Bas - Fiji Water In My Iron Lyrics

Why you so dramatic?
Why you so dramatic?
You think I give a fuck or you talk static
I'm holdin' heaven it's automatic
You think I give a fuck or you talk static
I'm holdin' heaven it's automatic

[Hook - Bas & K Quick:]
Cause I gotta stay fresh
Fiji water in my iron
Yeah I gotta stay fresh
Fiji water in my iron
Ho I gotta stay fresh
Fiji water in my iron
Yeah I gotta stay fresh
Fiji water in my iron
Cause each day we wake up
We smoke L's we make love
We bump Soul in your basement
Bump Cole in my truck
Cause we ride, we ride, we ride, we ride
We ride, we ride, we ride, we ride

[Verse 1:]
It's just me, you, Jack, and Ginger
Mary's here my dear
No need to ask I'll bring her pour me a glass
I'm in my zone
I'm in my zone
And if it's mine that's you honey
Stick together like new money
Hit Dubai on that dune buggies
Catch some rays like it's Tampa Bay
And I know what drives you crazy
On how I switch daily
From love is so amazing
To love is so enslaving
Yet all you have is patience
Fight for us as if life is love
If love is gone it's dead life in us
I repent all my sins
Always trynna put knife in us
I hear my devil's enticing but
They run amok every night
They love to fuck WOOP
They ain't nothin' but some pressure cause
Pressure buzz
Promise for the two of us never rush
It's me, you, Jack, and Ginger
Mary's here my dear
No need to ask I'll bring her, pour me a glass
I'm in my zone


[Verse 2:]
And she was like Lauryn Hill tell him
I was trynna be a player still all my Bill Bellamy
But she couldn't understand
Cause everytime we go out we go out with a bang
She just want a taste
Fill up with regrets now you get em by the tags
Bitch you never wear the smiley face OK
You can tell me bout it or you can tell it to the A's
Cause we never let it go to waste
Don't you ever let me go to waste
Black star so we couldn't burn out
Like black cards we ain't gettin' turned down
My God gon' get the word out
That's laughter my bitch got ass like Nasa
That line prolly only makes sense to me
That's fine I'm the shit to me
That's fine I'm the shit to me

Why you so dramatic?
Why you so dramatic?

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Bas Fiji Water In My Iron Comments
  1. Cristian Rivadeneyra

    Fiji 🇫🇯 water in my

  2. mohmmdvv

    still here

  3. SAVAGE90000640 Gaming

    I still don’t get my girl got ass like nasa line 😂🤷🏾‍♂️ I know it’s going to be 🔥 when I figure it out 😂

  4. Sdot Mac

    never realized Mike was in this vid LOL

  5. Jamie m

    free beat on my page, steal it. No tags. Keep the bag.

  6. Sipho Hokwana

    Whole album is aging like fine wine. It's criminal how this hasn't even reached a million views to this day.

  7. Mario

    I keep hearing "cuz you want it in my ass"

  8. Uchenna Collins

    183 people who need to learn what good music is...

  9. Akira Kamisaru

    “Why You So Dramatic?”

  10. Shacora Johnson

    4 yrs later and this still aint hit 1 million views ... Oh okay 👌🏿

  11. Joshua Madlanga

    Long drive to the beach bumping this joint🔥🌊


    Idk if this or housewives is the best

  13. Davila Visuals

    Stacey hash is the girl in the video. You're welcome 😃

  14. musa Naomi

    Bas ..cozz...omen...🙏

  15. Kianna

    It's 2018, and he is still slept on.

  16. Gabriel Gonzalez

    bassy we still listening in 2018 last winter is a classic, “dreamville the 96’ bulls”

  17. Charles Langley

    I love this beat

  18. Shirelle Weston

    Omfg...This Song Is Sooooo Slept On....This Song Should Have A Million plus views...This Song Is Everything esp the Ending!!!! #BAS4Lyfe

    thomas wilson

    Shirelle Weston bas is heavily slept on

    thomas wilson

    Shirelle Weston but he has a strong fan base

    Shirelle Weston

    Thomas Wilson- Yes he is extremely slept on..He is a lyrical genius!!

  19. brady50429

    I put fiji water in my iron and it dropped a mixtape

  20. saul b

    its just me u jack and ginger

  21. Sincerely, Netta

    This song woke me up out of my sleep ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  22. Rokhaya Sané

    2018 just discovered this song and I am in love. I've had Penthouse on repeat for two weeks now lol Fiji water in my iron is next! 🔥🔥🔥 Looking forward to your next album Bas🙌🏿 Bientôt insha'allah

  23. Hasini Smith

    still here in 2018!

  24. hallhigh21

    buddy looks like rick ross younger brother lol.

  25. bigtex365

    I just poured some Fiji water in my steam wand/iron this morning. Coincidence? I think not ;p

  26. Ayo Agunbiade

    So underrated it's frustrating. Everyone who even cares a little bit about Hip-Hop should be up on this song.

  27. PoppinPlacesTv

    This song is so dope🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥slept on

  28. Merary

    I really love this song😭🔥

  29. Sincerely, Netta

    This song WOKE ME UP OUT MY SLEEP 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾


    The Mystery Man KQuick... lol

  31. Erin Mattson

    It is much better for one's iron to used plain distilled water. Mineral water will encourage mineral deposits in the iron, which in turn will comprise the performance of the iron. These deposits may also lead to unexpected ejection of said deposits while ironing one's clothes, making the clothes look less than fresh.

  32. First Cooommment

    "It's just me, you, Jack and Ginger, Mary's here my dear".
    Damn now I'm thirsty.

  33. MoniQue Love

    I miss this song!!!!

  34. Mr F

    Damn. Her name?

  35. Steady Strivin

    Bas is the future, he going to be remembered like Drake.


    no body got an instrumental to this the beat is amazing 🔥🔥🔥

  37. Juan H

    I seen him open for ab-soul 2 or 3 years ago

  38. Thendo Mushiana

    still one of my favorites. you deserve more recognition.

  39. Squanchy

    bump (ab) soul in yo basement
    bump cole in my truuuck

  40. Ale 373

    i molested the replay button

  41. Gabriel

    This song is so underrated

  42. trim105

    Song is pure fire. Best part for me is from 2:30 onwards

  43. 0 kay

    Am I the only one wondering why she was squatting?

    Low 5

    Wycliff kay to pee.

  44. Ashy Toes

    This is so damn amazing! Cole stays signing these amazing artists that come with a rare mindset of intelligence instead of these lost rappers.

  45. Bob Fluffyson

    i'm assuming when he says her ass is like nasa, he means it's... out of this world. *puts on shades* awwww yeahhh

    Ramal Ankh

    Bob Fluffyson He did mean that and that was a dope ass Bar.

  46. kokolatte825

    This sound like a Kanye type song to me. Don't ask me which version of Kanye. He be changing all the time.

    Big BoSs

    kokolatte825 lmao

    Majin Porterhaus.

    Like a mix up of Graduation and Dark Twisted Fantasy era Kanye.

  47. K Daps

    Thats fine im the shit to me

  48. hamza el


  49. Ian Coetzee, Health Consultant.

    Me and my ex used to listen to this song and sing and dance to it and look at eachother in the eyes and live as if we were in the music

  50. Deichi991

    His Song tittles are a complete sentence

  51. FlipStar26

    Bas is so heavily underrated ..

  52. Coreef OFFICIAL check out my sound

  53. Zach Elmore

    If y'all are true Bas fans listen to his verse on New York Times with Cole. Too clean

    michelle v.

    Zach Elmore New York Times is underrated af

  54. Jaylyn

    hot...just hot but I'm [email protected] 1:59 she's not taking a poo poo is she? I dunno..

  55. Batoul Mustafa-Preston

    Hi bass coming to America soon with your mum I do you know remember Yasmine

  56. Kelly Wright

    Bas is a dope artist, but this hook to this song was corny AF lol Fiji water in my iron? I know I'm not the only one who thinks so..

    Kelly Wright

    +Kaillan Xmob His rap style is not like Bas, but I can tell you appreciate good music so you'll probably like Joyner. But yeah watch the music video to I'm sorry and tell me what you think bruh


    yeah g.. i just listened to like 5 of his songs already.. he can rap dawg.. i like his music thanks dawg lol.. im looking everyday for good music to listen to.. joyner sick, i like his flow & ting.. he can rap dawg..

    Lew 8

    lol na bro gtfo here with that. FWIMI is dope asf. you thinking about it way to much

    thomas wilson

    get outta here with that, the hook makes the song amazing

    Garth Andrews

    top shelf water for a top shelf rapper lol

  57. LifeAndTimelessArt

  58. AliceNWonderlandd

    swear this song always gets me in my feeling

  59. Cinthia Padron

    How can you not love this song man

  60. Who is Josh Jacobs?

    The whole dreamville click is dope. They should get more recognition then they do

    Abed Islam

    good thing they have a joint deal wit interscope that should help

  61. Mitchell Smith

    Yoo look how salty Bas look at 1:40. He's like "stupid fuckin couples bein all cute n shit"

  62. Mona Neveah

    I LOVE THIS SONG' Bas' 😘😘😃😃 can we be each others"FUJI WATER

  63. Mona Neveah

    I LOVE THIS SONG' Bas' 😘😘😃😃 can we be each others"FUJI WATER

  64. Jay Houss

    my bitch got ass like NASA , that line probably only makes sense to me , that's fine I'm the shit to me

    Ramal Ankh

    Jay Houss That Bar is Slept On

  65. Daniel Poole

    love this song. but in the video is Bas suppose to be the young guy remembering good times with his ex? or is this after the break up and she has moved on to this dude ? or im missing sometime all together ...

  66. Morgana Thornton


  67. Zarif

    Would there be rust from fiji water?

    charles felton

    no, fiji water is water that is 100% filtered or cleaned

  68. Jaymie Mason

    107 dislikes? petty @$$ heaux!

  69. Kevin Amestoy

    my nigga bas repping grizlies like a homie big ups cuz you were FUCKING LIT at pemby this year dawg, it was an honor meeting ya

  70. Subi

    anyone know where that jackets from?

  71. Anthony Herr

    she beautiful as fuck yo

  72. devonia vernal

    it baffles me that Bas is so underrated

  73. thomas wilson

    bas needs radio play foreal

  74. Eric Murillo

    My dude, Mike "Shiggity" Shaw

  75. gavin d

    ayyye tampa bay !

  76. Whitney

    In love with this video

  77. EpsilonDevil

    Mannn. Bas is colllllld. I've been sleeping 😭

  78. Sky vibes%

    This man's music is amazing!

  79. Mistacray Hoe

    the world is sleeping on dreamville smfh

    Liam Tinney

    Fr dreamville is so underrated

    The Orthodox Defence

    So is Pro Era

  80. sHenanigans

    he should collab with Q.

  81. yunly

    It's a shame that this is so underrated.This song is a fucking master piece.

  82. DrewMMK 575

    too high to riot before this

  83. Brent Schwartz

    Man, I love this song.

  84. Nadin Selman

    This song is underrated !!!!

  85. Focal Essence

    Mad love for repping the Vancouver Grizzlies bomber

  86. Respect Infinity

    This is my shit bruh!!!

  87. Raheem Theard

    Babe is the shit

  88. yacob jacobsin

    as the beat started i felt good

  89. Joshua Foley

    what car is in the video

  90. dominique eure

    Does anyone know who the girl is? I want to draw her.

  91. Enver Cordova

    3:24 when dat ass so outta space you've gotta rap about it

  92. Dwayne Parker

    he talkin bout bumpin Ab- Soul btw

  93. Peaceful Living

    I had to click on it cus I slick put Fiji in my iron

  94. Mr Conscious

    bitcj got ass like NASA.(out of this world)?

  95. spice. god

    he looks fijian

  96. Ulysses Ramos

    those northern lights Nike dunks tho! 3:09