Barry Manilow - Trainwreck Lyrics

Hey there
Look in the mirror
Could it be clearer
End of the line

Way off the rails
Next door to nowhere
Lamp burnin’ low where
The sun used to shine

Wake up
No navigator
Sooner or later
All up to you

Somewhere out there
Comin’ on morning
Sun without warning
Day burnin’ through

Maybe I played too hard
Maybe I ran too fast
Maybe I was their hero
That don’t last
Hey, what’s past is past

Come on
Get it together
Life goes on whether
You don’t or you do

Back on the track
Startin’ to move now
Something to prove now
They say you’re through

Maybe I played too hard
Maybe I ran too fast
Maybe I was their hero
That don’t last
Hey, what’s past is past

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Barry Manilow Trainwreck Comments
  1. Karen Gilbert

    Thank you for your sweet music love to dance to

  2. Karen Gilbert

    Thank you for your beautiful music 💕you’re so sweet

  3. Scott Cornelius

    I do like his music, but the prerecorded vocal backing tracks takes away from a 'live' performance.

  4. Karen Gilbert

    Hope to go to USA soon

  5. Karen Gilbert

    When Oct goes

  6. さくらママ

    アコースティック サウンド 最高ですね!

  7. Sue Musgrove

    I love 15 mins CD Wonderful Barry! Happy 75th Birthday today! I hope you are out of hospital and home getting better! Take very good care - I have loved you from before you became famous and I always will you lovely man! I wish we could find out how you are - no news since Friday - I hope no news means good news, all my love Sue xxxxxx ❤️❤️❤️❤️🌟🌟🌟🌟

  8. DJ W

    Slept Through The End The World should have been released as a single. His best in years!!

  9. Karen Gilbert

    Thank you barry and your songs 1984

  10. DJ W

    Amazing! From Manilow's self-penned Grammy-nominated 2012 album.

  11. Linda Struthers

    Spent a wonderful evening with 'our Barry' in Glasgow on Tuesday. Magical, as it always has been, for the last 34 years. This album however was a masterpiece, particularly Trainwreck. He is so good and that's why we love him.

  12. Rona Topaz

    There are so many people that 15 Minutes applies to. To see a very well preserved man in his late sixties sing in the character of a 23 year old is especially moving, because the message is that he survived what the character is living through-he is singing in retrospect. I have tears in my eyes as I type this, and in 41 years of being a fan, Barry has never moved me to tears until now! 💧💧💦💦

    DJ W

    nice comment... i can relate. :/

  13. Katheren Reizel

    More happiness and even more joy!

  14. coco99

    This is a wonderful piece of work by the fantastic Barry Manilow love the CD

    DJ W

    yes, it IS a great album!

  15. Christa 2000

    He grows older like we all! But it´s still our Barry Manilow!

  16. Miriam Balicas

    I love TRAINWRECK......reflexions about life , routine and feelings..

  17. susan murphy

    this is my favorite song THE CD IS AWSOME X

  18. Marion von Holden

    what for a beautiful man. wish I became a miracle - Keep each other warm- wow

  19. Susan D. Edwards

    Gorgeous song with such strong lyrics, especially since I lost someone I loved so very much!!! RIP Matthew Litten

  20. Zezé Wagner

    Wonderful album with compositions phenomenal.

  21. MandyErna

    Easily one of my favorite (Newest) Manilow hits!!

  22. toita loreza

    @lauralee0713 no importa qué! no entiendo que quieres decir con eso se mas concreto por favor si no qqqqqqq

  23. Alejandro Gómez

    I SHOULD have been prepared for such a brilliant work, but I wasn't! This is a really great album. Each song is carefully crafted and tells a terrific, current story. Bravo, Barry!

  24. Laura Cruickshank

    Love Barry no matter what!

  25. 123Rockchild

    These 2 songs are absolutely wonderful. Great storytelling in a lyrical format!
    I LOVE this CD. 15 Minutes is a keeper! I bought it from QVC.

  26. Jabba Wookie

    Barry could have been singing about Amy Winehouse.

  27. Kim Rich

    love love love it! barry songs always make so much sense, really enjoying the new album more, don't leave it so long next time. barry was brilliant when i saw him at the O2 in May xx

  28. Mariannalow

    @mola211211 he usually sings live but he was just getting over bronchitis so I think he lip sang some of the songs which is not his style. He is awesome though....

  29. Timeshare Travels

    I'm not a fan of most of the new tracks, but Train Wreck is so good.

  30. Wayne Brasler

    Barry's challenge is he so often is regarded as behind the times when in truth he is always ahead of the times. The New York Times review of this outstanding album is particularly vitriolic and dealt much more with Barry than the music. He expects his audience to come to with intelligence and maturity and gives them full measure in kind. I am proud to love what he does.

  31. WineGirlMagic

    15 Minutes is a work of art but there is something about 'Slept Through the End of the world' that has hit the spot with me...can't explain it but wow what an impact! Thank you Barry, didn't realise I was waiting for this until it came x

  32. tallboyandy23

    Thats a lot to come from being your "Security adviser" from Dress Circle Covent Garden. I was the one who got you the Black Vehicle, at D,Circle. Then guided you into the builing wto meet Murray... Im on video on you tube. Respect to you and your talent...

  33. tallboyandy23

    Amazing peice of music, pure Genius if you ask me.
    I got given the album & have not stopped playing it!! .
    Well if this is what Mr Manilow can produce .
    Then what has he been doing all these years ???
    Maybe things wouldnt have been so "Corny" and a "Joke" for some people to mock. But never the less, im Proud to OWN this amazing peice of History and love it.
    Mr Manilow, i take my hat off to you.
    An Award should "yours" if i was any influence......

  34. dwsingrs


    Just curious, how does anyone rationally determine that moment when stuff becomes "dated"? How about Duke Ellington's maxim, "If it sounds good it IS good," regardless of when? Had one never heard any of his songs, how could s/he tell it was "dated"? Just because someone said so?

  35. 123Rockchild

    Ohhh.... I really like these two songs! The "Slept Through the End of the World" song is so pretty. "Trainwreck " is classic Manilow. Barry has done it again!

  36. PeteLI66

    These two songs are for me clearly the best on the album.

  37. MsLasvegashilton

    I love all of the songs-Barry had me with Bring On Tomorrow, but THIS one, has to be my favorite on the CD(#1). Sounds like classic Barry to me. ;)

  38. Tyler Scotto

    Great voice! Mike lent and ken berry are great gutairist who had such feel to the song!

  39. Barbara Campbell

    mmmmm gorgeous song barry,,ahhhh

  40. denisecolvin

    Thanks so much for posting these for those of us who couldn't see the QVC show.

  41. JusticeForTheDead

    now THIS song is the type of stuff he should be doing with most of his songs. the other stuff is quite dated, this stuff is so timeless and classic that it soars!!!

  42. Tyler Scotto

    These are so beautiful! Great to hear some original songs from the man himself!

  43. bornagainbarryfan

    Stunning performance of two breath taking songs

  44. Luiz Otávio Barros

    This has got to be one of Manilow's best live performances of the last 10 years.