Bas - Building Blocks (Interlude) Lyrics

I'm just trynna get ahead like the Grand Central ramp to the L.I.E, When a nigga headed west and the traffic is a mess
Why the police pull me over? wanna see ID & registration
Them papers don't show you my dedication
I done came up like David Blaine
Y'all niggas don't know bout levitation
It's for the takin' shots up no hesitation
No head fakes, I ain't never waitin'
Me and mines these are bonds that ain't never breakin'
Building blocks 'til the ceiling pops
Y'all killin' time that's record pacing
Dreamville shit record breakin'
Been cookin' up since my parent's basement I'm still cookin', these records blazin', you hear this shit?
I don't see you niggas I just see myself on some mirror shit
Re-decide 'fore I pull your blinds
Ain't no seeing eyes on my pyramid
Joke nigga you serious? startin' shit but I finish it like a period
And you still a bitch like a period and that's real

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