Baroness - Tower Falls Lyrics

Lest ye be bold
Until the quickening
Unlearned and sill untold
Praise not this dawn
(That will become tomorrow today)
The soil pressed into dust by the heel
Below nothing can ever return
Tower falls
Reprise and reconvene
Take heed an emperor
Does not an empire make
Taste of this wine
(That has become tomorrow today)
Stolen limb from cast
Nothing will ever return
As we lie
Tower Falls
Search eye and you will find
Not idly they fly

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Baroness Tower Falls Comments
  1. Łukasz Kula

    Mocne, pierwotne, szortkie, ciężkie i świetnie przemyślane z charakterystycznymi wysokimi tonami gitary. Piękne.

  2. Scag Baron

    I had no clue they did more of a hardcore thing to begin with

  3. ritalinuserX

    If you didnt headbang at 4:42 get the fuck out, that shit is slammin.

  4. Freezknotable/Metal Bunny Records

    Now playing on Freezknotable: All That's Heavy Volume One (2011) Baroness "Tower falls" (2004)

  5. Blade Of Tyr

    pure genius this band is so amazing i want all their dix in my anal at once

  6. igunzOsick

    Look at how many retards baroness has for fans

  7. svoboda73

    blue and red albums are fantastic. if u do not like it u do not like good music. 

  8. svoboda73

    i am a huge fan of punk metal in all their forms. still I think the last baroness album is amazing. just nit baroness. great this one which has been reissued as LP.

  9. Dana Blanche

    Miss the Baroness that made good music. The new shit is abysmal radio rock faggot shit.

    C.M. H.

    Oh, jeez. We got a “their older stuff is way blahdie blahdie dee blah” in here. There’s alway a couple.

    This from four years ago, so I’m guessing you were talking about Yellow & Green? What do ya think of think of that album now? Genuinely curious.

  10. KlausDoitschlaaand


  11. KlausDoitschlaaand

    THE FLAMES THEY HUUURT AAAAAH, Nah seriously, if you were a dead goat I would consider to take my pants off and get serious, anyway go home kid.

  12. ionengine

    Not even close! You're ears failed you. The guitar bit you're trying to compare with that Eastern music, has a wider more varied climb and pitch and different number of notes which sounds very different. Punjabi MC was reusing other tunes like the Knight Rider theme song bass that other rappers used/remixed. And nobody else added this song I stumbled upon in to your favorites. So go ahead and douse yourself in fuel and burn yourself, lol.

  13. Jon Davies

    "Hipster metal" is such a bullshit term.

  14. Mark Murphy

    just dont listen to long or they will grow together

  15. KlausDoitschlaaand

    This is "Punjabi MC - Mundiya Tu Bach Ke" search it ... anyway it's gay and lame and whoever put this in my favourites shall burn in hell.

  16. Walt White

    Not at all. Everything else is hipster metal / the metal that people listen to when they're just getting into metal for the first time. This EP really isn't even that great either. Better than their other stuff though, that's for sure.

  17. Marceline Wible

    you're kidding right?

  18. Walt White

    This EP is the only great thing Baroness has released.

    D. Galeon

    beg to disagree friend

    Asteroid Ninja Super-Steel

    Ummm what? Their first album is an absolute monster from start to finish with 0 weak tracks. You have to consider that this just isn't your type of music, because I assure you (and I'm whimsical as fck when it comes to music) that early Baroness were in a league of their own ;)

    Asteroid Ninja Super-Steel

    I write comment and click on 'reply' once, yet comment with 3 duplicates gets posted....

  19. DrunkMaleProstitute

    HOLY SHIT! I've heard the three studio albums from Baroness several times but never stopped to hear their firsts EPs. The sonority is so much more direct, raw, heavier, than the posteriors works, but is perceptible the Baroness' essence... I loved it! Almost got eargarms.

  20. Caillouteletub123

    shit I bought their recent CD but it's nothing compared to this! The early Baroness is wayyyyy better!

  21. ionengine

    even after a fresh shaving...

  22. igunzOsick

    Did you do it yet lol I can't find shit right now


    Drop G it is.

  24. igunzOsick

    Is this about barad-dur man?

  25. aloneinfear

    First and second Forever!!!! this kick ass!!!

  26. basement94

    This is presumably the first song Baroness ever wrote. You know you have a PRETTY good band when you launch your career with a song like this.

  27. BOOM8883

    from now ill be refering to pucic hair as beards for my balls.

  28. GaBr

    Well hey man, if you ever got that tab finished (I figure I'll be the one to respond to a two year old comment since nobody else seems to be doing so) I'd love to see it and I'm sure many others would as well for a more so accurate example of how the riffs are built up rather than listening to it by ear or waiting for somebody on YouTube to get it down just so they can watch their hands.

    Last but not least, thank's a ton for the upload and power to ya. Baroness till death.

  29. Kamikaze Beat

    what in the shit....baroness is just so fucking i cant even understand how this is possible...

    its a shame they got in that crash because they were going to play a show like 2 blocks from my apartment too...

  30. Chris Marshall

    what is the tuning for this song? i feel like its in drop g or something crazy but i cant tell. anyways. if anyone knows it would be helpful.

  31. K0k0ru0k0


  32. badavis1000

    Another tower falls to my edict!

  33. WaltzingOwl

    I love the new stuff by these guys buuuuut I would definitely say this is still one of their best songs.

  34. Bryan Draffen

    I wish Baroness' new album sounded like THIS... I'd be like... F**K YEAH! ... I am like F**K YEA right now anyway cause I can just listen to this and 90% of thier awesometastical music.

  35. iammejez

    @me25422 john has been pretty firm about not wanting to discuss the origins of the name, we'll see how long he holds out!

  36. me25422

    @me25422 no baroness has been together b4 the candlemass song, i think

  37. me25422

    @me25422 or the candlemass song bleeding baroness?

  38. me25422

    I know that John Baizley is an artist and all so i was wondering if he chose their name from the dadaist artist named Baroness Elsa? Who knows?

  39. Jay Stephen

    this is, by far one of the greatest songs i've ever heard. John Baizley is a fucking genius.

  40. CommanderFerghetz


  41. Yoda Zemunski

    Well, there you have it - The FIRST and the BEST song o' Baroness :) The new stuff is exellent too, but this is the bestest intro of a sludge album in metal history. Such power...

  42. Zach Russell

    @MyEverConstantSmile See a doctor immediately.

  43. Canis Irus

    One of the best bands ever. The old stuff kills.

  44. Adrian Cox

    I fucking adore the riffs

  45. navas015

    Excellent Sludge Metal!

  46. flynncyp9

    @youngwun446 the end of tower falls transitions right into the song coeur

  47. Rob Grier

    when it cuts out is it me or does it sound like they are building up to something cooler?

  48. Yotrymp

    @ThemeForAJackal138 bear an ess. :D

  49. Yotrymp

    1:20 I can hardly bare it before both guitars are playing the groove. But the rest of the songs is frickin' sick!

  50. flynncyp9

    @fillieyo I KNOW! I'm trying to do it myself but it's slow going :\

  51. Rattmuff93

    @JerkthisOFF i agree. underrated bands are better o.O wierd.

  52. shaazu

    Love the riffs