Barry Manilow - 15 Minutes (Reprise) Lyrics

Can’t call it a life
Hangin’ at home with a scrapbook
They say I’m over the hill
A loser at twenty-three
Everything’s gonna be alright
Look at that spotlight
Waitin’ for me

Fifteen minutes
No this is not the final story
Fifteen minutes
This time I’m gonna touch the sky
Fifteen minutes
Been there once
I know the road to glory
Watch me fly!

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Barry Manilow 15 Minutes (Reprise) Comments
  1. Lana Hughes

    15 Minutes and Here At The Mayflower are my most played albums. Just can't get enough original Manilow. More please Barry.

  2. Chloe Eliza

    A bop. Truly

  3. MK Piatkowski

    Finally heard this album. Love it! This song (minus the selling the soul bit) is inspiring me to be bigger in the world.

  4. Fabrizio Trufelli

    Lizard king is here

  5. Megan and Ken

    I love his songs!!!

  6. Olivia G.

    As a Barry Manilow fan, I got my boyfriend who likes heavy metal and classic rock to like Barry Manilow. He actually loves this album of Barry's; it's his favorite!

  7. John Neil Mozol

    Britney Spears is an inspiration of this Album, of her public meltdown. Barry said it. It's really sad what she has been through.

  8. KidFabulous72

    One of my favorite Manilow albums ever! Every song is interesting and worth digging into! Couldn't even tell you which song is my favorite, because they're all so great!

  9. Caz PK

    Great song and amazing album - very meaningfully about the pitfalls of fame - all the Britneys, Mileys and Justins of today have to buy it and learn from the legend on how to control fame rather than have it control and ruin you.

  10. Debbie Nicholson

    Absolutely the best album ever!!! Who knew?!! Still a fan after all these years ...

  11. tuta oliveira

    he is amazing.......exemploto others singers,,,,thankyou for guive us true love,,,,,tuta,,,

  12. Barry Manilow

    Best singer and performer ever, without doubt.

  13. 123Rockchild

    The lyrics to this story are powerful!
    Barry is so believable in this song.
    I have grown to LOVE hearing this song.

  14. Mi Picasso

    How did you ever cram 15 minutes into a 3-minute video? Duh!?!?!

  15. Dan Stevens

    The album is actually excellent. It succeeds as a single unit with each song building on the previous. The reprise, which is the second to last track,is beautiful. A lot of good song writing and performing on the album.

  16. Helga Stummer

    his voice grew older but it grew more powerful and sexy

  17. JLSXXX

    great it !!!!!!!!!!!

  18. AmyWayx100

    AMAAAZING, i love barry manilow. Specially his song i cant smile without you, it reminds me of my father, its his favorite song too. KEEP IT UP BARRY !!

  19. dannyhkr99

    first 'classic' reaction this song :)

  20. Annie Babayan

    I wonder why this song has so few visitors

  21. Annie Babayan

    love this song! and love all Barry's songs!!!!!!!!!

  22. onebutterflyheart Conrad

    I love all the songs on 15 minutes, but Bring On Tomorrow is wow. Love you and can't wait for the next cd Please, love you

  23. onebutterflyheart Conrad

    Barry, First I would like to thank Bette Midler for having you sing your songs while on tour with her. She knows Heaven when she hears it.I've been told that music is good for the soul, for this me this is the truth, Thank You So Very Much.I Love the new cd, congrats Barry, I would like to know when the next one will be coming out? Love you always Barry.

  24. Pamela Pugh

    Great video and love all the graphics and colors. Have the album and got it from QVC and saw the hour long show he was on a month ago. I have all his QVC albums and recorded most all the programs over the years and TV appearances. thanks for loving him as much as I do. Seen him 20 times all over the US and he is fantastic and thanks for the post.

  25. Bryete Valiant

    wow i love it, i hope that do a remix in indie dance style!

  26. Pamela Pugh

    Got the CD in the mail the other day from QVC and it is great.I saw him on CNN and QVC and Gayle King and George Lopez. He is fantastic and looks great at 65. All these interviews they all tried to butt into his personal life and Barry handled it with finesse and said no he was not going to answer those questions. Thanks for the post of this amazing song and all the songs from this album on YouTube and loving Barry as much as I do and have since 1973. Thanks for the post.

  27. Germán Balaguer

    GRACIAS por volver maestroooooo!!!...genioooo!!!...abrazos y gracias. Yerman.

  28. Tyler Scotto

    Hope to see ya at Radio City in febuary!

  29. Kim Rich

    love the video and the new single, fantastic, just waiting for CD to arrive can't wait, Barry was brilliant at O2 in Mayxxx

  30. mrsandyq

    LOVE IT! Thanks for posting... waiting for my CD - should be here Monday... :)

  31. Waverley7

    Es estupenda!!!!!!!!

  32. MsLasvegashilton

    VERY cool! Can't wait! ;)