Barry Manilow - I Can't Get Started Lyrics

I've flown around the world in a plane
I've settled revalations in Spain
The North Pole I have charted
Still I can't get started with you
On the golf course, I'm under par
And Metro Golden's asked me to star
I've got a house, a show place
Still I can't get no place with you
Cause you're so supreme
Lyrics I write of you
I dream, dream night and day of you
And I steam just for the sight of you
Baby what good does it do
I've been counsulted by Franklin D
And Greta Garbo gave me her key
Still I'm broken hearted
Cause I can't get started with you
In 1929 I sold short
In England I'm presented a cord
But you've got me down hearted
Cause I can't get started with you

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Barry Manilow I Can't Get Started Comments
  1. Rowena Young

    Wonderful, sexy, magnificent!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Ron Hooft

    Still the best version of this I've ever heard.

  3. Edjane Maia

    Uau! 😍Que show!👏👏👏👏👏👏🔝demais!

  4. toneroable

    I think B Manilow within the best performers in the 70s
    This song … is very pretty.....& …. God Bless U...amigo !!

  5. xlxfjh

    Some songs are best left in the past.

  6. SFC MAC

    Oh yesssssss!

  7. Cheryl Markovich


  8. Alexandra Amaira

    Amazing love you forever xx

  9. Alexandra Amaira

    Simply beautiful xx

  10. Joe Piervincenti

    I feel the nostalgia also Barry. 😎

  11. Maureen Hanratty

    Nice, very nice version by Barry Manilow. Agreed, nice tribute to Bunny Berrigan. I grew up hearing all music stories and the artists who performed them. My father was a drummer back in the late 40's, never famous, however he used to "jam" in clubs. Thank you.

  12. julie brtek

    Beautiful song

  13. Njblade1

    I listen over and over again and this rendition of this song could never be done any better. Barry tells the story and the trumpet....unreal....great that he did not modernize the lyrics

    Brandon Hernandez

    I like this version because Barry definitely has better vocals than Bunny. But Bunny's orchestra and trumpeting made up for it. Both bands played great, but something about the original sounds better to me for some reason. This version is mellow. Berigan's is a bit louder with the instruments and slightly faster paced.

    But in the end, this is a worthy remake that somewhat exceeds the original song in several ways. Also, RIP Bunny Berigan.

  14. Jose Carlos Caggiano

    Que coisa maravilhosa interpretada por Barry, essa linda música de 1937, agora ouvindo por ele. Sabe cantar é muito Parabens ...

  15. bracita15

    Saw him singing this one live back in ‘93. He sounded wonderful!❤️

  16. Elura Truthful

    They knew how to go out with the ladies Dance dine and be knew how to do it


    What a gem!

  18. MCV Brasil


  19. Njblade1

    Heard this done by a lot of ppl. Barry Nails it and tells the story. Trumpet awesome.

  20. Christopher Healey

    Who is the trumpet player?

  21. kathleenburns

    There are those that are just jealous of Barry love you Barry

  22. goldenoldiesPete

    Great song.  I love the trumpet solo. Too bad Bunny Berigan drank so much.

  23. Randall Riley

    According to online sources, the session for this track was conducted and arranged by Dick Hyman, a veteran pianist of the swing era. This is, of course, a stunning homage to the great trumpet man, Bunny Berigan, and based nearly note for note on his 1937 Victor recording, which was an instant hit. Trumpet player on this recording with Manilow is Warren Leuning.

  24. Cünt King

    How the fuck dose this song have some dislikes. This shit is awesome.

    hiram hacklesworth

    Maybe because you call it shit and folks believe you.

  25. Nancy Munroe

    This is my favorite version of this song!!! (also, I love Barry) :)

  26. Amal Gothic

    يلعنكم يا دعايه olay

  27. D. R. Aspiras

    sooo wonderful!

  28. Franco Russo


  29. 레인태일

    I've flown around the world in a plane
    I've settled revolutions in Spain
    And the North Pole I have charted
    Still I can't get started with you

    On the golf course, I'm under par
    Metro Goldwyn have asked me to star
    I've got a house, a showplace
    Still I can't get no place with you

    'Cause you're so supreme
    Lyrics I write of you, I dream
    Dream day and night of you
    And I scheme just for the sight of you
    Baby, what good does it do?

    I've been consulted by Franklin D
    Greta Garbo has had me to tea
    Still I'm broken-hearted

    'Cause I can't get started with you

    Aaron Wood

    레인태일 Barry Manilow’s version is Greta Garbo gave me her key

    Brandon Hernandez

    @Aaron Wood And he forgot to mention the extra lyrics in the ending too. But eh, the lyrics are still close enough. He probably posted this when editing comments wasn't a thing yet.

  30. 레인태일

    i love USA!!!!!!

  31. Hachinohehorse

    He ain't Bunny B , but he is good!!!!!!

  32. shizuo kanemoto

    I mean, the trumpet !

  33. shizuo kanemoto

    I'm not fan of Barry Manilow, but he surprise me with this song and the big band behind. Also, who plays that ? Is great !

  34. Once Upon A Spell

    We can hear this song in the waiting line for the attraction Tower of Terror in Disneyland Paris, with some modifications.


    +Once Upon A Spell --- lmfao

  35. fickalinni7

    Using Bunny Berrigan's charts Barry doe's a great job with this song,the trumpet work is fantastic. If your old enough this will take you back to when times were simpler! 

  36. TheEva8181

    This is beautiful !!!!

  37. Lily Bra

    Just great, the old times.

  38. Shawna McEachern


  39. Helen Copelovitch


  40. Marion von Holden

    he is a verry beautiful Person on stage -  he married ??? maybe


    Yep. He married his manager a year or so ago.

  41. MsLasvegashilton

    SO love this!

  42. MsLasvegashilton

    How fabulous!

  43. 123Rockchild

    C'mon now....Barry Manilow crooning at the microphone.  Oh yes!