Barrino, Fantasia - I'm Doin' Me Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Sometimes as women we give more than we should
To a man that just don't treat us good, No
Gave him my heart my time
Did all that I could in the past to keep him here with me, yeah
But now I woke up, Opened both my eyes up
Realize that I don't need any other.
Man, if you can't love me equally,
Then you don't need to be with me
Nothing more beautiful then knowing you're worth
And finally, I know exactly what I deserve

I'm doin me, this time around
I'm doin' me, don't need you now
I rather be by myself, I won't let your drama hold me down
I'm doin' me, this time around
I'm doin me, I've finally found
I'd rather be by myself, I'm doin' me.

[Verse 2:]
Won't spend another minute wasting my time
On a man, hey, that only tells me lies, no
Aint saying that I don't need love
But them games, I don't need that in my life, no


I'm doin me, this time around
I'm doin' me, don't need you now
I rather be by myself, I won't let your drama hold me down
I'm doin' me, this time around
I'm doin me, I've finally found
I'd rather be by myself, I'm doin' me.

I could pray for you to act right everyday
But it ain't up to me to make you change
Life is too damn short to live unhappily
So I'm being selfish and putting myself in first place

I'm doin me, this time around
I'm doin' me, don't need you now
I rather be by myself, I won't let your drama hold me down
I'm doin' me, this time around
I'm doin me, I've finally found
I'd rather be by myself, I'm doin' me.

I'm doing me
This time around
I'm doing me
This time around
No more crying, going thru hell
It's so good, I'm lovin myself
I'm doin' me
This time around
I'm doin' me
I'm doin' me
Yeah Yeah
I'm doin' me
Yeah Yeah

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Barrino, Fantasia I'm Doin' Me Comments
  1. born in 87

    Can soooo relate to this song love it thank you Fantasia

  2. Why You Trippin' Deebo

    No more crying going through hell, it’s all good I’m loving myseeeeelf!!!!

  3. J. Milton [LIVE] 'The Concert Whisperer'

    You're smarter and all 'grown up' now! So do you!! Nice, real nice.

  4. Sarah Baker

    Fantasia this song is the reason I got back my self esteem

  5. Kurt Adams

    Message in the music

  6. Kurt Adams

    Showstopper . Is the one word that describes Fantasia

  7. Kurt Adams

    Beautiful sister with an amazing voice

  8. Brighid Boykin

    I love how this song is applicable to more than just a relationship. Jobs, friendships, depression... “I’m doing me”.Still blasting in 2019!

  9. Sunny Towns


  10. mahogony kellam

    One of my favorite songs from my favorite artist

  11. marley loveless

    Doing me🤗🤗

  12. A PASTOR & A PRISONER Carter

    I love this!! Check out my thoughts on Fantasias ideal of submission click here

  13. K I A N

    Yo I just found the synth to the first 12 seconds in Omnisphere and I’m so hypeeee...I dead almost plagiarized like wait this melody sound mad familiar 😂😂

  14. Crystal Love


  15. Shanice Boswell

    I'm coming to this conclusion now

  16. anthony w

    She is amazing .. this is her best song.

  17. Catrina Harrow

    2019 who still here

  18. Keishafromdablock

    I can’t find the music video of this anywhere 😩

  19. rico .warren

    love this song

  20. Melanie Davis

    Underrated song!

  21. Honey Bee

    Doin me this time around.

  22. Quashia J

    This always been my song still listening In 2019 & on

    Donnie Richardson

    still listening makes me want to sing this to my ex hubby

  23. Tiffany Drakeford

    Love this song!!!!!

  24. Nadene Lewis

    This is exactly how i feel

  25. elisia statham


  26. Ms. Pretty Brown

    Huh 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  27. Marshall McGee

    Shit still Bangs!!!

  28. Jaie1972

    I'M DOIN' ME!

  29. Kady Daniel

    still rocking this song 2k18

  30. Lovely Angelique

    This brings me back when I was 12 years old

  31. Roshelle Lawson

    Thank you Fantasia this is my 2018 anthem! Right on time!

  32. swgny1

    Doin’ me!!

  33. T Lashai

    Doin' me

  34. Sharell Stevenson

    No more crying, No More pain, No more sleepless nights! I'm Doing Me, Forever Now!
    Fantasia has started some Shit! Lol
    I love her and All her music!
    Inspired me to Do Me!

  35. Mi'Angel Robinson

    SINGLE LIFE BABYYYY !!! Im doing me !!! No more crying going through hell !!!

    Lisa Henderson

    Lol u funny I feel ya tho

    Jessica Sumler

    Mi'Angel Robinson 💯💯💯

  36. Tomico Bradshaw

    I'm doin me love it

  37. life time

    King man I ok disappointed in everything

  38. Limpho Moleleki

    Sometimes being single is a choice that comes from a positive place...doing ME, chasing life GOALS !!

  39. Maggie Watson

    she is the real deal....

  40. Annajeiah

    love this song !!!!!!!!!!!fav❤️🎵🔥🎉

  41. Tyrine Soil


  42. Zaria Provo

    I know a couple girls who really need to hear this.

  43. iam ks9788

    still listening nov2016

  44. Steve Antoine

    Better believe I'm doing me. No more enemies I'm stressless. I thought I was loved were I was before but recognized for me love don't love nobody.

  45. mendy mabaso

    Love this song!!

  46. Zoe Haywood

    Cordell Haywood.............9/5/2016

  47. teyah Clarke

    i doing this kind a round dont need u now😠😆🙅💪

  48. L.A tv

    love love love

  49. Itz Me

    love this song

  50. Jacqueline Crawford

    yes know your worth of all my mom children I have to love me the best

  51. agnes alvarez

    Love this song!!!

  52. Brandi Miles

    nothing more beautiful than knowing your worth

    Kenny James

    She got pregnant by a Married Man. She definitely knows her worth.

    Lamar byrd

    Facts this song is 💣

  53. Shatima Buckner

    The truth

  54. Maya Sheppard

    luv u fanny!

  55. Appolonia Council

    no more crying going through hell its all good I'm loving my self my girl

  56. Chucky Chuck

    true words

  57. Derayasha Lewis

    ayeeeeeee that's my jam this boost me up when I am down

  58. Mal Alamani1

    I luv this track

  59. Maya Cook

    Doin' Me This Time Around..

  60. Nicole Johnson

    I'm doing me! For life, Cause we only got 1!

    Tynasia Murphy

    ain't that the truth

    Nicole Johnson

    ALL DAY!!!

    Tynasia Murphy

    @Nicole Johnson you mean all day every day

    Amanuel W Mehari

    @Tynasia Murphy bruhh

  61. Daniela P

    simplesmente adoro!!!

  62. mix2up78

    This entire album is THE TRUTH!!!!!

  63. Essence D

    Love this song!!!

  64. najma doran

    Sometimes the song doesn't fit what I'm trying to say, but the title does. People be like, "What is she doing?"
    I'm doing me! You should do the same.

  65. Earl Times

    Amen.From a real man!

  66. Earl Times

    Amen Asians/Indian,no hispanic!

  67. Angela R Grant

    I love this whole album.

  68. Deborah Ann Kearns

    Luv luv luv Fantasia ❤💃

  69. Sedryck Keeling

    This song gives me goosebumps sometime

  70. Veronica Arthur

    love this song you go girl

  71. Veronica Arthur

    I love my some fantasia and she s so real keep it 100 yes we both been there

  72. Lucky Dandridge

    see my crazy bipolar self need to get off these fantasia songs before my boyfriend become a single muthafucka while he playing a game!!

    Lucky Dandridge

    ctfuu and now im single ctfuuuu a year later bruh

    Kymberlee Adams


  73. Carlos Shelley


  74. Lashea Johnson

    I LOVE Fantasia! ALL of her albums are fresh and on point.

    Tateka Davis

    Lashea Johnson I will get back to the office and the people I work a little early tomorrow morning to see what you want me to go ahead to the place where we have to go back to talk about it with me to the place I was just wondering if you'd rather not do it tomorrow morning if that works for you guys again for your help in this matter would like to talk with me about this tomorrow when I have to get my phone back in and it could have the right email for the house on your way home yet but I'll come out right away and the family are in our thoughts to you have time to do is to get the kids in my class is at earliest and the inside of your thighs and you have a great day today but will be there in Greenwood's the inside and outside I can get it to get a chance can you tell me the name of your company to do is to inform that are in my heart I will be a little more time with the inside of my life with me about it and I think I will have to get back in town until a week and a little more than I was expecting the same time I thought I was there to do a lot of work

  75. Evan Anderson

    Gosh this song is so hateful, and I'm talking about on that Destiny's Child Bills, Bills,Bills level. Fuck this bitch for reals.

    Danni Brandon

    really?! it's just a song.

  76. Essence Denham

    I love this song

  77. Nikea Wilcox

    I love this whole album!

  78. Angella Ferguson

    loving this song wow.

  79. hellen atieno zilberman

    great your incredible singer

  80. Child Adolescent

    i love you fantasia. you have being an inspiration. Keep up with the good word.

  81. Asha George

    Love this song fully

  82. sweettchannel

    I'm doing me.

  83. A DeNae


  84. Kristina Gutierrez

    Love this song <3

  85. Mary Cornelious

    I love Fantasia

  86. Frankie Tims

    Man. If. You. Can't. Love. Me. Equally. Then. You. Don't. Need. To. Be with Me

  87. Tee Smith

    I was looking for this song... The lyrics to this song is deep. That's why I'm feeling it!

  88. VallyreMusic

    Love her

  89. Troi'Nay Williams

    Love this song my jam<3

  90. Thembani Skepu

    Yeah baby that's whatsapp!!!

  91. Thembani Skepu

    Yeah baby that's whatsapp!!!

  92. Erma Bowie

    Loving this music  always....

  93. karisha hamilton

    love this!

  94. Faith YOUNG

    My thoughts EXACTLY!

  95. shonia gilchrist


  96. Jay Pitt

    I can relate to this song love it