Bas - Clouds Never Get Old Lyrics

Said I'm calling all my niggas with me riding
Dressing room like we keep bitches on the rider
Bus full of white girls singing Akinyele
Momma I think I just met me a Madonna
Everything glowing ain't a diamond
I know everything glowing ain't a diamond
Girl you shining

But I ain't felt love in a long time, and I told you that when we woke up
I guess that might have been the wrong time
My best pick up line is young nigga with money, I ain't playing
My best pick up line is young nigga with money

[Verse 1:]
Killing these niggas, I got a feeling these niggas is out to get me but trust me I got 'em
Straight out the borough my city love me we thorough
My nigga you don't want none of them problems
She acting crazy she calling me baby I just be feeding them bitches the bottles
She live in way up in Harlem but she come to me when I call her
And she all about her fashion she be working for Vogue
Me I'm all about my stacking I be working the road

But them clouds never get old
Them clouds clouds never get old

[Verse 2:]
So focused on, make the dopest song
Got this chick open on, got her lit on patron
Got her ticked off, cause I got no tick for her
I got no time, but I got some dick for her now
She was lit, I was milk
Girl don't let that milk spoil
You got some friends that stress you
He ain't loyal, I got some friends, don't let 'em think for you now
Pull up the whip for you now, here go the town
I am no pimp, but I am a player
You not with the shits? I'll talk to you later
I'm playing girl I got a thing for you now

But I ain't felt love in a long time, and I told you that when we woke up
I guess that might have been the wrong time
My best pick up line is young nigga with money, I ain't playing
My best pick up line is young nigga with money

718 to your state, 212 to your city
My best pick up line is young nigga with money, I ain't playing
718 to your state, 212 to your city

[Verse 3:]
Throwing fishing nets in the ocean to cash
Good catch, here's to hoping it last, nigga
And bring them hoes back to the pad from the show
But only if they know how to act, nigga
Don't ever get stuck on your laurels like
All of them stuck in the past niggas
Shit, it's how I got past niggas
For real

Said I'm calling all my niggas with me riding
Dressing room like we keep bitches on the ride up
Bus full of white girls singing Akinyele
Momma I think I just met me a Madonna

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Bas Clouds Never Get Old Comments
  1. Pa Alieu Taal

    So thankful he dropped mad videos for this album 🏁💙🙏🏿🎲🔥

  2. J Lit aka the icon

    This was one of the albums that I played frequently when I was in prison

  3. Batsile Absolut Taupedi

    2019 still jamming hard!!

  4. KidPrimeA9

    this song kills me...i love it...i love the connection in music

  5. Hudson Silva

    Minha favorita 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  6. swiftka81

    how have i only just seen/heard this wtf, dope af

  7. Shawn Six Owe Crip

    I gotta hear did shit erday nigga grown folks music Lmaoo 👍🏾👍🏾🐰🍺🥃🥃🎹🎼🎧🎬🎬🎷🎺🎸🎻🎲🥁🎬🎬

  8. JentaroTV

    Bas out here havin' Taylor Swift lookin' chicks falling for him.

  9. Joshua Kalibbala

    Haven't heard this song in time. I love it though. I just don't like this white girl theme he tends to have.

  10. Saint Ralph

    Youtube: check out Lil J.cole 😁😁😁
    Me: 😍😍😍😘😘👶👶💯💯💯

  11. Emard Knows

    damn son

  12. Shawn Six Owe Crip


  13. Jessica Bonner


  14. Alan San Miguel

    2:40 back to the future vibe

  15. tumisang kyng

    I having flashbacks of all the ass whooping coz of that red flip flop

  16. ghostdasquarian

    Them some strong cables they using 😅

  17. Paradox

    I wish they put my boi oddissee in the dream team

  18. Jon Ruby

    Momma I think I just met me a madonna

  19. Kung-Fu Kenny Family

    July 2019????

    Bas is a fantastic artist 🔥🔥🔥

  20. Jay Fryz44

    Bas high as hell 😂

  21. Vic Kay

    Aaliyah - Neva Comin’ Back

  22. Andrew

    Anyone know the shoes he's wearing?

  23. NJ Cantave

    I love this video

  24. Ju ?

    The construction of his verses is perfect

  25. Khulekani Cangcatha

    help me to chill and calm this song nice vibe bas .from RSA

  26. Matine's Livestock Farm

    Rick Ross and T-Pain had a baby!

  27. Z-BO

    Thank you sir for being an actual musician. I wont even say rapper because all that means now a days is you have no flow,lyrics, or pronunciation. You dawg are a actual artist

  28. makayla ashby

    the video was 🔥
    & the bars were up to par.
    i was lost in the video like
    i was there 😂😂

  29. Ninso Alcantara

    "this is underrated" comment is never missing 😂. (Actually he is)

  30. laurie Francis

    who"s bopping in 2k19?

  31. jkellyx

    this song never gets old

  32. JDK

    Admediate anxiety at 2:37 hahahaha

  33. Ashley W

    About time Bas gets the recognition he deserves!! Been here since day 1❤️

  34. nhan vo

    2019 they still slept

  35. Larry Wayne

    my best pick up line is young nigga with issues... I ain't playin'


  36. Tiffany C

    Why isn’t he bigger than he is?? Haven’t heard a bad song from him 😍

    Ya’ll be tripping

  37. T-Locklin

    One of the best songs to ever exist

  38. Matt B

    Great song. The verses and hooks were good

  39. Akira Kamisaru

    Bas Is Dope!!!! 😊😊👍🏾👍🏾

  40. 프리드리히니체

    영어 잘 못하는 개나부랭이 아시아인 형을 존나게 존경합니다

  41. Wesley Perez

    That's how alcoholics sound.
    Off key.

  42. Wesley Perez

    And the slight change in key.
    Them clouds never get old....
    Probably drinks alcohol during recording/note forgot to change tone during intervals in the song.

  43. Jovem Esoj

    men you're very good, let's go the featuring i'm from the brazil

  44. Miguel

    you the man Bas

  45. Steven Schellhorn

    That tiny baseline at 0:55 though

  46. Caleb Mcdorman

    This is good af

  47. Jose Martinez

    he looks like that guy from Kodak black's tunnel vision video 😭💀

  48. Freeman

    Man this video is great! It's so funny but well thought out and put together. I love the part where Bas is rapping and every time there's a break in the bar, he literally falls over and a new Bas pops up and continues the next time lmao. The part where is relaxing on air is so cool as well! Great job

  49. Christo taatea

    This kinda raps are a diamonds in the rough this days. Im so glad i somehow stumbled into this. I guess as a rapper myself I'm connected to the realest somehow everytime. I've stumbled upon so many good rappers even without YouTube recommendations 😁😁.

  50. danny oceans

    Ella Mai with the backround vocals OOOOOUUUUUU

  51. Chained88

    Holy shi*t I was at that park when they were filming this! That's Reseda Park Lake in Reseda!

  52. A.K. Harrison

    The R&B melody in the beginning is a monster and Bas slay it from start to finish!!

  53. A.K. Harrison

    This is my very first time seeing and hearing Bas .

  54. Josie Marks

    Wish he came around the west coast for his concerts

  55. Lil Brenn

    February 2019 anyone?

  56. the kubsta

    ayee this was uploaded the day of my birthday

  57. Ken k

    This video is so loool as serious as it is

  58. Ken k

    Tune dreamvile

  59. NastyCo

    this on lsd is wild HAHA

  60. David Benson

    His visuals are on another level

  61. chae monroe

    2yr later still the best

  62. mfundo sanele

    2019 any listeners?

  63. Joie De Vivre

    This never gets old

  64. Kenny random

    Some of his instrumentals to his music sound identical it's like he got the James Brown syndrome also I don't know if it's attentional but the way he's marketed he gives off a Schoolboy Q feel but I like him he's lyrically inclined

  65. Jaden Kimble

    it’s almost 2019 and i still love the vibe and the feel of this song and video underrated bop.....

  66. SMV

    This Aaliyah sample tho🙌🏾

  67. FiberHive

    This is amazing

  68. Diego Beats

    The production is so beautiful.

  69. Mrugesh Lavani

    Anyone know what shoes those are at 1:19? They straight 🔥🔥🔥

  70. TCT

    Thank God for J Cole and his eye for talent. Bas is incredible

  71. James BroadSkull

    I jam it but I be saying "my best pick up line is I'm a ginger with money" 😂👌🏻❤️

  72. Dangerous Jay

    I think Bas is my new favorite artist. Thanks A$AP Ferg. The first time I ever heard of Bas. #BocaRaton

  73. Kamil Azim

    I remember when this came out

  74. kin

    0:55 'had to do it to em' street?

  75. Keanu Rodriguez

    Is it just me or does he sound like a black lil dicky

  76. Joe Gonzalez

    Scott Lazer x BAS = 🔥

  77. Joseph Rodriguez

    This dude needs to get his own style!he sounds too much like jcole..tde didn't sign Isiaah because he sounded like kdot...this dude sucks

  78. Joseph De Oliveira

    Great beat

  79. Politically Incorrect

    🔥 Forever Replay

  80. Archangel Michvel

    No they didn’t sample Aaliyah 😳😳 🔥

  81. Samantha Williams


  82. Derik Curry

    Reminds me of J. Cole but this guy still good af.

  83. Chong Carin

    Not sure but I kinda feel Mac Vibe 😂🔥

  84. rick ricky

    Bas is so talented!

  85. Obezzy 4 sure

    My jam!!!!

  86. ParkerPotPie420

    my track right here!

  87. SamsonPanda 1

    Mama I think I just met me a Madonna 🔥🔥🔥

  88. Justin Gomez

    Bas is a legend

  89. Belko Dan

    Damnnn where have I been?

  90. Victor Stewart

    Similar to KOD

  91. Rampage Kurt


  92. Carlos Duenas

    This song never gets old

  93. Mindless Lotus

    Dreamville stand up!!!

  94. shortbread1818

    Bas only dropping milk