Baroness - Rise Lyrics

Greet the Sun
Serpent coils unwind
Pressure blood from stone
Now do valleys open wide
Now like rust do we reach out
Now do clouds burst forth under weight
Rest your shield
Lay down you plow
Wake Inhale Listen Rise
Have you ever seen the scarlet day
Or felt the calloused hand of age
You till the ground and bring to home
Muscle flesh and blood to bone
Taste this oaken grain
Grab its horns and not the reins

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Baroness Rise Comments
  1. Stoned Meadow Of Doom

    One of their all time greats. This band really went to shit after Red. Blue had some good songs but after that garbage

  2. Greg Pohlmeier

    The perfect balance between old and new will always be the red album. Shit gets waaaay worse after that one

  3. Sky Sullivan

    5:58, that “THUMMM” turned all the way up is fantastic

  4. william p

    i prefer old baroness to new

  5. Blake Murray

    One of the most beautiful fades I've ever heard at 4:22

  6. NoFunNoMoshNoCoreNoTrends

    holy fuck this is so good.

  7. Sean Corrigan

    utterly godlike ending to a fucking phenomenal first release 

  8. Joseph Dougan

    That riff at 5:29........

    Sean Corrigan

    dude...friggin' kills.

    also i'm pretty sure you mean @05:49    :D

  9. NaCl Ωmega

    This shit touches my soul...

  10. Caillouteletub123

    can't say that for Metallica man :/ they just got terrible

  11. ionengine

    Can only find one First album on Amazon @ $92 used....might be worth it...

  12. markmor09

    or metallica another album like MOP or mastodon leviathan or maiden number of... and so on :(

  13. Asutosh Panda

    aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwweeesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!

  14. MF RZT

    when being hipster was not so hipster

  15. Jeff Schneider

    Wow, I'm glad I accidentally found this song it's badass, the sound I love

  16. Jacob Thayer

    The beginning reminds me of Irepress alot.

  17. CaveManCobb

    *Their and no it doesn't.

  18. Kevin Overholt

    They make albums not songs. The kind of shit you can throw on and listen to the whole way through

  19. Kevin Overholt

    If you don't love a band through throughout there progression and there musical career then you truly don't appreciate the band. Myself I'm into every type of music and I love old baroness all the way up to the new yellow album its all great talented music

  20. keaton121

    yellow and green are gay

  21. gonzalo jose martinez rodriguez

    This is fucking awesome !!

  22. grayt

    I don't understand how you guys can call yourself Baroness fans and not like this song....this is the rawest and purest Baroness will ever be.

  23. methlabia

    Because fuck musicians growing and expanding beyond their roots! ALL I WANT IS THE SAME FUCKING THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN

  24. Alos21

    @Emaster255 haha coming from the guy that likes Pretty Lights...they are fucking evolving aND I am lovin it !! Keep on rocking Baroness !!!!

  25. TheTrohl

    Love the instruments, hate the vocals. Sorry, gentlemen, I prefer the new stuff by far.

  26. andrew

    They have great new stuff, I dunno what you guys are talking about

  27. davethehostage

    This is sick, but their newer stuff kills it. Sorry kids.

  28. Char Lee

    @Emaster255 omg that album was so grunge!

  29. darkwolftheavenger

    @tetsugiya91 haha, i might've seen you im the long haired kid thats always downtown

  30. darkwolftheavenger

    @tetsugiya91 really, do you go to rchs? lol if you do you might know me, my names liam

  31. XXJakXXX

    this song is inspiring somehow. does anyone know what i mean?

  32. Daniel Zaborowski

    @Emaster255 Oh well, since you say so....
    Damn, and I was really enjoying the Blue album....

  33. Mr. Steingold Shekelberg

    @Zeraninator holyshitttttt yes

  34. navas015

    damn! these guys are AMAZING! in my top5 sludge metal bands!

  35. darkwolftheavenger

    @tetsugiya91 haha i live in lexington and god it is fucking boring lol

  36. 601271

    @flynncyp9 I feel the same way about Mastodon, and lost a lot of respect b/c it seems like they sold out some what, I like baroness' new stuff as well as their older stuff.

  37. Emaster255

    @flynncyp9 yea true i guess but you know thats never gonna happen, that would be like saying silverchair would put out another album like frogstomp if your familiar.

  38. flynncyp9

    @Emaster255 I wouldn't go that far... but i do like baroness' old stuff a lot better than the new. hopefully they go back to their old sound on the next record

  39. Emaster255

    there new shit blows