment

  6. Aaron Ohh

    These Lyrics You Got Fuuucked Boii!!! Wtf Is Thiss!😡😤

  7. Flash Back

    Im mad how i found out this dropped last yr

  8. Tree High Camp

    They say love don't cost a thing..

    Bas- But you know they be lying like kelly and conway!! 😂😂

  9. Robin jackson

    Underrated. Not rated correctly.

  10. Kelley Lewis

    Album of the year..

  11. KayDoe

    this song needs way more attention shit got killed by Ari and bas

  12. Maddie Z

    So underrated.. but at the same time kinda dont want other people tondiscover Bas and make him mainstream😐

  13. Aldy

    So fuck you all

  14. Aldy

    I love you all

  15. Aldy

    Yo to all pussy niggas I run the LA streets you feel me

  16. Aldy

    Fuck niggas I’m white and you cannot do anything to me “you know what I’m saying “

  17. Dontha Veone

    This gave me chills 😩😩😩


    I love this song

  19. Mercedes Lloyd

    I'm in love, no foreal💌

  20. Brandon Smith

    My only regret is that I'm so late to the game 🔥🔥🔥


    You're here now. That's all it matters

    KLH II

    momandbro8 Facts🤝‼️

    Sanjay Bradford

    Better late than never

  21. Negus6

    Spiritual alignment

  22. Moose Guzman

    If your reading this your cool af 💕

    Big Leader

    You too man

    Eddy Hernandez

    you’re* but you too my guy. 😂

  23. Samuel Muriithi

    Underrated lyricist and flow. Both on display here. If you’re just now getting wind of BAS, you’re in for a treat. Dreamville, like TDE never disappoint.


    Samuel Muriithi Earthgang, J.I.D, Bas got me lit 24/7. I had a falling out with hip-hop throughout highschool in the early 2010’s but Cole and TDE gave me faith in hip-hop. Watching how they progressed the game makes me excited as fuck and I’m happy to see how rap still is still developing to this day

  24. O UH

    first time listening to this and i just got hit with a wave of happiness as soon as he dropped his first line

    bas will forever be underrated and it's a damn tragedy

  25. Aryeh Miller

    100k views is purw disrespect

  26. Lihp E

    Late night highway music

  27. Johnnie Heredia

    Damn, We few down n low are the ones who recognize good music and see them come up. Beautiful thing to see.

  28. ob1KENob Junior

    Yo. I wana know who's promoting this mans art....because theyre doing a TERRIBLE fucking job. He's not getting the attention he deserves. And one of Dreamvilles main soldiers! How is it that Bas was there before JID and JID is ringing more bells than Bas. I love them both but Bas deserves better treatment from rap fans and his company!

  29. smooth wit it

    Ari’s voice is an instant nut sheeshhhh

  30. Ken k

    Thank whoever created this earth for music

    Brandon Ramirez

    God created it! God bless you brother

  31. Ken k

    Sometimes I'm betraying my holiest moments

  32. Ken k

    Cold track

  33. You’veGot Mel

    If y’all think that drop sound good on yo speakers you gotta hear him perform it💯 shit was live in Chicago Sunday 🤘🏾

    Ken k

    You a lucky dude

  34. Jonathan Torres

    This song is so damn underrated. Seriously? Not even 150k views?

    Mad Mick

    Edit this

  35. BuBop

    bas gotta story man. his people in south Egypt and Sudan getting kicked off their ancestral land which was ancient nubia. n now the people in queens New York where he grow up n all over the country are being removed from theirs homes because of gentrification

    Azeto Grey

    I’m from Queens and it’s crazy how fast the gentrification wave hit us. I’m not gonna lie and say that my area didn’t need improvement but... I just never thought I’d see “luxury” hotels, Starbucks, Zales, Chipotle’s, in Jamaica Queens. And now everything is going up and people can’t afford to live here or NYC as a whole anymore, it’s crazy.

    jon castro

    I like bas but your an idiot first of all it was kHemet and no they was not kangz its myth is about as credible as flat earth. but at least get your fake facts straights lol


    @jon castro kemet is in Egypt. Our people are descendants of kings and queens, it's a fact. Where did your people come from? Do you know your ethnicities origins.

    nj cowboysfan

    @Jamon every nation had kings queens and peasants. So what's the whole we were kings thing supposed to prove? A lot of Kings were historically pricks anyway lol


    @nj cowboysfan its to prove that we were kings since HE said we weren't. Saying they were assholes is an irrelevant statement

  36. bosciaace

    When he starts at like 1:30 and the best does that trip up, I get fucking LATCHED to the song. Glad this played randomly on Spotify and introduced me to Bas. Just incredible


    bosciaace good shit bro dont forget to check out last winter if you havent already


    That part always has me turnt!

  37. Zakary Casey

    Oh my god 1:30

  38. Cleopatra

    Pesadíssimo, parabéns pelo trabalho.

  39. Dalton Canterbury

    Tears of joy between us.

  40. TG 420

    "I'm my only opponent" real shit 💯💯💯

  41. Cash Egwundu

    could "you and I" mean audience expectation? nah I'm just tripping

  42. Ti Nicole Official

    Favorite song to listen to while high bc I’m completely in tune with it

  43. #The Makor

    Dope cant wait till we open up for you bruhh!!!!!

  44. Taneeka Cosby

    🗣 ON REPEAT ALL DAY!!!!! Wake up with this song on my mind all the time!

  45. Kelvin Arnold

    Yo where's the music video ?

  46. 77Dragon Slayer95

    I love how the beat escalated throughout the song 🔥🔥

    Faded V

    The production is insaneee

  47. 77Dragon Slayer95

    I think the quality of the intro/1st song is very important for an album, Anyway I will listen to this whole project ☝🏾🔥🔥

  48. HoodieJIM ㄣ⃒

    We need the instrumental

  49. Keyvonjackstar Keyvonjackstar

    Underated album

  50. GR3M DSS

    Since I let go of you and I, lately I’ve been feeling to alive 💫

    Phil H

    Flying too close to the sun yeah... Flying too close to the sun yeah!!!

    Huey Freeman


    Lil Lexus

    Nigga penis

  51. Jake Crane

    *The drop brought me to an instant climax*

    Gabriel Gonzalez

    Jake Crane LMAO

  52. iLL wiLL

    Bas never disappoints 🔥

  53. hello

    Bas is great...this album is excellent

  54. Blackout

    Love Ari's chorus 😍

  55. Jamicheal Gates

    Pls make a video to this song

  56. PudWhacker


  57. Gavin Scott

    Ari that's my baby the whole dreamville are underrated

  58. アトマYxng

    This is fucking epic bruh holy shit. Just found out about this guy 💯🔥🔥🔥

  59. John Brown

    Just got done listening to that trash song Moo. So this should help.

    Agata Sheppard

    BLACKPLAYSMATTER !! I’m not a cat I don’t say meow.

  60. Jon Perry

    CD 🔥🔥

  61. Miguel Santos


  62. zae

    School q vibes


    zae da the more I think bout it the more u right bro

  63. Enmarquez Hamilton

    I like this song

  64. yasuke shango

    bas and ari harmonize so well together...this some heat.

  65. james brook

    never read the art of war

    E.J. Craig

    james brook it's actually a pretty good read. let's you inside of the mind of one the greatest generals that ever lived.

    james brook

    @E.J. Craig I thought it was about sun Tzu didn't know it had multiple generals


    Its hard to love.

    E.J. Craig

    james brook it is about sun Tzu. when I said "one of the greatest generals" I was basically saying that out of all of the generals in history Sun Tzu was one of the greatest. like ever.

    james brook

    @E.J. Craig sun Tzu hell ya a legendary strategist and general

  66. james brook

    damn I was hoping for a feature with jid

    albeano peterson

    Yeah bruh me too my nigga that shit wouldve been heat

    james brook

    @albeano peterson word

    Eddy Hernandez

    Fried Rice

  67. Lynette Smith

    A collaboration with Loner Kay would be fire

  68. Donald Johnson

    Fkn fireeee🔥🔥🔥🔥

  69. Daniel romero

    yeee excited

  70. OhdayTv

    Here before ya .... 🙏😇

  71. Trinity Clark


  72. milio619

    shit is raw asf 👌